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    High School Fleet / Anime Captains & Ships

    Well what upsets me is that the offer is available for (NA) right now @ https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/moe-anime-mo-problems/ lol... I got here late to the party for EU it seems because EU was Jan until Feb apparently. I didn't even know until my friend showed me on his account that he has anime captains and such i was so jealous no word he dropped so much coin to get it all to lol.. Regardless i really hope it comes back on EU i really wanted to get the [ HSF Graf Spee - Tier VI ] :) Anyways *(Shouts at Dev's: BRING THE ANIME CAPTAINS & SHIPS BACK TO EU!!!!!!! I PAY YOU LONG TIME?)* lol... Perhaps that may get their attention no? :P Oh well.. Also while im posting this i would like to mention that the EU Promo Page for High School Fleet is still up although sadly none of the purchase links work anymore.. :'( which makes me sad because at first i thought oh hell yes i found a working eu link for it but nope it was a lie!! they and sadly they covered their [edited]very good or else i would have been demanding the right to purchase the digital content lol. aka they put the dates it was available at on the page :P (* https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/special/become-a-blue-mermaid/ *) Oh and i would like to add that i've went so far as to email and open a ticket with support offering to pay double for the HSF Graf Spee - Tier VI but sadly they wouldn't sell me it lol.. I mean for me 58$ is a lot... double would be 116 and considering id be ready to make a deal on the spot and got rejected clearly they make some good money lol! Ah well. Hope to get more info on anime captains/ships. CrayCray out o7
  2. I was wondering if by chance anime captains/ships may perhaps come back to the EU Servers? I was slightly late to the party for EU when it came to the High School Fleet stuff.. Noticed its available on the NA server although i don't much feel like switching regions just for captains/skins but i mean if i must i must i guess. So i was wondering if there are plans for the future to add anime back in the game. :)