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  1. optimal_909

    Important message for the community

    I was referring to those who doesn't even give the benefit of doubt to WG and speak about them as they with every employee are rotten to the core. On one hand this abusive 'feedback' will just make things worse, on the other hand when someone feels there is no hope, then yes - there are plenty of other good games around.
  2. optimal_909

    Important message for the community

    I will never-ever understand the the likes of some commenters here who express utter contempt against WG yet still play their game and take the effort to complain on the forums. It must be a sad life. At least drama queen Flamu makes a decent living out of it.
  3. Yes, every day, over and over again, monetizing the heck out of it in the process. I wonder how if ever he will be able to get back to normal reviews - lack of spine will certainly help.
  4. He is the embodiment of the mainstream outrage society and everything what's wrong with it. I'd laugh so hard if WOWS were shut down and he had to go to look for a job. :)
  5. I still don't get how can anyone get so upset with a game dev to go into all sort of activism. If I hated it this much, I'd simply walk away from the game. Now we are into the 5th (?) day of continuous outrage, and the more time it goes on, the more ridiculous it gets. And I particularly think that all the ex-CCs who lead the charge with daily content about it and monetize the outrage to the max should grow a spine at last - but they won't, they will every happily continue to make a living of the game whose devs are worse than Taliban.
  6. I had on and offs, I love the game but sometimes fortune and misery feels too consistent to be random. I bit too much of the concept is influenced by random events, and I think WG pulls all levers to control the psychology of the player as much as any gambling company does. Having said that, in this day and age this game is still a complete package as F2P, so while I agree on some criticism, I just cannot get outraged on the odds of the lootboxes and feel sorry for those who get burnt - again, it is possible to get the content of the game without them or actually paying any money. To be honest, I think the extent some CCs are milking this outrage for views (I.e. $$$) is equally despicable. If I'd hate WG this much, I couldn't stomach playing their game.
  7. optimal_909

    Missouri event and economics

    Haha, Grind to Pay!
  8. I have spent about €60 in three years, which is considering the amount of fun (and rage) I've got from the game is not much, especially considering the live service nature of it. I agree, ship prices are ridiculous and to be honest, any adult that buys any loot box deserves to get burnt. I've had my ups and downs periodically, but it was always my experience and to be honest I'm not that deeply invested in this game in any way to be outraged.
  9. optimal_909

    Two fires from 52 Thunderer HE shell hits

    Coinflip or not, we all know what happens when you just barely limp away to concealment with 2k health and dmg con on cooldown, then the last blind fired salvo's shell skims your ships funnel... :)
  10. optimal_909

    Two fires from 52 Thunderer HE shell hits

    I did hit that, a DD and a Conqueror with HE shells plus perhaps something else. But it was hilarious to see a non-burning Yamato getting no fires after at least the first 3 salvos. If I calculated correctly, even with a fire prevention build I should have lit a fire with ever 4th shell at least. Sure, 1-2 salvos arrived when the mid section was on fire and perhaps most shells hit the centre, still it felt odd. Out of curiosity I played another match today and by coincidence I landed 52 HE again, and the result was 7 fires.
  11. optimal_909

    Brawls are fun

    At times fun, but "skill based" MM is a joke, and seriously, putting two brothers in there where the only winning move is to dash though the strait and see who has radar/hydro/luck is nonsense.
  12. Not playing this ship much recently, partly as lately it felt underwhelming compared to its former self both in dispersion and fire chance - even though I used a lot of AP recently. Yesterday I ran an experiment and fired almost exclusively HE, mostly at a Yamato, max three salvos were fired when the opponent ship was on fire. I get pretty wonky RNG from this game at times, but this feels like a new low compared to the otherwise "fire on every salvo" reputation - and when Flamu says "Johan de Mediocre" party because it lit roughly 17 fires after 170 hits. For the record, I'm not running any skill that reduces fire chance. So the question is: is it only me? Or a ship with fire prevention can be this fire resistant?
  13. optimal_909

    CV Teamkill

    The new patch can't come soon enough. I was broadsided by teammate Musashi in my Alaska for 40k, leaving me with 3k hp, and he even got the guts to rant on the chat. I sent the replay to WG because honestly this level of griefing is unacceptabble.
  14. optimal_909

    Public Test - Megathread for rewards & updates

    Never mind, just noticed the xp requirements