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  1. optimal_909

    WG - Something has to give....

    The worst part of it when your team is does a lemming to the islands behind the cap (i.e. not capping where they lemminged to), while the enemy is taking the other two. I decide to "YOLO" by going alone in a GK behind B to slow them down (predictably dead within minutes) as the match is clearly lost - then find out, after another match, that my team somehow won the game. The ability of a team to throw away a match is sometimes amazing.
  2. optimal_909

    Miss Perth - How to play.

    Not much to add to what has been written, great little ship, my record is 7 frags with her. :) One tip though: If there are too many ships around your smoke, you can bail by full steam retreat 20-30 secs of your smoke going out - most of the time the trailing smoke cloud keeps you covered from the back. If you'll be fortunate to get your hands on Huanghe too, give her a try, to me that works even better!
  3. optimal_909

    Amagi: early impressions

    I ranked out in the Amagi this sprint, she is as ever a magnificent ship. Guns hit hard and the ship's speed and agility is OK too. In some cases you can tank into risky situations by reversing the ship into caps/brawling range - you have 3x2 guns, very solid armor at the back, and if things get hot accelerating out of the situation is easy.
  4. Not that rare. Last two T10 matches it exactly happened to me. Actually the very last was South side of Shards, where I tried to cover te opposite side of B with my Yamato, angled and my side to the island. Almost everyone lemminged to A (South-West) to my dismay. When I lost the supporting cruiser, I bailed at full steam away... the enemy team, instead of fully securing their capped B, started to chase me (incl. the CV!) and it took them 5-7 minuts to sink me... by that time the lemming train made their way towards B and started crossfiring those who chased me - despite looking awful in the first 5 mins, we won the match. It wasn't a good match to play through, but it felt great that they took the bait.
  5. These big boats tend to draw lot of focus fire, but often it is a bad strategy - when that happens and you can mitigate the damage, hold out as long as you can, you may not end up at the top of the xp table, but it may ultimately a key role to win a match as it gives your teammates an opportunity to focus on key enemy ships and objectives.
  6. optimal_909

    tier 8 vs tier 10 &the new OP ships

    Yeah, I also run the Mogami with 155s and IFHE. :) Interesting with the Ibuki, I am playing her like the Mogami - rate of fire is not there, but the repair is quite useful as well as the extended firing range, which makes me very difficult to hit while I can still reach many targets. Good to know, and from the current coal ships, Yoshiono is definitely the most appealing. I already have the Georgia, my stomach cannot take the Smolensk... the rest of the ships are just boring.
  7. optimal_909

    Suggestions thread

    Given it is easy to accumulate coal, but there are limited amount of coal ships... why not rotate premium ships into coal offers for a limited amount of time? Let's say 3 ships with every patch, come and go? High tier matches are now saturated with Jean Barts and Smolensks - I guess because that's what you buy with coal.
  8. I am hoping for the Mutsu, or as a second choice Graf Spee. Commenting on those wishes for Perth: Huanghe is the better ship IMHO. :)
  9. optimal_909

    tier 8 vs tier 10 &the new OP ships

    A bit of an acquired taste, but getting late in the IJN cruiser line I've started to really enjoy them - I am at Ibuki and she is one of my current favorites. Is the Yoshino a similar playstyle on steorids? Or am I better off with the Zao?
  10. optimal_909

    German BBs - A tier by tier analysis

    Georgia works only if you can find a good flanking route as her side is just too soft and eats 20-30k salvos easily. Hell, even bow-on she eats lots of damage, this was her glaring weakness in the last ranked season. When flanking worked well, at best I took out 4 ships out of 7, when I got stuck in a bow-on engagement, especially in brawling distance, I had no chance against Jean Barts (especially when bow-on all four shells miss a JB mere 6-8 km away). Yes, guns are good when they behave (often not), and otherwise a solid ship, but let's see your stats once you have more battles with her.
  11. optimal_909

    German BBs - A tier by tier analysis

    I prefer similar builds, and congrats on your FdG stats! Especially late tier German BBs, I think the art is to keep the ship in good shape early match, be restrained, then start pushing when the teams are a bit more spread out. Late game, German BBs can do wonders.
  12. optimal_909

    ranked sprints

    Amagi works well in ranked, except that every Vladivostok and Bismarck player is harassing and reporting me for not going into the caps bow-on.
  13. This game rewards practice, so if you return to the game only to abandon it after a short while, it won't work no matter which line you play. I also started with the IJN BB line a year ago, and I found them very colorful (i.e. loads of different characters), all higher tier IJN ships play differently. And because of their good guns mediocre armor, you both learn to aim and position --> hopping into any other BB line is easy. If you do want to invest into the gameplay this time, I suggest to register for the PTS, there is is easy to try any ship you want to.
  14. optimal_909

    Experimenting with MM and lose streaks

    I think the key is in the consistency of good and bad runs, that's it feels likek it is tinkered with. That feeling, when in a session I am pretty sure what the outcome will be, and when starting the match, with 20 seconds it is obvious that the team will lose. Then I take a look at the stats of some players that confirm why the match went South. Or take BB dispersion consistency in a single battle. Sometimes either my salvos splash around the target or simply produce overpens, sometimes I get consecutive citadels, and most salvos result in a 5-figure damage.
  15. After my first anniversary in WOWs, I have: Paid: Mikasa Got for free: Perth Huanghe Anshan Aigle Prinz Eitel Friedrich (for playing on PTS) Vanguard Georgia (coal)