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  1. I bought Hood and I really like this ship. I find it easier to do constant damage with Hood than with Scharnhorst. So much better AA on Hood, accurate guns with good AP shells. A solid premium T 7 Battleship with famous history. I think this is the best deal so far, including Steam deals. Really happy with this ship.
  2. GudmundurG

    Upcoming Battleship buff

    France Battleships probably gain most from the changes on IFHE Will this change much for other Battleships Nations?
  3. They were in summer sale on Steam. With other ships.
  4. I bought SIMS on 50% deal. T7 Destroyer with good AA and fast guns. Could not resist. These summer sales have been great. Put SIMS with other ships i got from these summer sales.
  5. A Destroyer gunning down a Battleship in a short time is so stupid and far from the reality. Even in a game it's nuts.
  6. The changes to Harugumo and other HE spamming DD's are so welcome. Plus the changes to He spamming light cruisers This is definitely a BB buff. My Jean Bart likes this a lot.
  7. GudmundurG

    Naval Training Center - Ideas & suggestions

    I would grind line again for buff to silver ships, ore premium ship that is better than silver ships. I would not grind line again for anything less.
  8. GudmundurG

    What cosmetic changes would you pay for in the game?

    Special Camo on Jean Bart
  9. For me the maine problem with Scharnhorst, Tirpitz and Gneisenau are they're weak AA and how vulnerable they are to AP bombs. When you are playing Enterprise for instance. You are always on the lookout for the German Battleships and Cruisers. When playing Carrier. Musashi and German ships ( Especially Scharnhorst, Tirpitz and Gneisenau ) is what you want to see on the red team. If plenty of those it's YEEEHAAA time When you look at reviews they talk about strong AA in Scharnhorst and Gneisenau . Something must really have changed. I Call That Power Creep,
  10. GudmundurG

    Selling researchable ships in premium shop

    Is this any worse than just buy Jean Bart, Alaska ore Georgia as your first ship?
  11. GudmundurG

    Finding your best ship ( for ranked )

    Is win rate the only indicator of what is your best ship in the game? I got better win rate in some ships that I thought to be inferior to ships I have not as good win rate in. I am rather surprised by this Out of T7 DDs I got the best win rate in Mahan by far.
  12. GudmundurG

    CV Rework Discussion

    From a player with terrible hidden stats, after update
  13. GudmundurG

    Haida Pack Sale -75% $11.24 USD

    If you take the Anshan Pack you get 1500 gold with port slot and commander for $624. The ship is free. And if you own Anshan already you get gold for that ship
  14. GudmundurG

    Haida Pack Sale -75% $11.24 USD

    That's exactly what i was thinking. But that ship got some real history and I want it more because of that