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  1. I am not grinding up the line anymore so Camo with high XP are a waste to use right? Camo with -% service cost and +% credits per battle are great but I have weary few of those. And then there is Perma Camo for 5000 dublons. Is that the best choice? It's rather expensive How do you spec your T10 ships regarding Camo and Signals ( talking about credits. )
  2. Puffin_

    Conqueror new vs old. Any stats?

    Are there any stats comparing new (raised citadel) and old Conqueror. How do you like the changes? I am struggling at least with this citadel version. It's like sailing in a paper ship that does not affect the outcome of the game. ( I was just losing a game )
  3. Puffin_

    Why do you like to play CVs?

    For me. Killing DD and help the team. You have lot of options to help your team to win when you play CV.
  4. Puffin_

    CV Rework Discussion

    According to Crysantos in the latest Twitch stream from WorldofWarships EU Weekly Stream - with many news! Enterprise will not be back for sale. So it's even more joy to own this CV now.
  5. https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/vehicles/?type=AirCarrier
  6. Puffin_

    What is the best Coal ship to get now?

    I really wish I could get Alaska for Coal
  7. We have Smolensk , Yoshino, Salem and Georgia in the Armory to chose from. I do have Jean Bart (my precious)
  8. Puffin_


    When playing Battleships I dislike Smolensk like the Plague. Even more than Harugumo. Why did Wargaming bring such a ship to the game? I am Ok with CVs in the game ( even like them), but this Smolensk
  9. Puffin_

    Where do Secondary Shells get aimed at?

    Friedrich der Große 183 secondary hits 0 damage against Republique (BB that is not known for great armor). This and when Notser stopped recommending secondary builds for Großer kurfürst. I decided to try tank build and less detection range. And it worked for me. So much less fire damage, and more stealth makes lot of difference. Plus a more accurate main guns. But the fun factor is not the same. Far from it.
  10. Puffin_

    Where do Secondary Shells get aimed at?

    Secondaries are not worth speacking in to with captain skills. It's fun but not worth it. Spec in to tank build as much as you can. You can use Secondary modification 1 upgrade with flag to get 9.4 km range with Massa for instance with out choosing AFT captain skill.
  11. I bought Hood and I really like this ship. I find it easier to do constant damage with Hood than with Scharnhorst. So much better AA on Hood, accurate guns with good AP shells. A solid premium T 7 Battleship with famous history. I think this is the best deal so far, including Steam deals. Really happy with this ship.
  12. Puffin_

    Upcoming Battleship buff

    France Battleships probably gain most from the changes on IFHE Will this change much for other Battleships Nations?
  13. They were in summer sale on Steam. With other ships.
  14. I bought SIMS on 50% deal. T7 Destroyer with good AA and fast guns. Could not resist. These summer sales have been great. Put SIMS with other ships i got from these summer sales.
  15. A Destroyer gunning down a Battleship in a short time is so stupid and far from the reality. Even in a game it's nuts.