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  1. if you have problems that European citizens use their legal rights, please post that than also on the forum openly instead of playing the annoying guy/girl 


    your message against reported :P

  2. Hundigo

    Carrier Career

    Free XP cost also real money to convert it. So it would be appreciated when you would inform the gamecommunity correctly about these stuffs. For the rest; WG took indeed the other or middle class in your case away, so you as tier 6 for example have to have more difficultous to go to tier 8 because you don't have the tier 7 anymore, what before existed. Sub_Octavian , employee of WG, and his spreadsheets tells, all is fine; you have "huge fun" as a tier 6 CV in a tier 8 AA match.
  3. Hundigo

    CV Rework Discussion

    Really ? My account is checked by the authorities to help to put WG on their place. Let me tell you this, I also have to Friesland now, because I was so sick and tired of all the time to be a DD player and blubbed out by the CV's, no matter what tier. But ones I have the Friesland, what is designed as a counter for the CV's, all heck , every game I play is almost without CV's in it :s To make it short, when I play tier 8 - 9 -10 you can say I have 80% if my games CV involved. But all of a sudden when I play the Friesland, it's not even 5% of my games CV's are involved. I have more then 12.000 games, the half of them are as a DD player. So you can say I know what I'm talking about when it comes to DD's and the problems they have in the game. My account is recorded by the Authorities , because I have several cases against WG. It was the authorities that could give me the exact numbers of my gameplay and not WG. So I proclaim now, that whole MM is just a piece of garbage. Just to lure more players. In 2020 we start a courtroom case about the whole issue what is implemented by Sub_Octavian, Chrysanthos and that other Community Manager guy, and not mented but also obligated, against every European CC community Contributor. I had als normall player to point out where WG default the European Customers protection laws, That ain't my job at all. It had to be done by Crysanthos and that other Community Manager guy and the CC's of WG. They never did. We don't take your fullish actions anymore.
  4. Hundigo

    YouTube, Licensing and Copyright Issues

    if You Tube has problems with content of WG it's because WG self complained about it in the past about it. It was for WG a tool to force the so called free 'contributors' to walk in the line of WG , and if they did not , WG self complained to You Tube about license and copywrights. But WG couldn't handle it and would have lost any lawsuite for it. So yes, now you happily announce it's all for free and no license required. Is it because you loose players that you desperate need all the 'free' advertising for your game ? Don't [edited]your game up and don't blame you self have nothing to do with it. Then you shall never have to come up with such a message. You may be WG staff, I'm pretty sure, I can have you in courtroom in the year 2020, no matter how many times you claim you are only following the instructions from WG and as community manager have never any responsibility about breaking the European customers protection laws. It's your job to inform WG about the European regulations and as Community Manager to make sure that none of the violiances made by WG can pass it true the European Servers . If you don't understand it ? WG self proclaim that they hired you for that purpose also. We already know what the defence of WG is, YOU ARE HIRED FOR IT by WG also for that Mr Conway . And if I may use the words of one of your favorite CC 'Mighty Jingles' "YOU WAS SO STUPID TO NOT UNDERSTAND IT" (I'm refering previous tekst like Migthy Jingles use is allowed to use by WG and by the European community managers about their users/gamers of the WG game. He (Migthy Jingles has freedom of speech and may use that to insult the playerbase by WG ? Then I may use also the same tactics to the Community Managers of the European servers. ) My endyear advice to you, contact a lawyer , he / she shall indeed inform you that customers are correct and even have the possibility to have you in courtroom about it , seen the civilization rights they as customers and even as free to play users have of this game. And don't worry, HQ of WG shall also receive that information. :) I'm not scarred of you, even you self personally violated several customers rights againt the players/ users and forumusers. Have nice holidays and enjoy them, 2020 may be a year for you to spent in coutrooms :) I was the one that claimed on this forum and prooved it also that WG was violating European Customers Laws. That was 6 months ago or even more. I was the only one, and it was there for several weeks already. None of the Community Managers like Mr Conway or Chrysanthos acted on it because it was the same on the game for even days. Till WG HQ get informed that WG has changed it. None of the payed Community managers by WG did complain about it, neither none of the CC's had informed the gamecommunity about neither they self never contacted the authorities, either WG or their own countryauthorities or the European authorities about it. The only thing WG and the community managers did was to ban me :) That would solve the issue they thought . Well community managers, it isn't solved at all, and I also I'm the one to have you also in courtroom for it. You know this Community Manager ? Please read our forum rules to avoid violations in the future. As a result of your rule violation you have received a 14 days ban from the forum and 1 warning point. Please be advised that repeated rule violations will not be tolerated and may result in more severe sanctions. Kind Regards The Moderation Team But it doesn't mean I may not defend myself and have that stuff going in a courtroom So to repeat it, you may have rules, but they may never violated any customers protection law rules or any citizens rules where you launch this game ;) And if you punish players/users to refer to their human and citizens and customers rights ? you are violating also the european rules of it then . So ban the forumusers /users /players = to deny they have any rights at al ;)
  5. Hundigo

    Checklist : what WG must fix in wows asap?

    You have to contact your local gouvernement for that and not WG or this forum. In my country (Belgium) these 'lootboxes' are not allowed, because it's indeed seen as 'gambling'. And it's WG that has to prevent any citizen of Belgium to be able to buy them. So we see the lootboxes and crates but when you press on it to buy it, then you get a message the link isn't working. Chrysantos and that other community guy shall never report your request to WG, don't be so naive. They shall reed it and laugh with it. But if you sent them a message, that you have contacted your local gouvernement about it, then they shall pass it to the HQ of WG. Because that hurts them when there would be more country's in Europe (for example) that doesn't allowe the lootboxes anymore . Contact your local gouvernement about it and send a proof of it to Chrysanthos and that other community guy, and the whole HQ of WG is in chaos, because they can't handle it and have not any answer for it to prevent that also in your country the lootboxes of WG shall never be allowed anymore And second; don't count on CC to ventilate your remarks for it, because the CC's profit self from it. They buy themselves and rearrange them as 'giveaways' to their subcribers. CC's of wargaming are not representatifs from the gamecommunity. The CC's use the same tactics as WG for their own benefit ;) And they need you also for it as 'subscriber' on their channel. Of course it's free ;) (for you) Untill they have to show (transparancy) on how much they gain from it, from your so 'free' subscribe' on their channels ;)
  6. Hundigo

    server interruptions, 19h

    what do you mean with VPN proof ? I can give any proof you wish I have already a long time issue with WG and that WG is not respecting the european customers protection rules also. WG was verry rude to me in the past for it. But now we also found another route We can someone court calls also and that are the CC's or the community contributors from WG. They are never here when such things like now appear and they never mention anything about in their gamereview. So are conclusion is, they are working for WG and not for the gamecommunity :P
  7. Hundigo

    server interruptions, 19h

    WG shall never do that mate. They still live like it's a communist regime. It's only next year they shall ask themselves any questions, when most of the current players doesn't renew their Premium account and if that means they can't play the game anymore, …. then all of a sudden WG shall wake up... When it's too late. ;)
  8. Hundigo

    server interruptions, 19h

    I live in Belgium, I can't even buy any crates, because in my country , these crates are seen as 'gambling'. WG tried to deny it, but heck, many forumposts appeared also where players/buyers complained about the bad results from these crates… So I'm thankfull, that my gouvernement never allows any of these crates to buy by our citizens. ;) So all so your so called "potatoe whales' have even something bigger in mind :P You know your favorites CC You Tuber for WG ? Did you ever asked him/her about visits from the TVA administration ? In the near future you shall to ask them, thanks to WG. We've found another way ;) You thought to ban me without any reason you would be free from all charges WG ? I can tell you WG, you are not.
  9. Hundigo

    server interruptions, 19h

    the game seems to be fixed, but have you've seen what you miss now ? You've lost your clanchannel …. :( well forget it, it still doesn't work, we gonna have to wait till tomorrow. for the update 08.1.1 but please keep all the members of your clan to the game. ….
  10. Hundigo

    server interruptions, 19h

    the game seems to be fixed, but have you've seen what you miss now ? You've lost your clanchannel …. :(
  11. Hundigo

    Disconnecting after game finishes

    everybody is wasting theire time. The fix only gonna be tomorrow with the 8.11 point 1 :) And players / users shall again have to spent hours before the update is finished before they ever could be in the game. It's not "AFTER every battle" it's simply AFTER A AMOUNT OF TIME …. It's just that you are Lucky if you are in a battle, then the game allows you to finish that battle. WG never heard of 'testing ' annything. But at the other hand, more players like the time issue when the problems occured . It's for most of the players also the time to renew theire premium account, seen the previous year discount for one year of premium. For more players it was already an issue after they launched the CV upgrade right after it last year, now they have the second proof to not spend any real money seen the login problems they have. Most understand that this evening you shall not be able to enter / play this game anymore. YOu have to wait till tomorrow and hope that the update 8.11.1 shall fix it.
  12. Hundigo

    Disconnecting after game finishes

    same issue. We have to take all the time for the PRE - updates. Then we have to take time for the update self and when it's finally done, it doesn't work and the players again has to fix it for WG. That are each time 2 days that players loose when they wish to play WG but have to accept an update from WG. But we have to keep the players (members of the clan) motivate to continue this game :( server is indeed down for a lot of players, and that already for the time they had to spent to receive update 8.11 but don't worry, tomorrow again a new update ;)
  13. Hundigo

    CV Rework Discussion

    1) Zuiho pre 08.00. I tell you a little life story. When the movie 'Jurasic Parc ' came out, my grandparents proclaimed that all these pre history beasts shown in the film didn't exist in their time at all … ;) It was the first time they self heard about it :) In other words and translated to this game, you talk really pre history with your comparising about your results with the Zuiho…. Ages went by already ….. 2) I self doubt that you would have gained Karma when you was in battle with your Gearing. You told the team that no matter what they where thinking to achieve , it wouldn't work at all. I played half of my totall battle's with DD, I know verry well when your Karma increase or decrease when you play a DD and confront your teammates with their gameplay. I self was also in that battle, as a Tier 8 DD and totally at the other side of the map. Spawn result by MM ;) And to be clear, I never have given you a 'negative' karma because you was totally right in that game
  14. Hundigo

    CV Rework Discussion

    2 questions ; 1) before CV Rework 08.00 ? 2) before CV Rework 08.05 ? If the second question is anwered 'positive' then indeed "nerf" is legal even at 08.06 and 08.07 also Even to patch 35.79 would be faire seen your results How dare you to destroy 8 other players in the game …. You never thought that these persons just play a game and are not in to meet a "professional" CV player …… Ttttttttt , no wonder your 'karma' is decreasing ' everytime you play a game ….. ( even you played a Gearing and was wondering if the teammates expected miracles from you ;))
  15. Hundigo

    CV Rework Discussion

    This describes verry good how the game community experience the CV rework