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  1. excellent post above by xxxNihilanxxxx. but in short: good players, that are knowledgeable, will get way better ships (straight out overpowered). the gap to normal players, who just play a game or two once in a while, will become huge. so, WOWS will be a game only for the few elected unicorns. the rest will just abandon ship, cause there will be no fun so what's the point?
  2. dansorin2018

    T8 Massacre

    all ship classes in T8 get uptiered by T10. i'm sure this is how WG want's it, because after all they want to make money. you get uptiered so you grind the next tier, get again uptiered and so on. until you get to T10, where if you are not good enough, you loose credits. that is if you don't buy camo's and have a premium account. or buy premium ships. and that's what WG want you to do. nothing will be changed, or they will loose money in the end.
  3. dansorin2018

    0.8.5 - General feedback

    since this update i get screen flickers which are making the game unplayable. in the port or in battle the flicker is very bad. if i focus another program window, then i see the flicker stops ( i see WOWS in the background). as soon as i focus the WOWS window, the flickers starts again. unplayable! and yes, i had no problem until now.
  4. dansorin2018

    Ye quick beginners guide to World of Warships

    i've searched the controls menu, nothing there. thank you for the info.
  5. dansorin2018

    Ye quick beginners guide to World of Warships

    hello all, i couldn't find anywhere answers to following questions, maybe someone knows this: - how to show on screen the list with all the ships in the game (when you are in the game) - how to call a priority target on a ship thank you.
  6. dansorin2018

    Is WoWS becoming as Toxic as WoT?

    i see in chat on daily bases somone who just bashes the others. someone even wrote me in private that i'm an idiot. isn't there any way to hide the chat windows?
  7. dansorin2018

    Update 0.7.10 British Destroyers - Discussion Thread

    my thoughts exactly! i struggle in DD's (currently t4 and t7) to get XP to get the next tier DD. if i go closer everybody is all over me, i die in seconds. if i stay to far away i can't get any XP. on the other hand, when i play BB's, i stay relaxed at max range and i fire on whatever gets into my range. the results? i make 10 times (TEN times) more XP in a BB than in a DD. so, this game favours extremly the BB's, anybody saying otherwise must live in another game or planet.
  8. dansorin2018

    Can not move the minimap

    thank you, will look for this. i@m pretty sure there is some shortcut, in the video the minimap just rotated, whitout any on-screen seeting change.
  9. dansorin2018

    Can not move the minimap

    one thing i miss is rotating the minimap (90 degree increments), so your team is always on the bottom side of the map attacking in the upwards direction. i saw this in an video. does anyone know the settings/shortcuts?
  10. dansorin2018

    Move Captain to another ship

    hello, about point 2 above: does this mean that, if my captain has the concealment expert, moving him to the next tier ship (from DD tier 5 to DD tier 6) he will loose the "concealment expert" and all other optionals? or will he get all of these back after the retraining period?