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  1. Now, this is spot on! My biggest observed problem with the current CV system is that their spotting power is imbalanced. Quite often you can help your side to win with very little actual striking, if your team has good shooters. This gets worse in high tiers as the number planes increases to levels that most players find uncomfortable to micro-manage (probably the reason why people keep on playing USN CV:s despite them being weaker than IJN CV:s). And what does WG do? - removed the main factor that stops a CV from scouting the map: enemy FTR units that could intercept your plane. With no more of those, just fly on. - removed the time delay to launch the first plane into the air - introduced a new type of planes with rockets that flies very fast Result: CV can scout everything much quicker than they could before. I could see it happening the beta. And what you as a CV do to drive away the enemy planes camping on top of a DD? You can fly your bombers to the same location to summon fighters there... which seems like a really odd mechanic. I think that with the new mechanics, CV:s will be torn between constant asks to hover in place to spot... and the reality of the new CV population wanting to farm damage to farm credits, same as current BB players. I can also see that it's going to be a snipe contest between CVs to drop each other, because it's so easy to spot the enemy CV and so hard to defend against or dodge air strikes with the CV. If the CV even has an AA consumable, it is hidden in the tactical map screen. Overall, I'm quite disappointed about the new CV play. It seems there is really just one skill to master: manual torpedo bomb drops with sluggish controls. Ironically, the one skill that WG earlier thought was too hard to master and caused a large skill cap.
  2. Tried. The sent credentials do not work there.
  3. Yes, I did get the mail yesterday. It looks like WG is distributing different versions of the launcher. Maybe only those people who got the mail before the latest patch can install the client.
  4. Same problem here. No "TST" option available for installation.
  5. I think the question set is too narrow. I don't think that WG should create any maps at all. I think they should only create an algorithm that creates maps, or at least introduces random variability to seed maps, so that every game would always be played on a unique, new or at least subtly different map. Had the question been: "should the game have a bigger variety of maps", then my answer would have been "yes, extremely so".
  6. Jurpox

    CV Rework Discussion

    It might be better if the re-launch counter were started from the previous takeoff rather than from spending all your ordnance, so that after a while you could launch a new plane from your carrier whether you spent your ordnance, got deleted, so that some gamey mechanic would not encourage you to drop your ordnance into sea or to get your planes intentionally deleted. One of the trickiest aspects of game design is indeed that the game should be fun many different kinds of people, even if you can never please them all. I get reminded by this, for example, by the number of people who find it intolerable to sit idle and wait 30 seconds while the teams are created and go afk to do something else.
  7. Jurpox

    CV Rework Discussion

    Don't see a need to get fixated upon the number of planes as a mechanic. In any case, the player would lose a lot of tempo: a wasted run, possibly a respawn counter, and the time it takes to fly back to action. Time that the enemy player has used to spot targets and sink ships. The ships have unlimited ammo, too. Of course, if badly implemented, i could result in some weird tactics, like killing your planes on purpose to save the time it takes fly back empty. Coming to think of it, flying back empty is going to be super boring in one plane, if you have to do that.
  8. Jurpox

    CV Rework Discussion

    I think WG could have fixed most of the CV problems with a very simply solution: reducing the number of squdrons in every CV. All the problems with the CV class really currently start at tier 6 or 7 and above, where more-or-less overpowering premium CVs with highly skilled captains start seal-clubbing the levelling new players. Yes, this happens with all ship types, but the duel-like nature of CV battles makes this a much bigger problem with CVs. WG themselves have told us that lower tiers of CV play are actually quite approachable and popular. Capping planes to 3-5 per CV would be right. There should never have been CV:s like Hakuryu because of the over-scouting issue. Reducing the number of planes would fix: the over-scouting issue where CV can be simultaneously present in the entire map fun factor: high amount of multi-tasking starting to detract the fun factor for a large number of players and probably contributes quite a bit to many players decison to limit their CV play to lower tiers. approachability: a large part of the skill being a multi-tasking skill, which does not fit the nature of WOWS very well. (edit): AA could be reduced to reasonable and realistic levels, because the impact of the CVs would be automatically more limited due to smaller number of aircraft To make higher tiers more interesting, WG would naturally need to add features to the remaining planes, but nothing huge, really. The regular shipplay doesn't really change all that much from tier 4 onwards. Ships just get faster and gain more ranger, armor, etc. Scaling CVs by adding planes was a mistake. Excessive scouting is the biggest issue with the current system and it does need to be fixed.
  9. Jurpox

    Is Kaga too good?

    As a principle, I acknowledge what you say fully. However, if we look at the ships with top win rates, only three ships have a higher win rate. Those ships can only be bought from the Armory with steel, so they have arguably more elite user bases than Kaga, which you could buy with money (though not any more). So I think Kaga is pretty strong as a ship, too, even when compared to other premium ships. My own impression is that Kaga does not require a lot of sophisticated strategies or nimble maneuvering to win with: clump your fleet and click them to go. If the enemy strafes your clump, they are going to spend ammo and maybe lose some fighters. Just rinse and repeat. It can take more losses from reckless play than any other CV. It's especially hard to deal with Ranger's single fighter unit, which at some point must replenish ammo and planes. It's almost like the choice CV to go with if you don't want to evolve your tactics from those you learned with Hosho and Zuiho, but now your FTR fleet is stronger than USN FTR fleet, too.
  10. Jurpox

    Is Kaga too good?

    Pfft. Make a new thread and people will complain there is an existing one.
  11. Jurpox

    Is Kaga too good?

    I think we should look at this through data, through questions like: What's the average win rate of Kaga versus other CV's of the same tier? If a ship has a high average win rate on its tier, then it is probably more powerful. This is not the only fact to consider, though. According to wowstats.org, Kaga has 63.11% win rate. That is the fourth highest win rate of all ships in the game. http://www.wowstats.org/ships/ There are other sites that have calculated the win rate for a longer time giving a lower win rate to Kaga, as low as 56%. I believe that Kaga's win rate has been steadily climbing over time, due to the average play time of a Kaga player now being very high. More about that below. What's the mean distribution of the win rates? If the mean distribution (distribution curve) of the win rates were high, it would imply that it would perform below average in the hands of an unskilled captain and above average in the hands of a skilled captain. If every player were to get better results with Kaga than they do with, say, Hiryu or Ranger, then clearly then high win rate would be more attributable to the ship than the player. Alas, we do not have this data, or at least I do not know where to find it. Logically, though, which ship would a skilled player would more likely choose: a bad ship or a good ship? I'm assuming that skilled players would not spend a lot of time playing with bad, underpowered ships. Again, they might choose ships that are difficult to master. Personally, I don't see why Kaga would be more difficult to master than the other CVs in the same tier. The game mechanics are the same for all CV:s and Kaga is no more reliant on, say, manual torpedo/bomb placements, strafes, or map awareness than other ships. Arguably it might be more sensitive to AA than Ranger, but with its fewer planes Ranger is more sensitive to where they are on the map and for losing those planes, since her stock is much smaller. Are Kaga players more experienced, on average, than players of other ships? Probably yes. We do not have the data to tell us how long players of Kaga have played their ship compared to say, say, players of Ranger or Hiryu. I would make an educated guess, though, that at this point they have more experience the average Hiryu or Ranger player, for the simple reason that Kaga has not been sold by WG for many months, whereas every new player still gets access to Ranger and Hiruy. Anyone playing Kaga has been with the game for many months. Yes, some of them might not have played the game actively, but given that Kaga is still a common sight in Random battles, my guess is that they have been playing a lot. As a premium ship, playing with Kaga earns a lot of credits. This same mechanics makes every premium ship potentially a lot more played than non-premiums, which are frequently just played for a few games and passed through. Facing Kaga, which may be more powerful than Hiryu or Ranger to begin with, means also facing a player who has played hundreds of games with it. Due to the high influence of a single CV to the course of the battle compared to other classes, this makes Kaga a more potent seal clubber than premium ships usually are. Sure enough, the top 22 warships in terms of win rate in the statistics page linked above are premium ships (the first non-premium ship on the list is Taiho, the IJN T9 CV). That may be partly because those ships are better than average, and partly because they see more play.