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  1. Pinco047

    Ships to add

    Add these please,not fantasy ships
  2. Pinco047

    General Submarines related discussions

    Just remove the Subs or give them separate randoms.Impossible to kill sub in low tier BBs. WG should wake up before releasing ship type which they cant balance.WG please stop pushing ships like new super ships,CVs,Subs and hybrid nonsence. Focus on MM,bugs and graphics
  3. Pinco047

    Aktualizace 0.11.7 - Doky

    Diky za odpoved lentilka,,zvazim opatovnu "kupu" lode
  4. Pinco047

    Aktualizace 0.11.7 - Doky

    Presunute,ale bez odpovedi :-)
  5. Pinco047

    Aktualizace 0.11.7 - Doky

    Ahoj,mam otazku ohladne Puerto Rico, Lod uz mam este z casov ked bola uvedena ako prva. Otazka,alebo otazky su: 1. musim si zaplatit za posledne fazy aby som obdrzal cerfikat? 2. vidim, ze je moznost zakupit fazy, cize dokoncit lod za dubloony, takze dostanem EXTRA ocel za fazy + certifikat? Dakujem Přesunuto z Otázky pro WG
  6. Pinco047

    Lost ships

    hello guys, does anybody know, what happend to DD R-10, Cyclops and Connecticut? DD R-10 is not the same ship as Delny (different gun platforms and torp tubes),overall look is also different. Cyclops is a copy of Goliath. Only thing I know is,that allready Cyclops flag was made. Connecticut, saw her several times in games. THX for the reply,would be nice if something official would be added (WG staff)
  7. Pinco047

    Which ships will be removed?

    then what about Stalingrad? At this point I am pretty sure 90% of players have it
  8. Pinco047

    Cruiser for coal.

    Salem is a blast even in these days! Depends what do you like,there are some good super cruisers like Moskva. I would skip Carnot,Yoshino and Napoli at least for now.Its your pick anyway.
  9. Pinco047

    Delny and Preussen Unique Upgrades

    for me, Montana,Zao,Moskva,Yamato and maybe Grozovoi. Rest of the UUs are kinda situational or pure trash. But like most of you, I would NOT use my RPs on module when there are ships.
  10. Pinco047

    Otázky pro WG

    Ahoj Yabba, otazka ohladne Warhammer lodi ktore pridu, budu mat status "dodatocne lode" v kapitanovom diary,alebo budu zaradene rovnako ako Ragnar a Ignis? Myslim,ze by mali byt vsetky lode typu AL, HSF, ARP, Cinsky novy rok a Warhammer pod jednym "typom" - dodatocne. Nepaci sa mi ze mi svietia v diary medzi ostatnymi lodami. Trebalo by trochu upratat Kapitanov dennik aj co sa vlajok tyka. Diky
  11. reason - its collaboration,you need to BUY them.... Azur Lane crap and HSF crap were for free to finnish them...Now they ask for our money?? Not spending a cent on stupid collection.
  12. at some point,they will release them in Armory for coal I guess. Not gonna use money
  13. Pinco047

    Upcoming Warhammer 40K Event

    Hope they put the new ones + old ones as additional ships like - Azur Lane, HSF, ARP, Chinese NY and other crap in captains diary. Currently Ragnar and Ignis are part of collection which is wrong!
  14. Pinco047

    Still no NEW free XP ship - why WG? Why?

    Well, Groningen is a "new" freeXP, but its a Friesland copy. Last FreeXP ship was Agir..
  15. Hyuga as its a real ship and I think is one of the most balanced ships at its tier