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  1. ZekerNietFinlayDaG33k

    Teammates deliberately running into your torpedo's

    What are your fish doing up your teammates rear anyways? When you launch fish, it's your responsibility to make sure you don't run the risk of anybody but those with a red icon above them run into it. In every match, in every situation, always keep in mind that whomever you play with is just a goofball that doesn't know how to play...
  2. ZekerNietFinlayDaG33k

    Stop scamming me for 4 doubloons

    Well, that's your own fault now isn't it?
  3. ZekerNietFinlayDaG33k

    Ranked games imbalance - WOWS is corrupted

    In all honesty... if you think WoWs is corrupted, why bother making a post instead of just quitting the game? I mean, if you don't enjoy it, why bother with the game?
  4. ZekerNietFinlayDaG33k

    Penalty for Ships dying in the first 2-3 minutes

    Then imagine playing a CV vs a CV + Musashi/Yamato division... bonus points if it's Yuro, you'll get blapped. Enjoy the penalty?
  5. ZekerNietFinlayDaG33k

    Relatively new player looking for clan

    Thanks, I have accepted the invitation :) It's 23:05 here rn so I won't play rn but I have a free day tomorrow so plenty of time to play :p
  6. ZekerNietFinlayDaG33k

    Relatively new player looking for clan

    I'm currently awaiting the response of @anmargan to join his clan.
  7. ZekerNietFinlayDaG33k

    Relatively new player looking for clan

    Sounds nice, I'll send my request to join in a sec as well as my Discord IGN in a PM :) I still have to learn a lot (considering I'm still relatively new) but if I do something wrong, just feel free to give me some constructive feedback on it :)
  8. ZekerNietFinlayDaG33k

    Relatively new player looking for clan

    I noticed, I was right next to our Hindenburg when you got sunk :p If it wasn't for the Hindenburg going on the first line I would have taken Moskva into the locker as well (but the risk of torping hindy was too high so I couldn't do so). How often do you guys partake in Clan battles?
  9. ZekerNietFinlayDaG33k

    Relatively new player looking for clan

    We have apparently played against each other just now.
  10. ZekerNietFinlayDaG33k

    Relatively new player looking for clan

    Could you tell me some more about your clan? Eg. where are you from n stuff? Also, from the clan description in game, I see that I'd need to have a minimum of 1K games played, unfortunately, I do not have that yet.
  11. ZekerNietFinlayDaG33k

    Relatively new player looking for clan

    Hii there, I'm a relatively new player (started around August of 2018) from The Netherlands looking for a clan for clan battles. I'm a rather serious player that does like to make jokes n stuff still. I'm mostly an IJN DD player and I'm almost there on unlocking the Shimakaze (still need to farm some credits). My playstyle is mainly just trying to scout/spot torpedo from a distance and support my team (by means of smokescreens for example). I do fire my guns occasionally but not much (only as additional fire support but I try to avoid having a 1v1 with guns - a dead DD is a useless DD). For communication I have Discord but if mandatory, I can install TS3 as well. I'm mostly available in the evenings on Tuesday and Thursday but I'm also very often available on Wednesday (in the Afternoon till the evening) and Sunday (except during dinner time). If you have an interest in me or have any questions, then feel free to let me know :)