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  1. Don't know whether it happens to other or not, but the new Gallipolli commemorative flag does not show up on my ships - tried in three different ones. Is this a known bug? Best, Xavi
  2. I like the fixes in MM, they are needed for fairness. NTC is just another unneeded "thing" that will only alienate many existing players, as the CV rework has. Instead of NTC, there are so many things that could be done without risking to ruin the gameplay: more operations / missions (opportunity to be historical), alternative battle modes than the current standard or domination (for example, protect or destroy a convoy, etc.), missions ad hoc for tiers II-IV, missions specific for CVs, more scenarios, more ship types (PT boats, for example), ...
  3. Wandarra

    Update 0.8.2 - General feedback

    Oh, no, please no CVs in Coop. It's the only place of refuge where we do not suffer them!
  4. Wandarra

    ST - French destroyers

    Excellent to have the French super-destroyers in game. Beautiful ships forgotten by many. However the intended lack of realism (no smoke, poor torpedoes, 50 knot speed with boosters, etc.) is not only unhistorical but innecessary. Just make them as they were in reality, with their strenghts and weaknesses.
  5. Wandarra

    ST - Icebergs

    Well, as realistic as arming the ships with turbo-lasers. For me, a waste of programmer's time. Meanwhile, many other possibilities like adding mission types alternative to the already boring domination/epicenter/defend or capture the base do not exist in the game but existed in reality (examples: shore bombardment/attack or defend convoys/comnerce raiding, etc.).
  6. Wandarra

    European research tree?

    The weird thing is that there isn't already an Italian navy tree, considering the importance of that navy in WW1 and WW2. Italy was one of the signatories of the Treaty of Washington (1922) and the London Conference (1930). The Regia Marina had a continuous solid line of warships of all kinds but aircraft carriers (like the Germans). Many of them were beautiful ships and sometimes they had nice pieces of hardware in them (for example, torpedoes were very reliable and performed well). Cruisers and destroyers were very fast but lacked some seaworthiness due to stability issues - the same happened with the Russians (actually, some Russian warships of the 30's were designed in Italy). Even if many can think that they could have performed better in WW2, the reasons were not so much related to the quality of the ships but to the consequences of an overall flawed strategy. It's true that they may stop at level VIII but... is this really a problem? Actually, many players have more fun up to level VIII than being forced to spent most of the time hidden behind islands at levels IX-X. But game play is another topic... And of course smaller navies are welcome. For example, Dutch and Spanish navies are very good candidates, IMHO.
  7. Wandarra

    an offer that I could not refuse

    Sincerely, I think CVs would need itheir own special type of battle. CVs launched their aircraft at much longer distances, or accompanied convoys to give them air cover. Fighting in a several mile square box is bad enough for battleships, but much worst for carriers. Instead of all this carrier rework, I think WG could have designed additional scenarios and battle types, probably with less development effort and higher customer satisfaction.
  8. Wandarra

    Suggestions thread

    Two suggestions: 1) Night battles "old style" -no radar, but moonlight (and sudden cloud cover of it) is reproduced and can be used for concealment/spotting. 2) Read that CV bots are in development, so another place where to play and have fun with DDs will be gone as well. Please could WG add an option to allow the player to do not enter a Coop if CV bots are present, even if the waiting time in queue increases?
  9. Wandarra

    Suggestions thread

    Operations and campaigns? Just check naval history for examples: 1) Commerce raiding involving sinking merchant ships alone or in convoys (either with auxiliary cruisers or true warships) , even attacking islands (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_auxiliary_cruiser_Komet, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_attacks_on_Nauru) 2) Like fighting close to land? Narvik, Balikpapan or Koh-Chang battles. 3) Night battles in general. You pointed the Tokyo Express. Well, some key battles may be well worth developing (Savo Island, Tassafaronga...) 4) Shore bombardments - the one the Japs did on Guadalcanal with two Kongo battlecruisers was great - we could add some US forces around for further action :-). Also, the Dakar operation by the Brits to try to sink Richelieu is a good example. 5) Blockade running for concealment buffs And many, many more. Actually, I think a Mission Editor would be a very desirable add-on so the community could develop missions and scenarios. That would add a total new dimension to the game as interesting and absorbing as the gameplay itself.
  10. Wandarra

    Suggestions thread

    A post full of common sense. These missions are those I would expect from a warship game like WOWS. Real naval battles, not CAPs or other unrealistic goals inspired from paintball matches or the like. There are so many naval history books where to take examples from.
  11. Wandarra

    Naval Underdogs: Spain - Discussion Thread

    Canarias heavy cruiser is must - an historic ship alas scrapped in the 70s. Should have been kept as museum. We are already missing many 8-inches Washington cruisers in WOWS to let pass this opportunity. Others: Jaime I, Churruca, Almirante Cervera.