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  1. MadBadDave

    HELP... how to play Bismarck

    Bismarck has been powercrept, the recent’ish dispersion buff helped, Personally I prefer tirpitz (because of the torps), get in close and brawl making sure you have a full manual secondary build. As soon as I fell in love with FDG I ditched Bis but kept Tirp. That said Bis holds my max kills in a game (6), while FDG holds the HP record.
  2. MadBadDave

    How do you Translate win rate into a good PR rate

    Do more damage, cap, defend and kill
  3. MadBadDave

    Another Ban served, see you all in 2-3 weeks ;-) x

    Woss Matter eyesight failing ? Just like to re-iterate another point several ;-) have made; just had get another game with 2 AFK's That's 2 afk's.
  4. MadBadDave

    Another Ban served, see you all in 2-3 weeks ;-) x

    The other thing; I owe the Mod that banned me some gratitude, I had £50 on steam and was originally planning on the Atago etc, the ban and the MESS saw this go elsewhere. Wanna sig Jethro ?, it maybe worth a penny in a thousand years time .
  5. Well that’s another 2 week ban served, and what did I, WG and the MOD learn ?, zero, that we didn't all know beforehand. Is it possible for all moderators to PM any of us ?, YES, instead go to gulag for 2 weeks, now that's very Russian, given that another Mod liked a post not so long ago, plus the advice missed out on etc , a 2 week ban essentially sees the whole community suffer, add in all those who are banned at any one time and you have to wonder, shooting one self in the foot ?. A simple, you wrote this; it’s not acceptable because of this; please change it asap or you’ll receive a ban/ warning, is surely more constructive but then WG don’t do common sense. So what’s happened in my 2 week forum absence ?; game play continues to get worse, thanks to absolutely clueless noobs, WG continues to self harm with yet more op Russian Fantasy ships with radar, which kicks DD’s even more, CV’s continue to dominate, I got a questionnaire about CV counter play, errr a year too late !!!, Early release / Russian Cruisers directives and rewards are as abysmal as every event since the PR fiasco. Well done you got “EIGHT” containers for completing the first round of directives you win 90 Tokens, ROFL, WG really are totally clueless. And it just shows that they do not listen or give a damn about any of us, as of today having completed the first 2 directives I have 225 Tokens, which gets me sweet fa, realistically I might get the T5, WOW, some incentive !. I have "ZERO" Russian ships and with WG’s bias and horrendous directive rewards, that ain’t gonna change. I get ships from Navies that actually did something !. Cv’s are moaned about a lot, as usual, but here’s a thing as a DD player I’ve always considered radar to be the biggest threat, and here’s why; say your in a OLAND etc, do you fear a cv or a Stalingrad more ?. If playing with noob potatoes wasn't bad enough you find yourself in a lone DD facing 4 radar cruisers and a cv, are they trying to kill off DD’s to make Sub play easier and then the ping rate goes all erratic ?. To highlight the above I also got re-acquainted with the Minotaur, having not played it for over a year, I originally discovered Radar Mino to be better than Smoke Mino, and thus I’ve been playing Radar Mino again, 2 back to back games clearly highlighted the impact of Radar, and both saw me vs a Shimi, the first (smoke), saw an endless stream of torps, smoke was pointless and I couldn't see him or get near him, next game; Radar Mino saw a dead Shimi within seconds of popping radar, our roles reversed going from offensive to defensive and vice versa simply because I had radar. Do you still think cv’s are worse than Radar ?. Pick the best very Anti Air DD, now would you rather face a Nimitz or a radar Mino (9.1km concealment and 10km radar detection) ?. In another game I came across a Gearing who fancied a knife fight, err not for long ;-). Now If I have radar Mino, and there’s at least 3 other radar cruisers, how much fun is a solo T10 DD going to have ?. Add in a cv and you have a very unhappy player. But that seemingly is what WG wants, either that or clueless mismanagement springs to mind ! There’s a post on here about your greatest daily achievement, I think in order of balance there should be: the worst game of the day, but of course even without naming and shaming some Mod would instantly close it down. Maybe it would make us feel better knowing that someone had an even worse game than us ?. In my 2 weeks absence I’ve continued to play well personally, still average at best though, and my WR has dropped very slightly because of WG’s continued abysmal MM, and lack of coherent training for noobs, allowing said noob potatoes to buy high tier Premiums only adds to the chaos; roll up roll up, buy this T8 Premium BB it doesn't matter you've only played 100 games, you’ll enjoy A LOT of T10 games !. One game saw 11 greens go very wide left of green base, I in a Z39 went right, while the likes of Wallet Warriors in Massa & Tirpitz, etc were riding the map edge I was involved in a tussle with 5 ships, continually requesting support and pleading to defend the base, red DD supported by 4 others kept me spotted, and a protracted running engagement saw me go down (the 2nd Green ship to go down), while 3 reds were in the cap, green Massa and Tirp etc. were still a long way from the base. Result another 12 nil drubbing. Despite being totally defensive against 5 ships and a CV I still came 2nd. A top tier T9 Yugomo with full hp and 1 of only 2 to survive a one sided drubbing (not afk), that finished bottom. Does that not say it all ?. No ?, please don’t scratch the paint, or which way’s the enemy ?. A game where repeated requests from me in Oland to BB’s (3 in close proximity) to target the spotted Radar cruiser were ignored. Who’s seen Flambass’s Kidd vs Kaga video ?, Kaga constantly goes after Kidd, who kills 69 planes , the Kaga and gets a Kraken, I looked in to the stats of the Kaga player, in 2475 battles they’ve had 134 ships, in comparison I’ve had 93 in 6249 battles. Kaga players stats are not great; his Highest CV is Kaga 47%, Mine is Zuiho 67%. It goes hand in hand with another video regarding how easy it is to grind thru the tiers. It’s too easy, which is why games are so pants these days. We've all seen it and much, much worse, is this how WG really wants the game to be seen; a complete pile of crap. In my 2 weeks absence from the forum I also got re-acquainted with the Jutland, whilst I have improved personally since the last time I had Jutland and Mino, playing other ships has helped my awareness, notably EU DD’s, has helped a lot, noobs and WG’s incompetent management of the game are why the game is in such an horrendous state (re too easy to grind). Any wonder that Roflstomps are occurring every single day now. And then there are the erratic ping rates, that stop start, bringing the game to a stuttering mess. WG can’t even get the basics right. And I was under the misconception that online gaming was supposed to be fun, clearly WG’s idea of fun is screwing things up and making our lives miserable !. Someone recently said the games great but it’s mismanaged, to which I’d have to say “it’s managed ???”. MM is still broken, most T7 and T8’s find themselves Bottom Tier, Radar is Rife, Russian Ships are, have been and always will be OP, grinding is too easy, there is zero coherent training introduction for noobs, directives are pointless and we all know Subs will be out on general release and in the premium shop soon, The one question to the head of WG I’d like to ask is “ DO you have a friggin clue ?”. Just because the Russian Navy’s been shite for a century doesn't mean you have to be !. See you in TWO weeks ;-).
  6. MadBadDave

    European DD's

    T7 Skane is where it starts to get gud, I love the Oland but a re -acquaintance with the Jutland put paid to the T9 & 10. I find the EUs to be open water DDs mainly spamming torps and anti air, they are unlike other ships in that you cannot ambush kill anything big, and the guns whilst fast reloading are no good in a knife fight, head on you just have the 2 guns. I do love the EU play style it gave me a better understanding of how to play Radar Mino but tbh you get to the Halland and then meet a Daring, or Gearing etc 😚. If that happens it doesn’t matter if the torps do 200 knots. Not only are you outgunned but out torped, and both have smoke.
  7. MadBadDave

    Proposal: punishment for low-performers

    Rewarded by being dumped on my RNG, idiots and pathetic xp and credits when you lose. Ive said it before but instead of the 2 lists of teams at the end of the game xp and credits etc should be allocated out according to how they played, 1-24. just because a winning player sits atop his team doesn’t mean a player on the opposite team didn’t play batter; .i.e how many games have you played and lost and yet finished with more xp than most of the opposing team, add in the win bonus and you’d be the REAL top player not the one sat atop a team because their team won !. And naturally those who deserve it would also continually finish bottom !. WG could then have a fair and balanced reward and punishment scheme, and losses because of idiots wouldn’t hurt so much !.
  8. MadBadDave

    Proposal: punishment for low-performers

    You play with idiots, playing well yourself, you finish last alive in loss after loss, despite finishing in top 3, you constantly get uptiered and when you don't your team is full of uber idiots, you go on a losing streak, again you're the last alive, in a DD and with the clock ticking down your ahead on points and kicking the crap out of another near dead DD and you detonate. Is there any wonder why so many have left, it's a joke. WG are as competent as the Russian Navy has been for the last 100 years. WG won't punish low performers, chances are most have bought premiums, but they will punish those that say how it is; THE TRUTH DOES HURT !. The compliment/Poor player system should be revised as a matter of urgency. but it won't instead buy a Fantasy Russian Cruiser that's not really OP, that much .
  9. MadBadDave

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Following on from the above post, THIS IS WHAT I'M USUALLY SEEING. Msg to Conway and co, if you routinely were last alive, and in the top 3 and lost because of sheer IDIOTS, how the hell would you feel ???. Top in Kaga (T10), Top in Surrey (T7), what friggin more do I have to do ???????. This game has zero to do with skill and ability. Any other online game would see me with a far higher WR than 51%. P.S I should've got 4 kills, but 2 were steal kills !!.
  10. MadBadDave

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Before looking at today's best result (screen shot), I'd like to say this game's as fixed as anything else from Russia, WHY: The usual sheer muppetry by teams, as per usual this evening, I know it, you know it, Mod's Know it and WG know it, it's their game they did it that way. Why's it a fix, having had a losing streak greens were winning by a mile on points and then all lemming'd off that 1 inch high cliff, leaving only me, AGAIN !!!!!!, in an Oland, reds had 2 bb's and a DD (Le Fantastique) , with seconds on the clock we had a knife fight, I was kicking the crap out of him, and yep DETONATION. ONLY in WG would this happen, without the FIX (detonation) a second later the French DD would've been toast, points outta reach and 2 BB's unable to chase and detect me. Is someone at WG next to a red detonate button ?. I would'nt put it past a Russian Biased organisation !. Anyway next match, and finally today a true picture of my playing ability; YEP yet again another WG screw up ; Uptiered to T10 AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Yep vs T10's and ranked and I kicked their friggin arses, up yours WG !.
  11. MadBadDave

    [Low Effort] Can you spot the start of the weekend?

    Why the hell do we play this game, you play well, and end up with sweet fa because total idiots let you down, it's all been said before, and gets no easier; it's no surprise abuse is rife, just had 2 games in alabama, where surprise, surprise I finished top of the losing team, twice. And we all know it's not just a one off, if the head of WG is happy with the state of play, they either don't play the game or don't give a toss. Which goes a long way to explain why a poxy soviet navy that did sweet fa for 100 years has so many op paper ships in game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  12. MadBadDave

    Are These VE Day Combat Missions For Perma-camo's?

    It’s WG, here’s an event in dedication to an historical event that will never be replicated, at the same time as a global pandemic that will also not be replicated for generations; get this Camo for selectively very few ships by grinding harder than you should need to or pay over a fiver for it, to replace another perma camo which gives exactly the same benefits. Mind you by the time we get to the 100th VE celebrations, only Russia, Japan and Germany would’ve fought world war 2, the Soviet’s would’ve destroyed all German and Japanese capital ships, Russian Carriers would’ve won midway, and the good ole Russkies would’ve operated Atlantic and north cape convoys to help feed and cloth the helpless US and U.K. Btw in 2045 T20 Russian ships (80% of in game ships), will still be op, and WG staff will still deny the blatantly obvious !.
  13. MadBadDave

    USN North Carolina deck armor

    Bama’s been powercrept and tbh Massachusetts is the one they all want, even the North Carolina is seen by some as being better, Bama’s dispersion, heal and secondaries need a buff at the very least.
  14. MadBadDave

    0.9.3 - Matchmaking Improvements

    Although it is very hard for a T6 to fight a T8, and very unfair, anyone that’s played warspite and faced a Kaga and Tirpitz etc knows it’s a barrel of laughs, like wise if I’m in Alabama or Tirpitz and face a New Mexico or warspite you’re not only overconfident but certain of the outcome before a shots been fired. There’s also a good chance the T8 has more flags, capt skills and more likely to be fully modded (because the T8 will usually face T10’s more often), but hey this is the way WG want us to play, they could resolve it very easily; +/-1 MM but won’t. Whilst it can seem and is usually hopeless for a bottom tier T6, player ability and RNG can produce unexpected results (like a warspite kicking the arse of an over confident Bismarck player), had Bis stayed angled at 11km I’d have got wrecked but coming within 8km and broadside Bis didn’t last very long “POTATO”. T6 has no radar, concealment and torp range are not good, BBs are slow, and have short range secondaries etc. T7 sees Radar, better ships T8 sees more Radar, long range secondaries, great concealment and everything so much better than T6. The jump from T8-10 isn’t such a shock, only armour, gun calibre and Dakka rates (HE /Torps) increase.
  15. MadBadDave

    [Low Effort] Can you spot the start of the weekend?

    I thought the weekend started when lockdown did, it’s permanent weekend and perma potato time. Nice one WG !.