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  1. Angelsfirecracker

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I dude called ronin +31614523684 ingame send me this becouse girls cant play wows
  2. Angelsfirecracker

    PT 0.9.9 - General Feedback

    same here i tried to connect but it gives me an connection error
  3. Angelsfirecracker

    Looking for a clan

    I am looking for an active clan to also play clan battles with I am from the netherlands European server 1400+battles 50%win/los rate T10 american ships t8 japanese T9 german Play almost every day And i have discord
  4. Angelsfirecracker

    Dutch player looking for a clan

    I am looking for an clan who actively playing clan battles and ranked battles I play every day have a few t10 ships I am dutch
  5. Angelsfirecracker

    [RFTN] Rangers From The North (Danish Clan Seeking gamers)

    I am seeking for a new clan and i wondered are you guys actively playing clan battles
  6. Angelsfirecracker

    Clan [ATEEZ] is looking for new members!

    Are you guys also actively playing clan battles
  7. Angelsfirecracker

    Halloween 2018

    how do you get the other subs i saw today a zipper sub and a gerfalcon does anyone knows something about that