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  1. MadBadDave

    Disallow 3 of a kind Divisions

    I’ve yet to be in a 3 ship Division with my Gne, but having recently been in a two ship can say we steamrolled the reds we came across, mains and torps on BB’s and cruisers and secondaries on DD’s. I can only imagine 3 Gnes together or even 3 shiny’s together. At T7 can you think of 3 other BB’s coming at you that will cause you to turn and run ?. Eg. imagine 3 specced for secondaries and the HE spammed out to any unlucky DD’s within 8 km. Anything regardless of tier would be toast, same goes for a 3 Tirpitz Div in T8.
  2. MadBadDave

    Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    The Gneisenau is an amazing BB, I also have the Scharnhorst which is good, but since getting the Gne never gets used, the Scharnhorst has a decent wr (just above 50%), but I've never had a Kraken in it, and whilst it's ok against cruisers, against other BB's it's lightweight, The Gne's has less guns and they fire slower, but they hurt and kill all ships, high caliber, confed, dreadnought, kraken are just some of the accolades this ship's picked up in a week, it's a beast, I use with a spotter plane firing HE above 15km, below 15 km it's AP, citadels are two a penny and a 19 point skipper with the right skills makes this a very strong ship, it uptiers very well and has better AA than Scharnhorst, I've had two detonations in a 2/3 strength Scharnhorst, in the Gne planes don't get close enough, my most current game saw 17 plane kills, 3 ship kills, dreadnought and high caliber, I had more plane kills that the whole red team put together. Lead your target and aim for the water line, I regularly hit full out DD's from 15+km away. The Gneisenau is at it's very best at 8km and below, it's secondaries spew out he, giving you reliable close quarter experts, it's 6km torp's hit hard and fast and the guns just pulverize, I'd always thought the KGV was the best T7 BB, nah The Kgv can only fire HE above 10km, I recently came across a full strength KGV spamming HE like they do, the fight didn't last long, like most KGV driver's they think they can get close and brawl, it met the same fate as the T9 Iowa, ripped another orifice. The win rate is less guaranteed due to the player base, there is only so much carrying can do, but this is one hell of a ship.
  3. Despite my constant whinges I obviously love the game and being able to play with historical warships, whilst some moan I like the graphics and feel of the game, it’s very easy to play. I like that its updated so much. I don’t like; Matchmaking -core of a lot of the trouble. WG’s money grabbing - here’s another high tier prem. The CV rework - CVs are still op, no other class can command the battlefield like a good CV player can, from a far and with no fear of being sunk. Nerfs, Buff’s and power creep, Ships like Shiny existed, fought and died with honour and yet in game unlike unheard of and never used Russian BB’s dispersion is horrendous, as are Tirp,Bis and Gne, Hoods famed AA is non existent, raised Brit BB citadels,etc,etc. Radar - as with RPF only the ship using it should be able to see the target. Spotting - ditto, especially for Cv’s. High tier premiums, what about Lower than T8 ?. He spammers camped behind an island- normally DD’s and cruisers but increasingly more and more BB’s are doing it under 10km. That said I do love citadelling a Baltimore etc who’s been spamming me like there’s no tomorrow, and as he sinks pop my heal. Reporting system: good game, bad game, throwing salt, not saying a word, everyone gets reported, as with stats we should be able to turn it off or on. Scenarios / missions; not enough. Co op- I like but not rewarding enough. I’d also like to be able to choose the maps I play on, which in turn would create a lot tighter/better fights: imagine being able to pick your favourite map. Having to have a premium account, really ?, doesn’t WG think we spend enough on time and money to warrant not having to have it?. Capt retraining, camo’s, flags: really ?, each captain should have the ability to captain what 3/4 ships, camos cost a fortune, and wouldn’t it be nice to have a selection of permanent camos you could purchase for Any ship. Chat and Map; chat only sees abuse and the map hardly gets used, annoyingly less so at higher tiers, personally I think there should be a game limit as you go up the tiers, so you shouldn’t be able to jump into a gearing etc until you’ve played at least 1000 games. Which would make T10 fights epic as opposed to the one sided slaughters we often see. While some can come out with ships like the pointless thunderer it would be nice if our ideas for non paper ships was taken on board and implemented.m Lastly communication and feedback from WG is dire, eg all that was needed following the cv rework was; yes we know the probs, which are, we are aiming to resolve, any suggestions?, distant and aloof is how I would describe the WG / customer relationship.
  4. MadBadDave

    What am I doing wrong?

    There is always room for improvement and there are those that strive for it and those that don’t give a damn, as expected yesterday’s win rate of 66% was followed by today’s 42%, winning only 5/12. The usual DD antics and head scratching play by team mates but once again high caliber and confederate in a few of the 12 games, this games not about skill or improving yourself it’s about a Russian company making enormous mistakes (MM & Cv rework etc), frustrating and charging it’s loyal user base a fortune. Subs ?, you’d see even more DD’s, going on the current state of play is that a good thing ?. The point of any game is to enjoy, do your best and aim to win what’s the point when the odds are stacked against you from the start; MM, CV’s, Unknown and unheard of super accurate Russian BB’s, super cruisers with radar, spuds, lemmings, and snowflakes, yep another chat ban for throwing salt at Hood and Kongo yesterday, so it’s alright for them to affect my and 10 others time and effort by being AFK and sitting in the cap , without so much of a word in chat,.
  5. MadBadDave

    What am I doing wrong?

    Well said Lossi, MM is deffo a key contributor towards people’s win rates, conspiracy theory’s are out there, does WG care, nah here’s another premium T9 super cruiser for only 90 quid. My prob, and a lot of other peoples problem is that despite enjoying the game you’re constantly told your crap, and reminded of how terrible your stats are, and then you see even worse players play. Being able to turn chat off will deffo help, as you’ll no longer have to listen to crap, sadly there’s more salt being freely distributed than helpful battle chat, I’d wager that as many don’t bother reading it as those that don’t look at the mini map; a lot. I personally would also like the option of keeping my stats private.
  6. MadBadDave

    What am I doing wrong?

    For some on this forum, 66% isn’t high enough, and you can see today was a one off, my point is that without spuds my wr and pr would have been better, and today I was lucky / a good day, only 2 spuds to report as well as the usual lemming DD’s 😉. A lot say you yourself are to blame and to some extent they are right but what impact a negative, camping, lemming team on your stats and more important enjoyment of the game. Tomorrow the stats will be back to how they normally are: sub 50%, btw my wr remains sub 49.5 %. Having an amazing ship has helped, a lot.
  7. Detonations are not rare, on 2 occasions my 2/3 rd strength Shiny detonated thanks to a DB, and yet cvs aren’t op 😉. Mind you my gearing did detonate a near full strength Kaba in a point blank knife fight. But like citadels they must be as in real life; often and frequent 🤓.
  8. MadBadDave

    What am I doing wrong?

    Update: Well, as expected despite being more aggressive and sinking a lot more Red Botes, WR still hasn't improved much (lower than the sudden and unexplained down turn), mainly because of MM and said spuds that ruin everyone's day, played 9 today, 6 wins, 3 losses all in my New Fave; Gneisenau. 2 of these games saw a Hood that did'nt move until about the 8th Minute, afk ?, and then when he did went right to the end of the map, without his support I was the only BB on the flank and despite taking one red down they're 5/6 ships took me out, and the other game A kongo went running again on the left, and sat in the cap, this time I managed to hold the reds off behind an island (torp spamming by Red DD's and a Myoko), while a red flint and another DD were also trying to go wide, fortunately friendlies came to my aid while Kongo still sat there, unsurprisingly he finished bottom. DD's also continue to be a source of amusement/frustration, it's as if they have giant "kill me first" banners above them. My point; while we can all improve in some way, spud team mates can not only ruin the game for you and team mates, but having invested time and money into the game it robs you of the enjoyment of the game, imagine going to a football match, spending money on tickets, the journey, food etc,etc and your fave football team's keeper doesn't try to save that easy shot, whats the difference ?. That's why I and many (admit it) have been getting lots of chat bans, lately it is only a game but when spuds ruin it at what point do you get frustrated. Take a break, and then see 4 noob DD's rush in and get whacked ?. Leaving you on the defensive. Btw - stats are one thing, it is only a game, but the most fun I had today didn't involve getting a Kraken or high caliber (which I did get after the Hood match) ,I was in my Gneisenau Uptiered to T9, we won by about 10 points, with 2 greens v 3 reds left at the end, I had a good 5+ min encounter with a Kagero, I kept dodging his torps but he couldn't avoid my secondaries, a great cat and mouse fight that went to the end. Donar79 sorry for surviving ;-) .
  9. Gneisenau, Secondary build. I’d read a lot about Scharnhorst vs Gneisenau, before I got both, and opinion was divided, I’ve had shiny for months and got Gne a week ago, I got my first Kraken in the Gne 3 days ago, and still await my first in the shiny, The Gne is a ruthless killing machine, anything (DD, cruiser or BB) within 8km is toast, above 8km those 15 inch guns may fire slower than shiny’s but they do far more damage. Add in better AA and you have one very good T7 BB, that unlike Shiny uptiers well. Which one; not even close, Gneisenau every time. I’d always thought KGV was special but having annihilated a KGV earlier today nah, some say the Shiny is a cruiser killer, it may be but the Gneisenau kills them all.
  10. MadBadDave

    It might be a conspiricy theory, ...but

    Is there a conspiracy going on in a Russian game, 😉. I don’t know but it seems strange that A Lot, including me are saying the same, I’m stuck on 49.4 %. You’ll get the usual nah it’s you mate, but when the 3 other graphs show constant improvement and yet WR is as erratic as how the government have managed Brexit , you do have to wonder. Its clear despite having zero impact or world wide recognition/ fame during the world wars that Russian BB’s are Uber accurate, whilst those that did actually fight are nerfed. Eg Sinop vs Scharnhorst. The bodged and very badly implemented cv rework ( still ongoing ), will affect the game for some time as will the french dd tree ( more and more lemmings rushing to caps, in order to die). Yes I do think Match making is the worst aspect of WG’s game but is it and poor individual play the reason why you can win 6 games in a row and then suddenly lose 6 games regardless of how well you play ?.
  11. MadBadDave

    What am I doing wrong?

    It's been a while since someone last said your stats are pants, play tetris or uninstall, the horrendously implemented cv rework, radar, high Tier premium after high tier premium, radar buff, miserable match making etc,etc have made me question if WG are up to the task, 2 "acknowledge this little boy so far" Maybe it's me, but has anyone else noticed how poor team mates have become since cv nerf 1052, if you look at my stat charts you'll see something very obvious; everything steadily going up and then look at win rate, personally I still think Cv's are still OP, e.g if I'm in a T8 Lightning DD against a T10 Yam and he spots me, given that I routinely waggle away from 5+ Reds I'd fancy my chances, but get spotted by a carrier, and I'm not going to last long. But obviously the countless CV nerfs and new french DD range has everyone jumping into DD, one recent game had 6 in per team, and who reading this has seen over half or all dd's getting whacked within 5 mins. Post blob BB's and cruisers also seem to have forgotten what a Cap is, a full hp green nurnberg hid behind an island, right next to the base while the base was being capped, he was spotted and swiftly sunk, he wasn't afk. My dilemma is this I have a gr8 game in a T7 match, but my team mates resemble a sack of spuds, and it's a LOSS, the next game, WG'S wonderous MM kick in and I'm in my T7 hood facing T8 cv and T9 opponents,where I finished Top, once again said team mates resembled a sack of spuds and It's another loss, people will say have a break & come back; got the T-shirt, my WR chart says it all, whilst I am average at best, spuds are definitely having a huge impact on the game, my stats and more importantly enjoyment of the game are being affected. Subs have been mentioned, having enjoyed the halloween event last year and doing very well in the barracuda you'd have thought I'd be pleased about them possibly coming, sadly not, as it would mean more DD players, and I love playing DD's (did fairly well in Gearing, not so in fletcher) , and have 8 DD's In my Port. Other than uninstall what can I do to improve my WR ?