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  1. KratosTheUnforgiving

    Is WG milking us out?

    Maybe Putin is asking for more donations from his Oligarchs ?
  2. KratosTheUnforgiving

    WG Legal Question

    Once the forums are closed off from the player base in September. WeeGreedy will have no legal or operational requirement to keep any information that relates to the forum pat 31st October 2023, so will the obey countries/EU privacy laws by deleting this data and officially confirming this via dev blog. UK example laws .. How long can we keep personal data for archiving, research or statistical purposes? You can keep personal data indefinitely if you are holding it only for: archiving purposes in the public interest; - WG would fail this test scientific or historical research purposes; or - WG would fail this test statistical purposes. - Maybe, but as forum is closed what statistics would it provide? Although the general rule is that you cannot hold personal data indefinitely ‘just in case’ it might be useful in future, there is an inbuilt exception if you are keeping it for these archiving, research or statistical purposes. - WG would fail this test You must have appropriate safeguards in place to protect individuals. For example, pseudonymisation may be appropriate in some cases. This must be your only purpose. If you justify indefinite retention on this basis, you cannot later use that data for another purpose - in particular for any decisions affecting particular individuals. This does not prevent other organisations from accessing public archives, but they must ensure their own collection and use of the personal data complies with the principles. So to just spell it out, WG should delete all data the forum holds, regardless if it shares data with our "REAL" WG accounts !! and yes I have my complaint notification to UK ICO all written out and ready for submitting. @Crysantos @YabbaCoe @Seraphice
  3. KratosTheUnforgiving

    So who's going to step up?

    well I have spare Dell server and 1.2Gig/105Mbps link, should be fast enough ;)
  4. KratosTheUnforgiving

    Where will you Migrate from the Forum?

    Almost tempted to start an unofficial forum, you can't be done for copyright if you don't use any of their IP, mostly images and custom fonts.
  5. KratosTheUnforgiving

    WoWs Forum shutdown (on July 28th) !?!?!?

    Comrades have you seen item 4 ? There is profit to be made, get DEVS on it now !
  6. KratosTheUnforgiving

    WoWs Forum shutdown (on July 28th) !?!?!?

    Somehting else I bet the staff haven't took stock of, how many WeeGamble community staff do they need to run in Discord, going to be sackings?
  7. KratosTheUnforgiving

    WoWs Forum shutdown (on July 28th) !?!?!?

    @Crysantos @Seraphice @YabbaCoe You and the rest of the seniors must have known for a long time this was coming but sadly and shamefully like everything WeeGreedy do in communicating with player base, not one pair of ... <self-censored so not to upset any remaining mods> between you in just being honest, open and upfront ! WG we gave up counting in 2015 !
  8. KratosTheUnforgiving

    WoWs Forum shutdown (on July 28th) !?!?!?

    and so the end of WOW begins, Discord the home of fanbios, who shutdown any anti-WeeGamble discussion !
  9. KratosTheUnforgiving

    Irish Navy Flag - Edit - In fact, ALL Nations flags!

    Irish flag, isn't that a full glass of Guinness on green Shamrock background? No real Irishman would ever leave a full glass Guinness undrunk
  10. KratosTheUnforgiving

    Do you think Wargaming will declare Concealed Maneuvers a success?

    Well based on quality of players, it's not the mines you should be worried about but the neanderthal playing the CVs and BBs, I'd prefer a team of bots. Camping is so bad as they are scared to move for the mines and he CV players forget they have other types of planes. So well done WeeGamble, you have made the game even more passive and boring, didn't think you could do it, give your DEVS a pat on the back and their weekly Vodka allowance !
  11. KratosTheUnforgiving

    Armory bugged ..... Again?

    Naval battle web server was flacky over weekend, time another reboot
  12. KratosTheUnforgiving

    The European DD mission just showcases how garbage they are.

    Lets be honest here, the last few lines WeeGamble have put of general copy and past ships or fantasy ships have been rubbish, except for the premiums and T9/10, almost as if they want us to skip them for T9/10, so no effort put in to balance them, just another mindless unenjoyable grind fest from a company with no clear strategy for the game, just maximise profit with scams and gimmicks sales !
  13. KratosTheUnforgiving

    Do you think Wargaming will declare Concealed Maneuvers a success?

    Just like subs, CVs, reworks, RB, Dockyard, Battle Pass, doesn't matter what we think, they will be forced in to the game, as WG IP is on a downward trend in popularity and it's all about making profit before the bubble finally burst. If WG were on certain countries military command drinking lots of Vodka that we are not allowed to speak of, currently doing something else thats very unpopular to another country, funny enough with cluster mines, that we are not allowed to speak off, they would deem it a success.
  14. KratosTheUnforgiving

    Trade in,part 2

    @YabbaCoe @Seraphice do you and WeeGamble actually believe the players are this gullible to fall for this con job, well OK, some muppet whales will. I forget, you can't actually reply with an honest answer, as you took the company shilling and must smile while spouting out company lies, don't you and the other staff have no shame and collectively stand your ground and say no? If me, I would rather be sacked than work for this despicable company, at least I would have my pride and integrity !!
  15. KratosTheUnforgiving

    Support Cv's Feedback

    Well we all thought subs was a nail in WOWS coffin, after playing against mine CVs they are basically the undertaker for the game, at the right speed more of a hinderance that dangerous, unless A DD, sub or normal CV targets you,. Another lame stupid badly thought out idea from the our beloved ***** ***** ***** ***** ****** **** devs. We all thought with split from Lesta, maybe just maybe WOW can recover to what we love about the game, well, WeeGambe didn't disappoint and just another fubar moment. Maybe that's why all the old staff faces are no longer visible and leaving a sinking ship !