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  1. _Lupastro_

    CV torpedo planes are overpowered

    Someone has already said: Just dodge?
  2. Depends on. I don't particularly love her.
  3. Voted no. I already own Puerto Rico (mistake of youth :)) the compensation is tempting but I prefer to keep the doubloons. Considering also that actually playing does not amuse me and that I do just 2-3 games (defeat - defeat - defeat) I really don't want to grind anything.
  4. _Lupastro_

    Summer Days Event

    Some days ago I reinstalled one of my old fav games.. Baldur's Gate... Yeah! gimme that +3 torp.. ahem.. I mean longsword..
  5. _Lupastro_

    Summer Days Event

    Fill in the blank space
  6. Wut? Can't understand what you are talking about..
  7. nah, I've only played ONE division game in my entire WoWs career . Even less so in a clan, too many disappointments from previous experiences in other games with clans and alleged "friends" even in real life who broke off relationships for a game . But you can always try... on average I receive 4-5 invitations per week and I always don't know why...
  8. My actual game experience is: Load game Pick my ship (mostly cruisers) Game start 1st friendly DD run to cap---> blapped 2nd friendly DD rush CV--->blapped 1st BB changes side full broadsided---> Dev. Struck... 2nd BB camping --->sunk by sub. And so on.. morale gets lower and lower.. Shut down WoWs Load another game.
  9. _Lupastro_

    Update 0.11.5 - General feedback

    Totally agree
  10. _Lupastro_

    So...are we selling all the camos and flags now

    And this is SO STOOOOOPID. Bah... I really can't understand why they have to change something nobody asked for and make this change waaaaay more complicated Imo...but my name is Noobert so is just me
  11. Biggest problem in WoWs?... Mmmm let me think... Something like at game start and in chat you read: "(DDplayer) I'll support our CV" and he starts to sail around our CV?.. Something like this? Yes the OP is right. Too many players that don't know what to do / don't care.
  12. I got a picture of the crew drills with the new russian sub ...... Good dive capacity because stalinium is stronk Good conc. because reasons 10km hydro because bias...