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    Bed 3, Hut 5, Re-education Camp 11, SIberia, C/O WG
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    It was playing WOW until the accountants, spreadshite guru's, muppets and imbeciles took control.

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  1. Paranoid_Potato

    sub players, what is your experience like?

    If subs are to remain, they need to lose homing torps and do what other ships have to do, use the rough guide, aim and skill, speed needs reduced a sub cannot out run DD's, reloaded of torps to match dd's and detection when pinging/launching ( historically torp tracks can be seen once they leave tubes due to air/water effect) to be made clearer, as that is broken. WG have given far too many artificial advantages, due to them being unable to balance, another flusterfk introduced in to the game, half baked and unfinished, regardless of what the WG PR trolls onstream keep saying each week. Will WG do anything, nope, they are so desperate for money and can only blindly follow one path, they have no clue how to be an agile software developer, planning ahead for different possibilities, just slap on the next bandage and hope the game doesn't haemorrhage.
  2. Paranoid_Potato

    Ghost of two brothers

    That's Sub_Octavian spirit p!ssing himself laughing watching CVs, Subs and stomps
  3. Paranoid_Potato

    st lawrence on live server

    OP maybe, time left for nerfing, just a Nelson that's took too many steroids, yes HE is nasty 63% fire chance, armour Thunderer would detonate for, AA seems effective, 2ndaries meh, 32knots is quick for a fat boy and 4KM party pooper torps just for laughs and trolling. I did see one in a random match on enemy team, well for a few minutes until she became a coral reef !
  4. Paranoid_Potato

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Staying in the game to watch this stomp of 10 lemming muppets who go camping to A cap, can't blame the Annapolis for suiciding ! I gave up and just sailed off in to the sunset after trying to stop half the team coming down from C cap for a crossfire.
  5. Paranoid_Potato

    Is this the most shi...., bug ridden update ever?

    WG never ever release patches with bugs, they are all features to enhance the game, as we know, our DEVs are the best in the world and everything is QA tested, well when I say QA tested, that is by us on the live server !
  6. Paranoid_Potato

    No Hunt for Bismarck event?

    Going to be a long time for them to reply then !
  7. Paranoid_Potato

    Pretty sure I found a bug?

    Because WG DEV are one dimensional in logical and direction, which is of course make money for WG and don't worry about the bugs !
  8. Paranoid_Potato

    Is Slava worth 63.000 research points?

    Slava/Thunderer, depends if you like sitting at max range, sniping and not really getting involved in a game, Ohio, almost in same club but you can push forward and have bit of a gun fight.
  9. Paranoid_Potato

    Patch 11.4.... the age of ROFLSTOMP

    Stomps are no fun for either side, only for WG , last game I played last night before I gave up, half my team had less than 300 random matches at T8 with <35% WR and the lowest the enemy had was 3500 with 42% WR, WG balance in effect.
  10. Paranoid_Potato

    Tired of Weimar spam in Narai (can it be banned from it?)

    Flint my choice, just melts the BOTS.
  11. Paranoid_Potato

    Subs again, again (sorry)

    How stupid subs are, look a Mr Gibbins clip of how even with multiple airstrikes prior to his attack, 26 depth charges to kill a sub and this is balanced. Typical WG cockup !!
  12. Paranoid_Potato

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Lining yourself up nicely with plenty of time to avoid Shima torps, slow down so they pass by with plenty of space and then you watch one actually turn towards you as WG cheat code RNG decides you must take one or maybe just p!ss poor coding and broken servers not being able to keep accurate sync?
  13. Paranoid_Potato

    I found the cruiser mains hideout in this current meta.

    Best BOT match, killed them all in a Mino If your bored .. https://replayswows.com/replay/101869#stats
  14. Paranoid_Potato

    The next CB season is incomming !

    So what are you waiting for ? WG to actively listen to players, fix the long term bugs, balance the game and MM, operate in a genuine and honest manner, remove scam boxes and many more things that make them a despicable and untrustworthy company, until then CB, brawls and all the other crap they spew out can go poof !
  15. It's WG, doesn't matter what polls say, doesn't matter what spreadsh!te says, they don't listen and go ahead with whatever money making scam they can come up with. Perfect example is the latest nerfs and buffs, subs get another buff, sub detection paid lip service and Russians get improved tweaks, while other nations get nerf'd. WG Business as usual, deaf, dumb and blind !