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  1. Hundigo

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    players plays indeed for fun in the first place. Second is to have a tier 10 ship of that country line. Your second argumentation doesn't go up because WG created already 2 different gamemodes for it; Clanbattle's and Ranked battle's. At some point the good players met the other good players in the game, ones they reached the top places. The average players get sick of all that whining about winrate and being potatoes and stuff like that. Because the result is ; they get insulted by every 'good player'/ self proclaimed good players' because these players are only in for the winrate number of their own account. The MM isn't a good mechanic at all for it, because tier 8 get teamed up against tier 9 and tier 10 ships. The best example I use for it are the Pan-Asian destroyer lines. Tier 8 = 8 km torps. Tier 9 = 10 km torps. Tier 10 = 13.5 km torps. As tier 8 you end up in a tier 10 match but doesn't has the equipment for it. Your torps lack of range to achieve it in comparising with that tier 10 that has 13.5 km torp range. It means you as tier 10 Pan- Asian player has the equipment to stay out of radar range and has a chance to harm that opponent witch has radar of 10km or even 12 km range. But as tier 8 you end up anyway in a tier 10 match. For WG it's a possibility to make money out of it, most players skipp tier 9 for example , because they use free XP for it or convert Elite XP to transfer it in free XP to be able to skip that tier 9 line. For the most average players; it's indeed for fun and they do it in their free time. For most of the players it's a 1 hour to 2 hours gameplay in the evening and even then most of that time is used to play different lines to see what suits them best. And the average players takes also everytime their captain they've used from tier 1 up to the next tier. But they get punished for it, because everytime they have to retrain him. So even with their captain, they lack the ability to the tier 10 player. And then you have the games of the CC communtiy players, free XP, free credits and free doubloons. Some of these CC community players play even 6 to 10 hours a day. Of course they show their best results and have matches over 200K damage and carried the game. What you actually compaire ? Players that play it everyday and get all the experience of that ship already because they've played already hundred of games with it on the testservers to players that get that ship for the first time in their hands and with no bonusses at all for it. They don't even have the shipupgrades for it, These first average players doesn't even have any shipupgrades for it because they need the first games to play with it. But they are insulted all the time that they are potato players ….. And if I come back to the 'fun' part of the game. For the most average player the fun was out of the game for more then 6 months with the CV rework. 3 classes where all punished by WG , just because WG wanted more CV players. They've upsetted 3 classes to benefit 1 class in the game. For most average player , it was a breaking point at that moment and also their trust was gone in WG . It was not the case of just that the CV's were OP, it took the whole gameplay away. DD's and concealment, gone by the CV rework. Cruisers that relay on 'kiting' to have decent games for example, punished by WG with the CV rework. BB's that 'tanked' punished by WG with the CV rework . For most players the fun was totally gone. With the CV rework patch 08.05 and the promise of the patches 08.06 and 08.07 WG was able to restore some trust in the game and the average player still wish to achieve that 'fun' part they had before the CV rework. Then you had the announcements that MM would finally be also reworked. So players trust WG again in the hope WG shall finally get it right for the average players that 'grinds' their ships . It's the long future that shall decide if it shall work … 2020 shall be the year of the result of it, then patches 08.06 and 08.07 shall be here and then the results, also for the MM fix shall be determined by the players experience. If it's still like we had in the past, then the players shall move on to other places. Because the WG would have used around 1 year of the meta server or the average players time to fix something WG created badly at the start . How long exists WoW's ? 3 - 4 years ? And WG needs 1/3 or 1/4 of that time to use their gameplayers to fix an issue that none of these players actually asked for with the CV rework.
  2. Hundigo

    CV Rework Discussion

    That 10.000 € WG announced with Pay Pall now, it's only for the European servers.... If WG shall not pay that to a player in cash, WG shall have again a lawsuit against them. And if the other servers doesn't has the same opportunity, then WG shall have again a lawsuit against them. So that advertising, cost WG minimum 40.000 €..... Please continue to spend money on the game, when what you've spend and the others, 1 player can receive the benefit from it ;) And then WG staff has also to be payed from it I was the one, that made it public about WG "discount" advertising, what in reality is an increase of 40% of the prices. I could proove that with 'doubloons' offer, what in reality afterwards was an increase of 12%. Because I've placed the printscreens about " shipload of credits', yes the endresult is an increase of 40%+ because WG couldn't change the prices anymore and it has to be the same as the annoucements of discount they made. So continue here about the CV rework and how it's a better gameplay for everyone of the game, no matter what ship you conduct
  3. Hundigo

    CV Rework Discussion

    You already have your proove you asked many times from other forumusers. WG is spending a lot on 'advertising' for the game now. They even trow a possible 10.000 € reward in on it. Many players already quited the game or stopped any spending on it like renew their premium account and stuff like that. And they even used the 'economic ' rule; double your prices and you can afford too loose the half of your payed customers. It's not that WG could afford the half of the payed customers . They raised their prices with 40% because of the losses they already have. WG can indeed state and declare that the CV rework shall stay and not be changed anymore. But you also give the answer in your previous line about it. "More nerfs directed at CV are about to come in form of increased AA effectiveness. " CV rework is a mistake and everybody knows it; But for WG all was fine. Now that they see the result on it in revenu and players activity , both in active playtime and the ships they play, WG is trying to stop the decrease of the numbers. Of course the CV rework shall stay, they've sold premium CV's for it with the announcements the CV's and CV rework where balanced. The players showed many times other results about it. But now WG has also to follow. YOu never find it strange that there's not any sign anymore from 'Sub_Octavian' ? That was the guy responsible for the CV rework. It failed and WG never show that developper anymore in their announcements. Vanished like the amount of players WG has And on top of it, WG shall have to deal with other stuff also just because of the CV rework, like for example's the 'hardcore' DD players. They all have almost quit the game because of the CV rework. I'm also one of them; you may Always check and follow how many time's I still play DD's ???? EDIT I: The game becaime so "ANNOYING" with the CV rework, that we as players are "NOT " intressed it anymore in it. Because the CV Always win, no matter what ship you play, no matter what your AA configuration is , 'Ship AA configuration ' and even 'captain skills configuration' you can't defend yourself against a CV attack. And WG proclaimed all the time that this is a huge succes for the game. Now they see in reality the result, they bounce back. But it's too late, they can never motivate any player about it anymore. It"s like the expression, "trust comes on foot and leaves by horseback"