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  1. Mr_Wolfclaw

    Map Rework

    Isn't it about time that WG look at he maps and sort out the bug that allows you to ground but won't let you reverse out of it and then your dead meat ! Seen it happen too many times and it shouldn't be happening now, this is just poor coding and design !
  2. Mr_Wolfclaw

    Roma's 18.1km Range: Is it really justified at tier 8?

    Roma range not the issue, not much less than a Mass, but the chance of actually doing damage due to her guns just overpenning all the time, only time they come in to there own is v a Yamato, very easy to cause greta damage and then you have the problem of the Yamatos guns ripping you a new one.
  3. and for those that speak English in the English part of the forum, Google translated ... The game is one of the most beautiful ever, but lately it has begun to suffer serious problems of marine logic: - what stealth ships do they fit? - in this last week I lose credits all the time instead of increasing them. Does it happen to you to The early morning of May 14 (from 03, approximately, time of Spain) the server kicked me out of the game, not allowing me to connect. I finished buying the Premium. I have been told that they are compensating for that failure with a couple of containers. I think I deserve compensation for the failure of the server beyond my control.
  4. Thanks for the compo WG just what I wanted, two containers of crap !
  5. Mr_Wolfclaw

    buff midways flooding chance and torp damage

    Nothing wrong with the Midway, that a salvo of torps frrom a Shim at 2KM wouldn't put right, if it could get close enough without being perma spotted from the first minute of the game and acoss the otherside of the map ;)
  6. Mr_Wolfclaw

    ST, Victory competition, new unique commander

    Uncle Puking Putin probably pulling the strings, needs us to surrender hard earned western currency to prop up his dogy criminal empire, sorry government !
  7. Mr_Wolfclaw

    Thoughts about the new RU BB's

    T5 just needs a bit of love with the HE damage and AA. T7/T8 meh ! Now for me the most fun Russia is T7 Lazo, yes a cruiser, great range and accurate, just needs hydro and a wee boost on the rudder shift.
  8. Mr_Wolfclaw

    Servers Unstable Today ?

    A day in the life of WG .. WG Developers - update time WG Player Support - oh god complaints WG Server Team - serers are fubar WG Bosses - as if we care
  9. Mr_Wolfclaw

    Servers Unstable Today ?

    isn't that a translation for WG statement of "working as intended"
  10. Mr_Wolfclaw

    Servers Unstable Today ?

    Looking forward to more crappy compensation for loss of premium day, maybe WG should invest in its servers and stop trying to milk their players !
  11. I switched vsync on in the game and has managed to stabilse FPS again to around 100 FPS, but occasionally get stutters.
  12. Well I now have FPS bug, even when I set the XML, it drops to as low as 70FPS, stutters. set it back to defaults and the FPS drops even lower. Obviously buggy update, cannot believe WG released this garbage, oh sorry yes I can. As for runng WG diags, shows nothing wrong with system, so bad coding can be the only culprit, as the old 32-bit client worked without a hitch ! Problem of getting WG to admit the issues is like getting Apple to amit they have borked phones or Microsoft release broken Widnows patches ! Head in sand or up backside syndrome, going LALALA working as designed !
  13. Oh yes part of the problem, so in my last few games since posting, got my fair share of kills yet lose the games and so my stats now show loses and i'm a bad player, this is why I take no notice of stats or morons like Panzsersh!thead and others who constant go on about them !
  14. I have never denied I'm am not the best player, I play for fun and yes could do better, I just don't go to stats to shove unicum down peoples throats !
  15. Mr_Wolfclaw

    RU BBs first impressions

    @lafeel Pyotr in my opinion is almost a perfectly balanced T5, if she had a little better AA. Tankish, 16KM range Ok but good damage at <12KM and decent HP. A premium camo would have been nice !