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  1. Puffin_

    Is Slava worth 63.000 research points?

    You can pinpoint the superstructure if Battleship or Cruiser is bow or rear in and get good damage.
  2. Puffin_

    Is Slava worth 63.000 research points?

    I pulled the trigger and got Slava. I do not regret it, this ship is fun to play. The guns are special. There is no other ship like Slava
  3. Puffin_

    Nostalgia for the good old days!

    RTS CVs: Good old Days
  4. Is Druid — British Tier X destroyer worth 56.000 research points? A "super destroyer" armed with dual-purpose 127 mm gun mounts designed in Great Britain in the early 1950s. No torps. Guns must be awesome.
  5. Puffin_

    Is Slava worth 63.000 research points?

    I was hoping for a good T9 DD in the future
  6. I got OHIO and was grinding for Slava. But now when I got the points I am hesitating. Is Slava worth it. Maybe Thunderer is just better than Slava
  7. Writing gg in chat to the red team at the right time! Is effective to get the karma points to single ore no figures.
  8. This is stats video. Not game play
  9. Puffin_

    Super Ships = Super Slap in the face

    I see NO POINT in Grinding for Steel Ships or Research Buero Ships. Much easier to get Stronger Super Ships.
  10. Puffin_

    Look who I just met.....

    You have to ask? MalteseBieber on EU server !
  11. Puffin_

    Best T8 Carrier now?

    It is so difficult to kill DD's in Enterprise now compared how it used to be. The little buggers are just smiling moving and dodging.
  12. Puffin_

    Best T8 Carrier now?

    Which are the strongest T8 Carriers now? How is Enterprise doing? Thank You