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  1. demoncraigo

    Remove old ships

    Can you get your ships removed of your win rate that do not exist anymore cv dam donskoi etc as there is no way to improve the win rate on them
  2. demoncraigo

    Wargaming sucks

    Not In my ex p mate seriously
  3. demoncraigo

    Wargaming sucks

    You can get 200k and still lose due to match making and rng its pathetic, I dont think wargaming knows lots of ppl have quit the game due to this, rng screws you either way same with mm
  4. demoncraigo

    Wargaming sucks

    Really need to sort the Russian ships out, it's as if they only want you to use Russian ships when we all know Russian navy in war was poor stop trying to make your nation great when it wasn't facts period
  5. demoncraigo

    Wargaming sucks

    Rng and Russian none existant ships are annoying me same with rng and mm, if you lose a couple of games in a certain ship there is no way to go back up, no skill just rng it is pathetic and lost half my clan to it