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  1. AmagiandAkagi

    About ST recruitment

    When will the next ST recruitment for the EU server begin? The EU server has not been recruiting for a new STers for a long time in my memory
  2. AmagiandAkagi

    EU server full of bots at the moment

    The first reason is the migration of players from Asian servers. Some players of Asian servers like to use BOT programs to help them complete the technology tree quickly. They can complete 150-200 games a day and 4-6 days to complete a complete technology line from T1-T10. The second reason is that the time and energy requirements of the WG's construction PR activities are too anti-human.
  3. AmagiandAkagi

    Fundraiser Results – Vote on How to Get Hayate!

    Is it too expensive to get a rare boat for $ 200? The $ 200 is clearly significantly more than the WG's pricing when these rare ships were released
  4. AmagiandAkagi

    This is why CV's dont belong in ranked..

    I agree with you that powerful CV players can control the trend of the whole battle
  5. AmagiandAkagi

    high class rank

    Strange MM
  6. AmagiandAkagi

    high class rank

    Maybe a week is better?
  7. AmagiandAkagi

    high class rank

  8. AmagiandAkagi

    high class rank

    Friends of the EU server, please try to reach a higher level. I am currently unable to participate in the battle and there are too few high-level players.
  9. AmagiandAkagi


    RANK 5 I played too fast to match the players in RANK 5
  10. I object to the WG's change to the British CA, unless the WG has also initiated a BUF for ZAO. Why did the WG persecute ZAO? At present, Galia has become an advanced alternative to ZAO. Its HE gun has higher performance, HP recovery team is more powerful, and its armor is thicker.
  11. AmagiandAkagi

    ST recruitment

    When will the next ST recruitment for the EU server begin?
  12. AmagiandAkagi

    EU server gameplay and KOTS

    I think that in the KOTS competition of the EU server, the EU team's style of competition and the way of selecting ships are very "retro" or outdated. This is my opinion
  13. AmagiandAkagi

    EU server gameplay and KOTS

    Yesterday's confrontation between servers EU-NA 2:7 ASIS-CIS 5:4 I think this result is enough to reflect some problems.
  14. AmagiandAkagi

    EU server gameplay and KOTS

  15. AmagiandAkagi

    EU server gameplay and KOTS

    For example?Like a smoke channel composed of 1 Somos 2 Des Moines?