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  1. jieyaw

    Which BB to go for?

    I'm a cruiser main. I love them and I have the Des Moines. I am grinding Cleveland and Nürnberg as well. However, I really want to get into a BB line. THere have been too many games where as a cruiser, all I can do is kite away and farm a little whilst my BBs are sniping from the back, ignoring the caps. I have amassed around 270k Free XP. I have grinded to the Lion and the Kongo, but I am fed up of the dispersion. I also have a Bismarck from a Cat crate a while ago, but I sold that immediately as I was short on credits. Which option is best for me? A) Free XP Seattle (horrible turret angles based on reviews) to get Worcester B) Free XP Lion (hate dispersion) to get Conqueror C) Start playing Bismarck and Free XP Friedrich der Große (horrible dispersion) to get Großer Kürfurst. If so, Secondary or tank build? D) Anything else you can think of Thanks in advance for replies.
  2. jieyaw

    I want a new cruiser line to try, any advice?

    Though the US heavy cruiser line does have some island camping, good Des Moines players will also push at the right times as well. Great AP angles, and you can take on any other T10 cruiser. The Legendary Module makes it so maneuverable as well. 10/10 would recommend, but does have a high(er) skill requirement.
  3. jieyaw

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I would love to participate! Thanks!
  4. jieyaw

    19 point commander query

    Hi all, I recently finished the grind for the Des Moines Legendary module and I am loving it. I also boosted up my John Doe commander to 19-points (my first 19-pointer) using Special Signals, free Premium Time and Elite Commander XP. I am currently grinding the US light cruiser line (T8) and German cruiser line (T6). Is it worth is for my to use Special Signals on normal Des Moines games (I don't have a lot) to get Elite Commander XP, or is it better to get XP on ships I'm grinding and maybe-less Commander XP? How do you guys use your 19-point commanders and Special Signals? Thanks in advance for the replies.
  5. jieyaw

    Alternative interface

    Since the last patch, I've been getting an issue with my 'turret angle until at crosshair' feature. It now only shows the gun number. I do have a crosshair mod, but that only affects the colour of the distance and shell travel time. I have it on full in the settings. When I press Alt, all I get is the AA percentages. Anyone else getting this problem?
  6. jieyaw

    Jingles voiceover

    Mine says Voiceover modification 1 and Voiceover modification 2. Which is it?
  7. jieyaw

    Border Kiting

    I know it is annoying, but you can either aim along the border line, (using torpedos if you have them), or spam F3 for others to shoot at, or pick another target. It's not fair to punish players who are at the border by accident, or even sometimes deliberately. E.g. you are a light cruiser and are now at the border after being chased by 3 bbs and 2 cruisers. Is it fair for that player to have to turn full broadside in front of them?
  8. jieyaw

    Jingles voiceover

    This may be in the wrong section, but I was wondering how to get Jingles as your main audio. Which setting is it? I have actually unlocked him through the mission. Thanks
  9. jieyaw

    what is happening to this game lately?

    Have you contacted WG player support and/or filed a ticket?
  10. Currently, Genova is very very bad. But... If you want a captain trainer, then maybe.
  11. jieyaw

    This might be a stupid question....

    If you entered a code or got the game though a special link, you may get it. If you signed up normally, you probably won't. Are there any premium ships in your account that you have already got that you haven't bought? Note: don't buy any premium ships at your point in the game.
  12. jieyaw

    Daring/Lightning build

    I'm going down the RN dds, and I'm currently at the Icarus. I need help with my captain build. I currently have a 11 point captain specced into PT, LS, SE and CE. I know I need IFHE for the Daring/Jutland due to the 113mm guns, to get sufficient penetration. My question is how do I spend my remaining 5 points for the Daring/Jutland? SI + AR, or BFT + AR, or RL + PM, or another combination? Or should I stop at the Lightning to avoid needing IFHE? Thanks!
  13. jieyaw

    Grozovoi or Daring

    I recently started the RN dd line, and I am now up to the Acasta. I also started playing the Ognevoi, from a previous grind. Which T10 should I grind first? I'm enjoying the manuevability of the Brits, but I'm further in the Russian line. From what I researched, the Daring contests caps then deals with the supporting ships, and the dd. I've heard the Grozovoi deals with the supporting ships first, due to poor concealment and bad handling. I've specced both into a gunboat build. 13 points on Ognevoi, and 11 points in Acasta.
  14. jieyaw

    Radius of Capture Circles

    Use the Alternative Battle Interface (pressing Alt) or having it on permanently in the settings (recommended) and zooming in to the edge of the cap circle with your guns will let you know the distance, or using your detection circle on the minimap can also help.
  15. jieyaw

    Next cruiser line to pick

    US Heavy cruisers: Des Moines is a beast if played correctly. Those 203mm guns with US Heavy AP reloads at 5.5s base. Plus the legendary module make it one of the most agile cruisers in the game. Long duration 10km radar and AP that can citadel cruisers at max range with improved pen angles. However, the island hugging playstyle may not fit your typical "French sail around dodging shells using speed and rudder". Cannot tank more than 380mm shells, and has a large citadel. Pensacola and New Orleans a bit of a struggle. US Light cruisers: Only up to Cleveland, though would say more challenging than the Heavy line. Very map reliant, but once in a spot, the DPM is almost disgusting. Shells take a very long time to land, but you will get used to this over time. Excellent kiting abilities, though little armour. Myriad of consumables to assist your team, and excellent AA. Once again, this may not fit your playstyle. RN cruisers: I can't comment on these as I haven't gone to a mid-tier one yet. I don't like their lack of HE. Overall, if you haven't already, go up to the Omaha for the US. Then imagine a slightly tougher ship that deals lots of DPM, hugging an island with its bow facing the enemy. That's the Des Moines and the Heavy cruisers. Or imagine an Omaha that fires even more HE on every single ship in the game, starting fires whilst being unable to be detected. That the Wooster.