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  1. Puss_In_Bootss

    New CVs

    Uhmm.. when i am spotted by plane in the first 10-20 seconds seconds of the game(not every game, but still).... that is just dumb. You do not require much to understand that.
  2. Puss_In_Bootss

    Old style RTS CV or not?

    at least in the old system you could shut down a cv by killing planes. And i was also ok with it when i got almost instakilled compared to this new attack runs by planes constantly. I also don't understand that there are no active fighters anymore. even that made more sense in the old cv gameplay. It was not always great but those new cv's ruined all the joy in the game.
  3. Puss_In_Bootss

    Old style RTS CV or not?

    They can hotfix all they want. Not going to work. After 0.8.0 i had no enjoyable or fun game in random battles. only weird arms race ranked is there to save the day
  4. Puss_In_Bootss

    How It Works: AA Defenses, Fighters, and Aircraft

    No.. just NO. random t8+ battles are still no fun at all. Actually.... every random with cv is no fun now
  5. Puss_In_Bootss

    Update 0.8.0? Major release, major fail?

    For me this game changed in a negative way. The only games i enjoy now are the ones without cv's.... before the update i was ok with a cv(which also needed balancing) AA makes no sense now at all. You will either kill alot when the enemy cv does not know how to dodge flak.... or... you damage the planes but get no kills at all. And seriously WG?! what were you thinking with that sector system. It is so dumb if you think about it... - not enough crewmembers controlling the aa systems - My ''crew'' is running up and down to reinforce one side... FOR REAL!? Just imagine how that woud look like It feels like i am only focussing/hunting/ fighting planes now.. I want to fight and focus on ships. AND no i don't want to sit with multiple ships kissing each other on one tile to defend against planes. If this stays the way it is... I will leave this game.
  6. I agree. It feels like i am now only dodging planes over and over untill you have no aa left and will die from flooding. I want to focus on ships. Not on dodging airplanes. Flooding? yes that will be certain.
  7. No idea what the chances are but from the 12 containers i bought i got all 4 ships, 14 days premium and camos
  8. bought 12 containers and got all 4 ships and 14 days premium. Blessed by good RNG?