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  1. MadBadDave

    Wows Merchandise

    Ship happens 😉 it’s just a surprise that such a money obsessed organisation doesn’t have merchandise, be it cups, hats, face masks, clock port holes, cobi models, t shirts, key rings, posters etc,etc,etc they’d make a killing, name any recent film franchise that didn’t have merchandise that didn’t make more than the film did at the cinema and how many go to a footy match (pre Covid), and just buy the tickets, the amount of money they could make would dwarf any event they can think of, it kinda highlights the we’ll add more but won’t address the issues mentality. I suppose all t shirts would be red anyway.
  2. MadBadDave

    Wows Merchandise

    Merch not mercs 😉. My fault should’ve put Merchandise, now corrected.
  3. MadBadDave

    Wows Merchandise

    Just had a quick look online for WOWS merch and found very little, especially official merch, which given WG’s fondness of our rubbles is a surprise. WOT and even WOP can be found and given it’s the 5th Anniversary of WOWS and the huge player base I’m amazed WG seem to have zero interest in wows merch ?.
  4. MadBadDave

    Skipping, freezing and Jumping still. WHY?

    Stuttering, freezing, crashing and erratic rates are now all too common on a lot of players systems, especially since the last update, it’s unusual for me not to have an issue during a game and usually exactly at a critical stage. Prior to the last update issues occurred but irregularly, now they occur every game. Settings changes don’t seem to help and given the amount of people quite rightly mentioning it it’s clearly an issue within the game itself. Add in RNG, MM, Cv’s, Op fantasy ships and potatoes and hopefully the likes of Mr Conway can understand “our” frustrations, more and more is being added to the game without actually resolving the core basic issues we all gripe about, and WG won’t fix said gripes because there’s no money in it.
  5. MadBadDave

    CO OP Bots

    ROFL, no wonder there's so many rofl stomps in game these days. Notice the bottom 4 human players (T9&T10). Yep BOTS have not had a buff and 80% of the team mates you'll have today will be unicums
  6. MadBadDave

    Sending replays for unsporting behaviour

    It shouldn’t be an issue, what’s worse a potato letting the team down in whatever way, which costs the team eg not capping at end of game when scores level or sinking said potato ?. Sinking any potato does the team a service, and should be awarded. How many 10 man footy teams have beaten an 11 a side 😉. Why do blue on blue incidents occur,? there 2 reasons; lack of awareness and frustration !.
  7. MadBadDave

    the grind is getting to me

    Ohh yesss I am, poor old bots always the whipping boys, btw why no non Binary / non gender names 🤔. For first time I’m actually smiling when playing the game, trying to help reds win is a blast, it should be a new mode 😉.
  8. MadBadDave

    CO OP Bots

    It’s exactly when you launch, try it 😉. A human can predict torps have been released or at least preempt, as soon as you launch the bot goes into avoid mode. Who hasn’t seen it in action ?. Yes a lot of players are not situational aware and wonder what that thing is in the bottom right corner but how do you answer the laser point accuracy, dpm and out turning ?. How many times have you been in a group of 3 botes engaging a bot and been last to fire and yet despite being full hp and your 2 team mates beat up and sinkable for the bot to fire at you when your at least 5km further away than your team mates ?. only today a bot cv almost Dev struck a flat out DD, a week or 2 ago you could park up have a coffee and still not be touched, the bot skill level has definitely been tweaked. yes very predictable but also improving.
  9. MadBadDave

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Yet again, another good performance personally, this time my first ever Lowenhardt Random, same WG inspired potato team performance. Yep top again, yep lost again, thanks WG, glad to see you really listen to your fans/players, until tomorrow, I'm amazed how over half the player base function (eat, talk, walk), ahhh I know it's modeled on the soviet navy's ability !.
  10. MadBadDave

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Different day and different weekend, but same issue; team mates, or lack of.. I think I've worked out that if any of my team mates can last as long as me, it ends in a win. The fact that I routinely usually end up in the same position, as in the photo would clearly indicate, I am not the issue !!. Now here's the thing, a High Calibre award, and 24 planes (yes T6) downed in the worst T8 AA cruiser there is, would indicate how little I did . There is indeed a lot to sort out within the game, but only after transformers, subs, italian BB's, etc,etc,etc,etc,etc have been introduced, is it not time that at least 1 or 2 of the hundreds on the WG payroll actually work out the more basic, and vitally important aspects ?. Anyone else had constant stuttering/ freezing, and sound issues, going by the state of the game, I'd love to know how many at WG actually work.
  11. MadBadDave

    Cyber tokens?

    Very honest and very well said, it already looks better than the war hammer event. Pardon me But, when can we expect the “real” warships collaboration, featuring real famous ships, that could and should be in game, instead of magical fairy dust ships ?.
  12. MadBadDave

    5 Years of WoWS - my thoughts.

    No matter what anyone says WG will not listen or act, because without rubbles there is no WG, it’s a business and worst it’s a business without competition or governing body, for example the crates they recently had (Black Friday, Halloween etc), are all a form of gambling. Any judgement passed down from the authorities?, no. You can tell The country of origin by how things are done, it used to be about history , from a nation who’s navy has done zero in over a century and yet look in game, Smolensk anyone ?, no Kremlin ?, I look forward to seeing how op Russian cvs and subs are. Theres a great deal of good and right about the game but there’s an even bigger list of what’s wrong, take just 3, subs we don’t want it but we know it’ll happen, the cv rework and MM, WG could easily resolve the issue in seconds reduce it to +/-1 tier, the fact that they won’t is known by everyone, and why ?.. There’s more than enough real historical ships that could be added without adding yet another paper ship, and yet you watch their mockumentaries about the best ever BB, naturally a Russian BB that never saw water, or what about the North Cape convoys saved by a little Russian DD, etc etc, etc. Only Snow saved the Russians from getting their arse kicked, the Brits saved themselves !. Will things change, no, 5 years ago a great title came about featuring famous historical ships, today 5 years later real history and ships have gone out the window, in another 5 years Russians solely won the naval arena sometime in the 1940’so as you sail around in your T15 super Russian Cv, complete with novichok and nuke tipped rail guns and Su95 fighters. And we’ll still be moaning about everything that’s wrong and yet giving our time and money . While WG just look on in hysterics.
  13. MadBadDave

    General CV related discussions.

    So cv's are fixed are they ?. T6-8 with 2 T8 cv's per side, thats a NO then. WG instead of focussing on transformers you need to friggin transform the game, but hey were talking about a nation with about as much naval prowess as a wet turd. is that supposed to be fun; worst T8 cruiser for AA even with fighter and def AA (also pointless), vs 2 T8 cvs ?. You’ll also notice reds had oland (best AA in that match), such fun “we’re here for you the gamers” rofl, nah for the rubbles !.
  14. MadBadDave

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    So the MM is fixed is it ? T6-8 with 2 T8 cv's per side, thats a NO then. WG instead of focussing on transformers you need to friggin transform the game, but hey were talking about a nation with about as much naval prowess as a wet turd.
  15. MadBadDave

    CO OP Bots

    Is it me or has anyone else noticed, certain things are stacked in Co-ops Favour, we've had auto detect and avoidance of torps and now not only do bots seem to out turn you but cause double the damage you do when duelling. I fired 16 torps at a Montana (with a good spread, given the auto avoidance), as soon as I launched Montana went wide, not one torp hit, had that been a human at least 2 or 3 would've hit. I watched a T7 cruiser (Bot) out turn a T9 DD (human) , and several times my BB's have been out turned by a bot BB, as well as being able to hit just the right spot, they also seem to fire quicker. I've also noticed a slight difference in their kamikaze ramming strategy. Bot cv's are also getting closer with their rockets. So have all Bots now got Soviet Navy crews and if the trend continues, which does make it more interesting, I hope WG actually make co op rewards, more err rewarding !!.