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    It was playing WOW until the accountants, spreashite guru's, muppets and imbeciles took control.

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  1. Mr_Wolfclaw

    Compensation not working

    Nothing yet, logged ticket with support, got the usual reply of wait and see, complete waste of time dealing with these idiots ! @MrConway Has this been fixed or still nothing showing. appreciate with the server having a meltdown but this should have been fixed earlier.
  2. Mr_Wolfclaw

    server down WoWs and WoT

    Lets just say Karma has come back to kick WG right up their rears and they deserve it all !!
  3. Mr_Wolfclaw

    Current state of the game IMO

    There is no "I" in team, except for WOW, where "I" is the only team most players think about, unless your in a clan DIV and then it's, your DIV mates and to hell with the team !!
  4. Mr_Wolfclaw

    Getting overrun, or overrunning the other team....

    6 games, 6 losses, give up on game. Camping BB's, suicide cruisers and morons in DD's especially one that torp'd my Shim from 1K, a Z firing two salvos across my bows, yep I go boom, "sorry" be surprised if I don't get a chat ban for my response. WG maybe happy to more players to milk for cash, but game is no longer what it was, used spend 4+ hours a day having fun, now more 4 hrs a week getting frustrated and annoyed and I blame WG more than the players ! The w***ers in charge only see $$$, eventually they will wake up and it will be too late, the product will be tainted as bad as WOT and players move on, even the CC's think WG are just too moronic to stop, look and react for the better!
  5. Mr_Wolfclaw

    Idiots tier 10 players

    Instead of shooting down the OP or jumping straight to his stats to try and shame him, how about you think for one minute and maybe suggest an alternative, too many unicum trolls in community, just itching to jump in and blow their own egos. Member of many communities, I find this one the most unfriendly or unhelpful and don't even get me started on mods, who should be stamping out this of of crap !
  6. Mr_Wolfclaw

    Poll: Royal (token) Bundle drop chance

    I have 4 left to get and no ships to show for it, another quality WG scam . Just as well I don't actually give a fig about it !!
  7. Mr_Wolfclaw

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Not just this weeks major achievement, but maybe the beating the whole of 2019's, finding this rare and exotic creature!
  8. Mr_Wolfclaw

    Transparency regarding resource ships

    You forgot Q3. Should WG give a F.... about the player base and how badly they are screwing the game up when announcing resource ships or insulting a % of people unfortunate in life to be disabled ?
  9. Mr_Wolfclaw

    Poll: Royal (token) Bundle drop chance

    Nothing but the usual bargain basement flags, dragged out of WG's 2019 dumpster fire, not that like I expected anything else from another ripoff event by this company !
  10. Mr_Wolfclaw

    British Cruisers Part 1 Random bundles

    WG aren't listening, spreadshite says we making money from whales, for Vic and Vlad, be happy or Gulag for you comrade, PR event proved that, they have fingers in ears and heads up their backsides !
  11. Mr_Wolfclaw

    Draw while disconnect

    WG, what about reimbursement? LOL stop dreaming !!
  12. Mr_Wolfclaw

    2 last update has become a problem

    @Sehales we all can't be having issues, why can't WG just admit, the network connections back to the servers are crap, I doubt the servers are that much better and the coding is bug ridden and badly optimised, it makes any version of Windows look 100% stable and a model of perfect software engineering !!
  13. Mr_Wolfclaw

    British heavy cruiser 3D models

    Credit where it is due, you can't fault attention to detail of the ships, shame the rest oF WG are pathetic muppets who only care about $$$$ !!
  14. Mr_Wolfclaw

    Puerto Rico_Golden Boosts Blackout!

    Being honest couldn't give a flying Fig about PR. WG have lost the plot and the trust of the players in an effort to milk as much money as possible, to keep the Vic and Vlad happy !
  15. Copy-n-paste Italian fiasco, well done WG, add this one to dumpster fire 2020 !