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  1. Dark_Knight08

    Today's problem with WoWs, by Flambass

    I think personally its cool to see and hear various peoples opinion on the game. There are many of those these days, many forum posts, videos on youtube from various streamers and so on. Yet WG chooses on current test round to do ui interface stuff, a new dockyard event with a ship that has been nerfed and that i so far has heard no one advice to even go after. In any game you will more than likely always have players with money who can go through tiers faster than others, cause they can buy camo, signals, credits, doubloons and premium ships as in this game. Its just a reality we have to live with in any game. I more wonder why it seems when so many voices share concerns about many other things in game, WG seems to ignore it and work on other less relevant game stuff.
  2. Dark_Knight08

    PT 0.9.5 - General Feedback

    The whole change to the combat mission page, is another it was not broken you dont have to fix it...but yet WG messed with it. It was simple and easy, and now more confusing...WG dont change things that dont need fixing. There are other more important things to change. The new look i hope will not make it to main.
  3. Dark_Knight08

    Map border exploit probable fix

    In the current game play i experience, i dont think thats a bad idea. I would though just have someone timed out for a short while, cause kicked from the battle could hurt the team more. Maybe do the same border mechanics as in world of warplanes. If a plane goes to the border, it gets turned away from the border and back towards the center by the game, and you get a message saying you are leaving the battlefield.
  4. Dark_Knight08

    Overpen mechanic getting out of hand!

    There has been a bit about overpens, not only here on forum but also form various vids on youtube and so on. I have experienced it more as well, but i guess its more due to the thin armor of many of the ships i meet. But i do think there could be some more consistency. I deleted a smolensk from 19.4 km in a kurfurst the other day, so it is possible...how ever it does seem more and more rare, that a broadside ship gets severe damage being broadside to a BB and some cruisers as well. In other games i can have a cruiser at a few km from me broadside, and barely do any damage to it. Seems often more luck than not kind of thing. Maybe dispersion would be a thing to look at, to make things more consistent.
  5. Dark_Knight08

    Built-in manual secondaries for BBs

    I dont think all battleships should have manual secondaries. I am a BB main and i like having the option to choose which ship i do a secondary build on. I do think that many BB ships should have a buff in the range, since some of them are extremely poor and more or less useless..I do think other things could be done to prevent the static game play that i also see, but thats another topic i guess....But i do hope that WG eventually (more than likely never) will have an honest look at the game play in its current state, and rework not only BBs but all ships to a better balance.
  6. Dark_Knight08

    Am I calculating service costs correctly?

    I dont know about the math behind service costs, but you are not only one to experience a loss if playing co op without any flags. I took tier 10 Montana out in a co op just for the fun of it, did pretty good but service cost well over 200k. In that battle i lost almost 100k in credits. I think in general the service costs for some ships are way to high, and makes it not worth using them.
  7. Dark_Knight08

    Proposal: punishment for low-performers

    Why some do what they do in battle will always be a mystery. But the community ingame and communication during battle could be a lot better, especially on the eu server. That would more than likely help a great deal, but with always a few on a team that believe they have the only solution and often not the same one, and then start arguing about it, makes it impossible. You can also find yourself in a situation where you and 1 or 2 more hold up a flank, making sure enemy team cant push through it, and in that not score same xp and so on as some on the other flank that may kill more ships...just as an example. In that case you did what you are supposed to do, but did not score as high...how would a system figure that out fairly. It is simply not possible to have a system that makes everyone happy. And every game no matter what it is, will always have good and bad players, so we just have to live with it...
  8. Dark_Knight08

    Cursed Ships and Cursed Days

    i think everyone has good and bad days in any game....ship wise for me it is montana and kurfurst that switches between good and really crap battles. But as long as you can still have fun in them or with other ships, its all good...
  9. Dark_Knight08

    Proposal: punishment for low-performers

    Punish low performing players....really...??? How about this instead. I am an average player and doubt that will change but im ok with that for now. 1 of the reasons for this is that this game for me personally has shown the worst playerbase i have ever experienced in any game. Everyone seems to be an expert and have the only solution on how a battle should be played. And instead of helping, giving advice and so on, i have gotten people who even for hours after a battle is done, feel they have a need for writing me calling me everything bad they can think of. How about just helping players out...? There is so much negativity in this game that i stopped caring about it, and just play from time to time when i feel for it.. Im not saying there are no good and nice players in this game, but personally i have not met any of those on the EU server anyways where i play. If you really want to improve the game, help the ones that are not good at it yet, make them better and stronger in battle, and the general level of play will increase. There will always be good, average and bad players in any game, and you can be the best player in the world, but end on some teams that throw the battle, should you then be punished as well...really?
  10. Dark_Knight08

    What is the point?

    The karma is best to be ignored. It gets abused and rarely used for the good intention behind it. This can be seen in just some of the comments here..Dont worry about them, just pretend they dont exist. You dont gain or loose anything from them, so that alone makes them useless...
  11. Dark_Knight08

    Tanking isn't worth it

    we agree that if things are done at the right time tanking can work...but its a team effort that personally i find rare to see...but like you say the gameplay is flawed, and that has really been my only point to make...as i experience it in game, it is not worth it cause no one backs it up even when opportunity is there for it...not sure what wg can do to fix the flaws in the game as it is atm, but there are some interesting posts about that here in forum so keeping an eye on those as well...for now personally i stay away from high tier games, hoping that things will change soon..
  12. Dark_Knight08

    Tanking isn't worth it

    True but at DD cant and should not have to do it all...they already have many expectations and things to do in a battle, and i see a lot of DDs in battles complaining about lack of support. A battle should be a team effort and not a few carrying the team.
  13. Dark_Knight08

    Tanking isn't worth it

    There is a time for every action, any game is based on strategy. However resorting to stat numbers says nothing about the gameplay if you do not think about how those numbers are achieved. Therefor i dont value your opinion much either. The post is not about how different ship types do in battle on how much damage they do. Its about a specific thing in a battle... tanking. Therefor it is gameplay you have to look at, and why tanking does not happen much anymore. No one in a high tier battle has any reason to move forward, when you can farm damage, hide behind islands and spam and so on. This leaving DDs with a much harder game as well. It is rare these days to see BBs put that healtpool and midrange firepower to good use. You will often find crap dispersion BBs in the back firing away, but doing very little. Again its the gameplay and how ships are used, that makes tanking these days a bad choice. I am not saying that all should tank from the start of a game, but there are times where it could turn the battle...yet you also see even if you outnumber a team at a cap point, that people still dont move forward, and if a BB does, cruisers and so on dont follow. Its a very stale and not dynamic gameplay sadly...you will see many posts about this in the forum
  14. Dark_Knight08

    0.9.3 - Ranked Sprint

    12 vs 12 bad idea...just messed up random game play and the buffs make it worse...please dont continue this. Stop and go back to what worked and dont fix what was not broken.
  15. Dark_Knight08

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    Wows is still the best game for naval warfare i think, but it has many issues that seems to get worse. High tier gameplay is ruined cause no one can play the ship types to what they are capable of. Its more damage farming, run, hide and seek than a dynamic battle game. Submarines if they ever hit co op and random battles in main game, then that will be the final straw for me personally. They are no where near balanced and they leave certain ship types with no way of fighting against them....that alone makes no sense. But biggest reason is that Wows dont seem to listen much to community anymore, and instead of focusing on the actual gameplay, they just pump new ships in to the game. Fix the gameplay first, find ways to support teamwork and not individual performances, and then focus on new ships after that. The game still has potential to be a great game, Wows just gotta stop, think and work on gameplay before anything else.