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  1. Puffin_

    Kremlin AA nerf

    There is only 1 if Now when CV players know that Kremlin has no AA they will go after it. Brawling and tanking BB'S like Kremlin and GK will get HE spammed a lot. Kremlin will be like Tirpitz and Musashi. The BB that CV players look forward to hunt. The easy pray to farm big numbers on.
  2. Puffin_

    Kremlin AA nerf

    But with the advent of ships like Thunderer. Is that a Royal Navy bias? Hardly a Russian bias It was stupid to nerf AA on Kremlin that hard. They should rather buff the AA on other T10 BB's Nice CV Buff. AP bombs toke care of this BB in the end.
  3. For the same reason Henri IV got nerfed. To fast acceleration and deceleration. I just got Buffalo but did spend all my free xp to get Alaska. So I would have to grind through Buffola to get De Moines Before WG will move the legendary modules to the research bureau in the end og February ( I think ) And i think we will have some time to finish the directives we have already got . But if they are gonna nerf the legendary upgrade for De Moines i rather not grind for it in a hurry. What would you do fellow players?
  4. Puffin_

    If Kremlin is so OP

    The AA has gone from very good to crap in last update. This change will make CV players happy.
  5. Puffin_

    If Kremlin is so OP

    In Montana and Conqueror I win games. In Kremlin I loose. I think It takes more skills to play Kremlin as solo player in Random Battle And now sailors begin to throw AA guns overboard from the moment game begins. I hope players on Russia server get nuts over this.
  6. Puffin_

    If Kremlin is so OP

    So it was not imagination. Kremlin is the least played tech tree T10 Battleship. And now veterans are playing the long range sniper Thunderer
  7. Puffin_

    If Kremlin is so OP

    Grand 12vs12 BB Battle - Kremlin vs GKUR,
  8. Puffin_

    If Kremlin is so OP

    Why is she not more popular in Random Battles? Are there any stats that show how popular T10 ships are?
  9. Sorry for the repost. Did not find this thread
  10. Puffin_

    How is everyone getting on with Puerto Rico grind?

    I like the dock. But this grind was not for me.
  11. Puffin_

    Ark Royal is it the best T6 CV?

    I got Ark Royal in Santa Container and was little bit disappointed because I remembered that it got a bad review. But then I did play it and got this game and thought maybe she is not bad after all. So I took a look at the stats for T6 CV's and to my surprise she is the best T6 CV. Are there more player's than me that think this is a fun CV to play?
  12. Puffin_

    Simply BAD Premium Ships

    Are people (Flamu) not forgetting that Hood AP was changed. It's guns are working great now (for me). Much better than Scharnhorst little pew pew guns.
  13. Puffin_

    CV Rework Discussion

    Hitting in general. They must be smaller ore something
  14. Puffin_

    CV Rework Discussion

    When I am attacking DD's T8 and higher with rockets I find it is most difficult to get good hits on Russian DD's. Are they more difficult to hit than DD's from other nations? Ore is this just strange RNG