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  1. MadBadDave

    ST - changes to test ships

    How about changing the awful name for the T8 RN Heavy cruiser, please.
  2. It does seem very temperamental especially when a group of sheep are together, today I faced 3 sheep but only 1 torp path, yesterday I faced 2 sheep and again only 1 path which is bbbbaaaahhhd, so I had to guesstimate. Bots have also got very wise to torps they can be 5+ km away (beyond torp detection range), and yet turn a milli-second after torps have been launched, and yet within 3km they don’t bother ????.
  3. MadBadDave

    Carrier Feature Request

    I totally agree, RTS provided control of planes and carrier. So you could ram an opponent easily. Today my team essentially lost because I couldn’t ram a North Carolina, and setting way points etc was pointless, in a nut shell; in the last 10 mins a Devonshire and North Carolina closed in on my Kaga behind an island on C, my allies were in A, I took out the Devonshire and was attacking the 2/3 strength North Carolina obviously a high reward low threat task, rofl, (3k per torp 😕), given I was going to die I tried to ram him, pre rework no problem but now with planes in the air and attacking no chance, needless to say I was sunk and red won, had I been able to ram I’d still have died but ramming the BB would’ve seen a victory, unless RNG put a spanner in the works. So yes cvs should be controllable whenever the player wants.
  4. MadBadDave

    Rename the tier 8 British Heavy Cruiser

    I totally agree it’s like calling the Smolensk the SlowSmurf, Devonshire, London,Cheshire, Surrey wtf has albemarle got to do with towns, cities, counties and anything to do with the Royal Navy, as far as paper ship goes it would be nice if WG polled names.
  5. MadBadDave

    Mid tier RN CAs are unplayable - help!

    T9 IGN 😉, and wasn’t a fan of Amagi, as play style too defensive like Roon, I like being mobile, anyone in their BB who’s faced me will realise what a pain I am, just played a game in Prinz Eugen, holding up an entire flank on my own, killing two and knocking a bb down to 10k, before dying from an air strike (Lexington), I finished top and we only lost 3 ships in total, I’m not one for camping and yes Yams real but I love to get on the front line not snipe from 20+ km away. And I can’t do the above in the Devonshire, a lower tier BB only has to fart and she’s a gonna. The contrast in the Surrey though is stark, it’s actually quite tanky and a lot more fun.
  6. MadBadDave

    Mid tier RN CAs are unplayable - help!

    51% WR, below average to average player, mainly DD, prefer real ships to paper ships, hence only ground to T10 in 3 lines. Now Can you answer the simple question; Leander, Exeter or Devonshire (best and worst 😏. That is after all what this post is about; the new British heavies, imho T5 workable, T6 Pants. And it is easily the worst of the 3 ships mentioned !!. 4 if you include the Hawkins which I’d rather be in than the Devonshire.
  7. MadBadDave

    Mid tier RN CAs are unplayable - help!

    I guess it’s an all or nothing ship; rush in and get whacked , maybe it’s an attempt to get away from camping cruisers ?, it’s definitely on a par with playing dreadnought vs Hosho; 💩, re your smokeless comment I used to feel the same way until I moved up the German cruiser line, from T7 up they are amazing, because of MM my T8’s are bottom tier far more than top tier, and more than hold their own, and I’ll be honest I preferred radar Minotaur to Smoke Minotaur, as a lot of good players have sussed out how to citadel smoked campers.
  8. MadBadDave

    Mid tier RN CAs are unplayable - help!

    RTFM !! 🥱. Id rather be in the yorck than the Fiji, I have hipper and Prinz Eugen (because I loved hipper so much), and it’s also got PR’s chrimbo camo, I wasn’t a fan of Roon (too defensive and kiting orientated), and with the recent buff the Hindys great again, now back to the op; in brief and it’s clear I have to spell it out for you; and with every other adverse feedback out there (A LOT); armour, he spamming etc, Devonshire needs to go back to the drawing board , and yes when they buff it I’ll be adding to this post, it’s a complete and utter pile of 💩. here’s a simple question that even you can understand, which is best and which is easily the worst ; the T5 Exeter, the T6 Leander or the T6 Devonshire, and yet which is the newest 😏. I will check your stats to see how many dozens of games you’ve played in the mighty Devonshire 🤨. ⏬ Btw the Devonshire player of the decade has played her 14 times.
  9. MadBadDave

    Mid tier RN CAs are unplayable - help!

    Totally agree, T7>German line is great, Brit light cruisers are good from T6 but glass armoured, and yet still better than the heavy line, it’s funny given how tanky and the HP that Hood, a battle cruiser (not a BB) has, ie the closest thing to a heavy cruiser. Any doubts that anyone has about Devonshire; play co op and go 1 vs 1 against a lower tier BB and see how long you lost 😉.
  10. MadBadDave

    Mid tier RN CAs are unplayable - help!

    Just played my last game in the Devonshire, a co-op where once again the 💩 ship was deleted by a lower tier BB, while angled, in stark contrast my next game was a random in the Prinz Eugen where I took out a Missouri and Brindisi, now most higher tier bbs will overmatch lower tier cruisers, but a T6 heavy cruiser overmatched by a T5 BB 😠 to ????. The Devonshire is the only cruiser I have ever had which I wouldn’t take on a lower tier BB, take the Fiji, how many Fiji skippers have bested the likes of the higher tier Bismarck ?, how the hell did this pile of dog 💩, get approval/past testing?. Who here thinks if the puss was called Devonski things would be A LOT better 😏.
  11. MadBadDave

    Mid tier RN CAs are unplayable - help!

    Except Exeter doesn’t have smoke and is a Tier lower, personally I’ve always thought Exeter was mis-tiered ; it should be at 6, and as a result have smoke.
  12. MadBadDave

    Mid tier RN CAs are unplayable - help!

    Any point of Devonshire given how much better the Leander is to it, you can’t even kite in the Devonshire it’s definitely like all US cruisers; hug an island and avoid any open water.
  13. MadBadDave

    Mid tier RN CAs are unplayable - help!

    Totally agree about the two I do have; Hawkins and Devonshire, Hawkins is great at T5 and can compete with T7’s, it’s fast firing, starts fires, has good AA, is manoeuvrable, has a decent HP pool and can carry, the Devonshire is a complete pile of 💩, the range is woeful, the Ap very inconsistent, it looks and handles like a brick, and as stated even if a BB looks at you, you lose 1/2 your HP, regardless of wether you’re angled or bow tanking, I disagree with the HE Dpm; it does as much HE damage as my KGV, given the comments on this forum you’d have thought players would have had enough of HE spamming 🤨, The Hawkins perked up by RN heavies interest, the Devonshire has killed it off, Given that I have Yorck, Hipper, Prinz Eugen and Hindenburg plus having ground out the entire RN light cruiser branch, I currently have zero incentive to go up the RN Heavies line any further, aren’t heavies supposed to be beefier than light cruisers. WG needs to buff the Devonshire at least, and yesterday, before this event turns out to be another PR Fiasco, range should be 14.5, armour should be thicker or a lower citadel and if not Smoke should be added. If London and Surrey etc are the same I’m going to grind another branch, Ironically Exeter at a lower tier is A LOT better than this higher tier 💩.
  14. I know a few have said it, but forget op paper Russians, just like the Russians have 😏, and concentrate on the historical real ships, eg where’s Royal Sovereign ?, will subs be coming, we all know Russian Cvs will be Op even before their released, How many Russians can name one Ru cv that sailed in world war 2 ??. Could we please have PT boats instead, maybe we could ask it’s RU fan base what they prefer; Mickey Mouse nonexistent Russian cvs or PT botes, you could even have Kennedy as a legendary skipper. Imagine a 3 ship pt bote division; camping would be more fun 😉.
  15. Further Bias evidence, if any more were needed. In relation to Sybeck's post; maybe the Russians actually like to play with REAL ships, from navies that did something during the second world war, and not OP Russian paper ships, History it's a night mare ;-). What I don't understand is; instead of insisting on a hugely inflated 35k dabs for PR, during a near impossible grind, thereby limiting profits, for that you could've got the Graf, Massa and Asashio and still have change, make sense to anyone ?.