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  1. Olmlet

    looking for a eu clan

    found a clan topic may be closed now.
  2. Olmlet

    looking for a eu clan

    hello, Im looking and been looking for the past months for a eu based clan. competitive but also fun and a relaxed amosphere. if you would like me to join your clan either post a message here or pm me on discord since the messages in game dissapear quickly. Olm#5940 Kind regards
  3. hebben jullie ook discord?
  4. Olmlet

    looking for a eu based clan.

    found a clan, topic can be closed.
  5. Olmlet

    looking for a eu based clan.

    im looking for a competitive clan. but most important is that theres enough people in the cc, so we dont struggle every night for clan battles.
  6. Olmlet

    PT 0.9.7 - Bugs

    https://gyazo.com/3c38d2216683f7f61049ab75740c1c8e cannot acces dubs nor credits. any fixes?
  7. Olmlet

    chances of an epic twitch drop?

    hello, does anybody know the chances of getting a rare twitch drop? is it even worth just watching streams just for that drop? and is it something that is do-able? or does it have a 00000,1% chance?
  8. and if i were to grind it right now, does that xp count towards it?
  9. when the update drops and the newsky and the other soviet cruisers become available. do you have to grind the donskoi again to unlock the newsky? or do you get that ship since you allready grinded the tier 10 in that line?
  10. Olmlet

    cannot steer in game anymore

    ive tried other games yes. and it works fine.
  11. been having this issue since an hour or 2. cannot steer in game anymore. tried to reinstall the game and search for help but haven't found anything about it so far.