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    Torpedo magnet - get torped while in smoke
  2. Olav152

    watch your back Yamatos

    Dude you better never look a Iowa. Rear citadel has overwhelming 19 mm of "armor"... Learned it the hard way... Ouch
  3. Olav152

    Thoughts on the stock DM range?

    In my opinion range is mostly useful on Tears of the desert, Ocean and Okinawa (B,C caps). LU works too if you keep them at 15km and gunbeat. Before I got LU I've been running reload for extra cap denial against DDs. Build: 1 Main arm. Mod 1, 2 Fire ans flood %reduction 3 Dispersion (Its a gunboat, I can't stand stock dispersion) 4 Acceleration 5 Camo 6 LU ( used to be reload one, unlocked yesterday, fairly fun to play) Captain: PT AR, Jack (used to run EL instead of Jack) BFT, SI AFT, CE Yes, I run 6km AA DM with BFT and flag.(around 560 AA dps on 6km aura)... yes clueless CVs think it's a good idea to drop me thinking I have stock AA (bonus points for baiting them in chat) And yes I'm a potato
  4. Tech tree ships - Desu Memesu (Des Moines) Premiums - Lolanta R.I.P my left mouse button :D
  5. Olav152

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I would like to join the lottery. o7