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    Bed 3, Hut 5, Re-education Camp 11, SIberia, C/O WG
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    It was playing WOW until the accountants, spreadshite guru's, muppets and imbeciles took control.

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  1. Paranoid_Potato

    YES i said it!

    OP comments should worry our beloved devs, if they can find a member between them ?
  2. Paranoid_Potato

    Is it time to nerf radar?

    No just fix it with hydro and AA so it can't go through solid objects, surely our masterful devs and coding bots can fix it, more chance of getting a CV19 cure !!
  3. Paranoid_Potato

    Welcome back NTC, you weren't missed

    WG greed knows no limits, just more grinds from a desperate 2nd rate gaming company, Vic and Vlad must be desperate for more cash. This is what WG want, players now based on tier system, those who are willing to pay to get a edge in combat and those who won't and will be at a disadvantage WG happy, whales need milking !!
  4. Paranoid_Potato

    Welcome to T10! Battle duration 5 minutes!!

    WG will do nothing, too busy enjoying the influx of cash form whales !!
  5. Paranoid_Potato

    A thought on carriers and subs

    CV have a place in the game, but only if damage and risk is balanced, at the moment its not, CVs do more damage without taking it unless caught out. People have to play hard to get citadels, CV oh lets just drop a bomb randomly and almost guaranteed one, or a major HE BBQ. Now as for subs, if what I saw during testing is still valid, another clusterf.. waiting to happen, especially with unrealistic homing torps dealing citadels with almost every shot. WG 2020 will make the great 2019 dumpster fire, look like a minor disruption.
  6. Paranoid_Potato


    Blaming ISPs or users router setups is a WG standard copy-n-paste BS support bot answer to everything, if people have issue, leave WOW and go on to enjoy an evening of online entertainment elsewhere I stand by my statement that its WG incompetence at fault !! Quick edit, before anybody says it's my ISP equipment, guess what I don't use it, I use high grade business quality equipment, properly configured with vlans, firewalls, multi-endpoints white/black lists and many other stuff I don't wait to get in to. Hell if WG paid me enough, I'd come and sort out their sh!te, NOT !!
  7. Paranoid_Potato


    No point complaining, each month same thing over and over, server borks, network pings or flatlines. Only obvious explanation, lack of investment in the network, servers or those looking after them can't do it properly. After 30 years working with networks and servers, for multi-billion pound multinationals and not a a two bit gaming company,, the amount of issues WG have, I start to think all 3 !!
  8. Paranoid_Potato

    Why aren't operations scaled to tier?

    would require coders who know what they are doing and based on past and current performance, that isn't likely in WOW !
  9. Paranoid_Potato

    Game play is broken for me

    @Inappropriate_noob according to wiki, maybe inaccurate now. Victor Kislyi (64%) Vladimir Kislyi (25.5%) Very interesting article regarding WOT, seems history repeating itself with WOW., time to start sacking people ??? https://www.polygon.com/2017/3/7/14834044/wargaming-ceo-interview-world-of-tanks
  10. Paranoid_Potato

    Explain to me how Sinop is considered OP?

    Sinop is probably one of the best balanced ships, even for a Russian. Yes she can hold her own against T8 BBs and even on occasion T9 BBs, at T7 she is a beast, but has her weaknesses, burns well, slow guns reload, turret traverse and don't think of giving a broadside shot to anything with decent AP.
  11. Paranoid_Potato

    Game play is broken for me

    This has been going on since last summer and WG doesn't give a crap who wins, losers, stomps or is squashed, if player retention hits rock bottom. They seem only concerned keeping RU happy and ensuring they meet their yearly profit targets to keep the two owners happy, keep their own jobs and whatever bonuses is rewarded, basically like any other company, except must companies understand they have to keep customers (us) happy and engaged, while WG just see us as a way to fleece money !!
  12. Paranoid_Potato

    When are the German Carriers coming?

    We all hate Coronavirus, just WG attitude to players is a close run 2nd, mods may not like it, WG staff may not like it, but it's the truth , so it may do us who just don't want CV's a little favour in delaying things !!
  13. Paranoid_Potato

    Getting overrun, or overrunning the other team....

    Enjoy the weekend, when the WG main clients turn up to hide behind islands, yolo, go as wide as possible on a two cap map, or just don't even get out of the spawn. Yes, we are talking about the weekend wallies, the skill level matches the shoe sizes and ages based on game play, but never the IQ. Perfect whales for WG to milk !! Now remember, you can't call them potatoes, ret**ds, mor**s or any other accurate description, as it upsets the snowflakes in chat, here and most definitely the support bots.
  14. Paranoid_Potato

    280 tokens for the Skane... 7 containers obtained...

    7 containers 140 tokens, another classic WG screw the players and rip them off, to ensure only a few get them free, the rest will have to pay up or grind.
  15. Paranoid_Potato

    When are the German Carriers coming?

    who cares I came here to shoot guns, not bomb ships with little or no risk and unearned rewards !!