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  1. MadBadDave

    Why am I loosing 90% of my games suddenly??!

    Your stats are bad, stick with the class you do best with and learn from it, do you scout and drop fighters for cover and to maintain a spot (e.g dropping fighters 9km from red cv) , so cv stays spotted and forces his attacking air group to go wide. My best games in cv often mean I score low but thanks to my efforts the team does well, similar to my dd play (playing as a team member), that’s why there are so many idiots who don’t use the map playing as individuals. That’s solely as a result of WG’s implementation of the game.
  2. The first PR event was a typical WG screw up, you do have to wonder if they are getting short of ideas bringing out PR2. It begs the question when will there be a Benham2 event or similar ?.
  3. MadBadDave

    Favourite Premium

    I totally agree, you could get the ship of your dreams and love everything about it, and then you meet your team mates. Whereas if the game was managed properly and games were competitive and enjoyable to the extent that even in defeat you had a big grin on your face such a game would demand said loved ship. In reality get the cheapest / free shite ship and you’ve got just as much chance of winning as your perfect premium.
  4. MadBadDave

    The broken router is again in use boys...

    Oh no can’t be WG it’s never their fault. Note to WG: spend zero on a class no one wants (subs obviously 😗), and invest it in stable servers. Yes it is totally WG’s Fault !!.
  5. MadBadDave

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Ahh a WG fan, because of the state of the game I haven’t played a random since last year, my stats ? They’ve been private for years because of stat obsessed players like you, I prefer to play a game not a spreadsheet, btw with a thousand less games than you mines just below yours, yes above 50%, you should have seen enough of my postings (many screenshots), showing probably the same ability as you, I am not the issue and you know it !. WG are solely to blame for the issues we all moan and [edited] about, they know the issues exist and do diddly about them, the only things WG are good at; ripping people off (Santa crate anyone 🤫), avoiding the truth, banning people (me “again” very soon) because the truth does hurt, not listening to the overwhelming player base; NO SUBS !. Why play ranked and operations ; more xp and less idiots.
  6. MadBadDave

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Absolutely SWEET FA, today, I must applaud the total friggin useless Idiots who ain't got a friggin clue, 5 ranked, all loses, 3 saved stars. I see all the latest BS is out about the latest update WHEN THE F!!! are you gonna sort out the game WG ????????????????????????????.
  7. MadBadDave

    performance issues?

    And there lies the problem, can Russians actually do anything properly, it would certainly explain a lot. Including the fact that they NEVER do anything wrong or are NEVER at fault, a WG trait !!.
  8. MadBadDave

    performance issues?

    Have you also noticed the random aiming bug, at least 3 games I’ve aimed at a nearby target and the shots fell short despite aiming at the superstructure, it has to be my pc, my network and me solely to blame, it couldn’t possibly be anything to do with the perfect games provider 🤔.
  9. MadBadDave

    performance issues?

    WG will never ever,ever,ever admit they are at fault, it’s funny how high end pc’s can run the game with zero issues and then suddenly have issues like low frame rate, sky high pings etc,etc , it’s also funny that said events often occur after a WG update. It’s a WG issue not an individual issue, if it were a personal issue wouldn’t there be more afk’s 😗. Name one time where WG stood up and honestly and truthfully owned up to anything !.
  10. MadBadDave

    The rigged is strong in ranked?

    It’s always been like this; win 4 today, lose 4 tomorrow, despite playing to the same standard and bote, Yesterday I played 6 ranked, all were losses I saved my star 5 times but I never progressed, as a player I could do no more, and yet play something like fornite and I would have progressed /done a lot better. Sadly this is a team game with screwed up MM, RNG and totally clueless team mates, which came about as a result of WG’s greed and incompetence in training noob players, things like the captain skills rework, which didn’t need doing haven’t helped; let a noob get a T10 with a 6 point skipper 😗, RPF, concealment etc,etc all matter and can influence a game, e.g. in yeuyang I charge into the cap, know roughly we’re Shimi is (RPF) I get spotted by Shimi he fires torps and smokes, I radar, avoid the torps and machine gun him down, thereby giving my team the spotting advantage which then puts the rest of the red team on the defensive (have you seen yewey’s TRB in action 😗), Without a high point skipper that would be a lot harder ; higher concealment, no RPF, lower firing rate, etc,etc,etc. Each and every thing we moan about is as a consequence of another WG screw up,
  11. MadBadDave

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Oh and this one from Raptor Rescue, finishing TOP. Please do note the FUSO player, who went afk very quickly, he / she probably threw their toys out of the cot because team mates got kills ??. This is why WR fails, clearly Fuso did SWEET FA during the game, if it were a Random they'd have a WIN, it says nothing of their actual ability, which in this case is like a lot of players.
  12. MadBadDave

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    3 Brawls = 3 wins and 6 kills, nuff said ??. First Co Op of day ; 5 kills and top, in Bismarck. which once again sums up the player base; Cruisers and DD's should sink the bots long before BB's enter a cap circle !. If only Randoms and ranked only had two players = WR a true reflection of player ability rather than dense team ability ??.
  13. MadBadDave

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    OMFG, 6 games in ranked, all loses, 5 of them star saved, what's that tell you; that player ability is a FRIGGIN JOKE !!! and still the A holes that manage this game do zero about it, there's a mention of self reflection elsewhere on the FORUM, it's about time those in power did some. No point showing a screen shot because you all know the outstanding ability of the player base, comparable to a WG Developer, Boris, Putin and any other idiot you can think of !!.
  14. MadBadDave

    Competitive T8 BBs

    Bis, Tirp, N.C, Amagi, Vlad, Vanguard. I’ve got N.C, Bama and Massa my fave is Bama but N.C is the stronger / better bote.
  15. MadBadDave

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Different day, same story, total friggin idiots, This is from the last game of the day; my first outing in shiny this time around (Brawl), best player?, that's easy ;-), Surrey and Gne played unbelievably badly, New Orleans went down first, leaving me 2vs1 and omfg headless chicken, Gne beaches himself, Surrey goes for a cruise and then tries to charge me = blapped, Gne had a limp wristed duel, unlike me he didn't have full secondary build and instead of making an effort of it, he turned away, leaving me to chase him with zero fear of torps, he didn't last long. One of the 2 players with a SINGLE brain cell would have beaten me / won. We often hear about the laughable developments from WG, any chance we can hear the one about how WG are going to rectify the ability imbalance which IS harming the game !!.