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  1. optimal_909

    I need high tier BB advice.

    So let's take a step back because it was taken out of context. The base of the discussion was that BBs without screening ships do not have map control - i.e. if screening ships are misplayed, BBs have few tools to fix the situation, whereas DDs and most cruisers can much better operate on their own. Or another way to put it, it is much harder to operate a lone BB, because there will always be one ship that spots it and a few other that can fire at it from cover/smoke or stealth torp it.
  2. optimal_909

    I need high tier BB advice.

    Yamato is a lame duck without the legendary mod... good luck for the ranked. I bought a Smolensk for ranked, just because I want steel to get the Yashima. :)
  3. optimal_909

    I need high tier BB advice.

    1vs1 was a highly specific case when capturing and sitting in the cap was an option without the threat to counter many ships, and not even low concealment DDs were able to operate properly given the small map size. BBs have great firepower, but little map control. It is just so easy to spam torps and HE at them, it is easy to foresee when and where they will pop up and slow turret reverse is just another thing that can be exploited so easily. At the endgame, once you have 3-4 DDs/Cruisers on one side and only BBs on the other, my money easily goes for the DDs and cruisers to win - especially at high tier.
  4. optimal_909

    I need high tier BB advice.

    This is an issue that was debated many times, and I stand with the camp that a BB alone is the least viable class, simply because of their speed, size and concealment. On top of it, BBs overwhelming damage alpha is being run on WG's magic RNG casino that can mean useless overpens, ricochets or outright splashes around your target in a consecutive manner. I consider myself a BB main, but especially high tier, I begun to prefer playing cruisers and destroyers for the very reason you are describing. Also, Izumo is as far away from the 'mobile' gameplay DDs and most cruisers need as it gets, and perhaps you're less good at choosing spots to park your artillery platform. Try BBs that are better in what you prefer, to me the French BBs are shaping up to be good in this respect (also Georgia, Amagi and Gneisenau). I Hell, I even do flank with my secondary build Yamato most of the time, which results in either a very weak match or a very good one with little middle ground. You may want to consider skills like fast rudder shift and RPF as you are probably very good in anticipating a DD's next move. I know it's unorthodox, but I dislike tank builds with a passion.
  5. optimal_909

    AFK players (result of "stuck in loading" bug)

    My favorite AFK players that are firing at me as I honk them passing by, then remain on the spot for couple of more minutes - or like today, the whole match.
  6. optimal_909

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    Let me open the weekend. The Vanguard spawned at my flank.
  7. optimal_909

    AFK people in start of a match

    It depends, if you risk engagement with another DD, it goes a long way to have supporting fire by your teammates. Otherwise yes, I agree, I tend to play more and more DDs just because aside of CVs, it is the most influential class in the game. With a semi-decent team, often just spotting and by 'presence' map control is enough to win a match.
  8. optimal_909

    AFK people in start of a match

    The way I'm checking the AFKers is whether their rear turrets move. If they do, they're logged on to the match, and usually that's the case too. I am usually honking them as I pass by - many times it makes them moving, but once someone had the nerve to honk back and stay in place for another minute or so. Also, for some reason it is mostly DDs who stay in place... so yeah, I think most of the time this is done on purpose.
  9. optimal_909

    Uncommon builds/ships you like

    Yeah, I also like the PEF in scenarios, and 7km is actually very good on smaller maps. Heck, I even have a Mikasa with 3.8km secondaries that feel like a lot on low-tier maps. :)
  10. optimal_909

    Uncommon builds/ships you like

    What is the secondary range? :)
  11. optimal_909

    Uncommon builds/ships you like

    I went for the US CL line, but I also chose the extended range despite trying my best to occupy an efficient radar spot on the map. Well, yeah, total heresy but on almost all ships I'm taking fast rudder shift (all BBs in fact) as I tend to move a lot. The only exception is the propulsion mod for some island-edge poking cruisers and in general DDs that have already very fast rudder.
  12. optimal_909

    Uncommon builds/ships you like

    I am interested to have opinions on ships/builds that are in your opinion are overlooked despite being enjoyable - or on alternative playstyle for ships that are known for very specific role. Now I highlighted enjoyable as I'm not interested in the meta and min-maxing. I don't like blatantly OP or jack of all trades ships - therefore I'm not interested in most Ruski BBs, or ships like Des Moines. I am interested in things that are uncommon, but enjoyable for you. A ship or build that on paper is inefficient, but fits your playstyle. Also, isn't it fun to surprise the opponents with doing something unexpected? For example, I'm running a secondary build Nagato and Yamato, it is entertaining and helps a lot in late matches (My Yamato damage record is 244k, and of that about 40k came from secondaries/fires), and I love the Huanghe just because it is a de-facto DD that occupies a cruiser slot. For some reason, I also like Prinz Eitel Friedrich, to me it is a good battlecruiser with decent AA, secondaries, agility.
  13. Got the Hawkins, tried it 5 times, lost 5 times. Not much fun to play it.
  14. optimal_909

    enough of the new ships.. how about some more maps?

    They had plans for a map with a destructible ice wall - I guess it's still on 'ice'.
  15. optimal_909

    Georgia or Jean Bart?

    Hmmm, I will consider it afterall - I love to move around in BBs, even my Yamato is a secondary build. Again, of the current offerings none feels like a must-have, but plenty as nice-to-haves. Smolensk and JB as leavers do appeal, Marceau because I feel like a challenge that rewards. But as BB main Thunderer certainly appeals too - not sure how well it does in CBs though. Georgia is truly a troll ship - in all senses. First it trolled me with insane misses before installing the slot 3 aiming systems mod on the top of the artillery plotting room mod I installed initially - that extra 7% magically transformed the guns. Otherwise it can still troll enemy teams with its speed, especially as many players avoid doing bold moves with it, so the surprise element remains there - especially in crossfire with those fat guns. A soft target, but at speed it can almost kite (I have fast rudder shift) and it is possible to mitigate damage. It is, however, far weaker in bow tanking and in ranked battles I felt it is definitely weaker contesting caps than JB.