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  1. optimal_909

    Bluepill me about the Bismarck

    I can only compare the Bismarck to Gneisenau, but I feel it is much-much stronger ship. It feels comfortable even at close ranges - even though there are no torps, the main guns are so powerful it makes up for it. As mentioned above, Bismarck's performance depends on the matchmaking, and the maps. If you are on the open ocean map and up against T10 ships, well, you can't do much. If you are top tier, the Bismarck shreds through everything, I am usually sailing straight into the cap and destroy whatever moves. The only occasion it can be very useful against T10 ships is hunting down large cruisers on rugged maps - apart of the hydro and still respectable armament against cruisers, the biggest strength against T10 cruisers that they underestimate the Bismarck too, which is a mistake. :)
  2. optimal_909

    Yamato - Tactics Plagued with Low Damage per Hit

    Thanks, I will try this! Bismarcks are usually minced meat for these guns - I am struggling more against T10 BBs and all sorts of cruisers.
  3. optimal_909

    Yamato - Tactics Plagued with Low Damage per Hit

    Let me continue then. Yesterday, three matches with New York: 1. 100k damage (lost) 2. 42k damage (lost) 3. 80k damage (won) Another one with Hunaghe: 70k damage (won), Bismark 70k damage (won) Then a match with Yamato: 60k damage (won), from 30 hits! Sure, I perished relatively early as last ship of an overwhelmed flank, but again the damage/hit was just miserable. I just don't get it.
  4. optimal_909

    Yamato - Tactics Plagued with Low Damage per Hit

    I am trying hard not to overextend, I am usually trying to get close and actively sail up with cruisers - to the extent that mid-game I'm often attempting to cap if necessary. 15 km sounds about right - but isn't it roughly 8-10 secs of shell flight time? BTW, let me put my problem into another perspective: Damage record: König 160k, Yamato 167k Avg damage: König 45k, Yamato 77k Hit rate: König 31%, Yamato 29% While I certainly need to work on the hit rate, my primary issue is overpens, and even bouncing. I just don't feel the 460mm 'magic'.
  5. optimal_909

    Yamato - Tactics Plagued with Low Damage per Hit

    Thanks for your answer. You are certainly right that this is not the most efficient way to play this ship, however, I feel like with careful positioning it can work, especially the opponents do not expect the Yamato showing up at angles or positions I do, the element of surprise is great. Afterall, I want to have fun with this ship. At the end my main issue is not surviving, rather not having decent damage/hit ratio and a gut feeling on how to choose and aim at T10 cruisers that are 8+ secs away, as they have the ability to easily change course and avoid my shells. Anyway, I'll do my homework on other T10 BBs armor scheme to get better results, and I am making good progress to get the legendary module that will hopefully tighten up my long range salvos too. If that makes a big difference, I will consider rebuilding the ship as the meta suggests.
  6. I am absolutely a BB main and I really love the IJN battleships, However, my stats at Izumo starts to tail-off and it is definitely weak with the Yamato. I'll try not to be too long, but on one hand I'm curious whether any of you play this ship in a similar way and perhaps you can give tips on how to improve my damage per hit which is low. Now putting things straight, lately I'm not playing the Izumo much, but actually by time I got better and I found it a surprisingly good ship to decimate cruisers in T9 ranked thanks to its high muzzle velocity and proximity of its turrets. And yes, I have learned the bow-on tank and carefully edge ahead playstyle. I actually love more to be active on the field, I prefer to move around, which actually works pretty well with Nagato and Amagi. I realize this is not the ideal playstyle with the Yamato due to its vulnerable citadel, its size/speed and awkward dispersion at brawling range, but it is still much better suited for that than the Izumo and more often than not it works as I can pull unexpected moves with it. So no, I won't consider a bow-on-damage-control-sniper setup. To support this approach, I combined fast rudder shift, superintendent, concealment expert and system module, finally manual secondaries. In slot 3 I have secondary battery mod instead of aiming system mod - I would hesitate to remove secondary battery mods in favour of better main battery dispersion as I found greater secondary range very useful against stalking DDs. I am usually carrying fighters instead of spotters that at least can repel T8 bombers. Also, another reason for this playstyle is no matter how well I aim, it is very difficult to score damage long range because: - Cruisers tend to be very agile, and can do evasive moves. In fact, long range I like to aim at cruisers that have committed to a sharp turn because their expected position is more predictable (or when I can position the ship in a way so that they don't /expectrecognize the incoming salvo) - T10 BBs (especially the Republique) I find extremely difficult to citadel - with the exception of other Yamatos. I'm not sure how much of my skills/knowledge where to aim, but often I am actually having better damage output if I'm aiming AP shells at their bow-on superstructure mid-range than hiting their broadside at long range Yes, I do have 120k+ battles as much I do have 30k when I get overextended (which is easy with this ship/playstyle), but I hate the most when I do a medicore game with something like 75k damage through 30 main battery hits - which is very disappointing considering the 460mm hype. And it's downright frustrating when I cannot take out a cruiser at short range, yesterday this meant a Roon could turn around to release a second torp set in a cap because 12 shells were not enough to finish it by aiming waterline midships at point blank range. TL;DR: Suffering from low damage per hit output at all ranges, especially long and short. Any tips on aiming against other T10 BBs to score higher damage (for example, recommended range of engagement of other T10 BBs), or any aiming trick to mitigate the short range dispersion would be welcome.
  7. optimal_909

    Why do BB's instantly put out one fire?

    +1 If I am about to sail into an island cover and/or at about the drop off firing range of the enemy pkus and there are no DDs/Bombers nearby, I am putting out single fires. It is very rare that I run out of damage controls anyway.
  8. optimal_909

    Why WR and skill are generally correlated

    In case MM is independent of the given players's stats and/or other factors, the answer must be yes. Ever since I'm getting better, both as per PR/other stats and personal feeling, my WR got much worse, with an extended period of 10% lower than my long term average. Sometimes I do get the feeling that as if MM would expect me to carry - but in reality I'm not good enough to carry even though I did have some good matches. There are two ships that underline this oddity: - Recently strated USN BB line, and managed to crawl through S. Carolina at 25% win rate and 2623 PR - My struggle with Yamato: I have very bad stats, but oddly I'm winning games when I am playing badly, get sunk early on, otherwise I have an issue with low damage/hit output for which I blame RNG and my limited knowledge of enemy ships weak points (yesterday point blank range I only managed to sink a Roon after 2 full salvos of all 3 turrets + full manual secondary focus, allowing it to actually turn in front of me and release another set of torps)
  9. optimal_909

    My short guide to "how to play Yamato"

    I tend to move around in all ships, and while Izumo taught me the bow-on fortress gameplay, I am trying to be more active in the Yamato in a fast rudder shift/secondary/concealment build. I realize this might be not the most effective, but it can cause nasty surprises to the enemy team on occasion. My biggest issue is that damage output per hit is low, those 460mms don't feel "overwhelming". All other T10BBs are well armored, I feel the Republique simply laughs at my AP shells and sails easily broadside - in fact I feel more confident firing at bow-on/angled T10 BBs. T10 cruisers are so fast they change course and therefore difficult to hit, the exception is obviously when I'm not paid attention to, or when they are committed to a hard turn. In fact, I'm more reliably citadeling enemy ships in a Bismark on its tier, which tells something. At the end I finish loads of battles with 30-odd hits and 70-80k damage caused.
  10. optimal_909

    State of Bismarck in current meta

    Bismarck is a very good ship for its tier and below, but I feel it uptiers horribly - for the sole reason you need to move close to be effective. That's when accidents happen. :)
  11. optimal_909

    Vanguard. Tips and Hints-skills and modules

    Only have it since a few days and won 3 matches out of 5, the last time as no1 xp player as an almost sole T8 in a T10 match. I like to move actively on the map with all BBs including IJN, so I have to say I'm greatly enjoying the ships's agility to the point I am flashing/firing broadside only to angle away and dodge mid-long range salvos. Guns are accurate, this combination works great against engaging cruisers and destroyers. Also, having good concealment as standard helps a lot. On paper this ship loses out on a lot of things, in battle however, 'it just works'.
  12. optimal_909

    Anyone get any Ship Missions from Air Supply containers?

    I got lucky with this game. Started playing in September, and I have already got five ships from random containers, haven't paid* for any of these. I've got a Vanguard from an air supply container this weekend, and before that these ships: Anshan and Huanghe during the China New Year event, Perth from a random xp container And as a first an Icarus during the RN event (I sold it as a noob) And I'm playing all these ships regularly, I particularly like the Vanguard, what a pleasant surprise! *But I spent about $30 for dubloons (port slots) and a Mikasa - recognition for the devs for this excellent game. P.S. First post on these forums.