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  1. Ok been playing a while so i know the settings. but today the game loaded in window mode for the first time ever and it took ages to load. has the game been updated? in last 24 hours or something going on effecting the servers/game? Thank you
  2. AllterEg0


    Just get rid of radar. or make it more realistic! it should just give a bearing and a general location in a radius location. that radius decreases depending how close you are because of the arc from the radar to the object. I am sick to death of radar in the game being used and stops normal game play. dds cant push and so pushed back and cruisers hide and bbs hold back. all because of dam radar! If you have a game with a CV then do not allow radar ships to join battle. How many times have we seen a dd or 2 unable to play the game because they cant get past radar and planes. they might as well just disconnect from the battle. even worse now you have dds without smoke. dam retarded idea.
  3. AllterEg0

    Can i port my account into Steam?

    Hi is it possible to use my same account via steam? some say yes and some say no. Not tried it but before i consider downloading 50-70gb and potentally messing around with my account i need a definite answer what will work and what to expect. Does anyone have experience with this and did it work or not work? I ask as my Game center client is still giving me issues even after a full uninstall of that and game and reinstall. Thank you all
  4. AllterEg0

    Unable to get game centre to run

    after many uninstalls and restarts and strangely only in safe mode will it load up properly. so many issues i eventually deleted everything. games as well. now installed everything again which i had to do in safe mode as the game center could not connect to internet when started up normal. logging in today for first time since installing in safe mode. game mode game up but wont connect to my account/game. just get a round and round loading screen. ive tried with my firewall and av as usuall and without them on. with no change. on another post some others are also having issues with game center not connecting! i cannot imagine what else i can possibly do! i sent a report 3 days ago and never heard back.
  5. AllterEg0

    game center cannot connect

    ahh s its not just me support has me running around in dam circles thinking issue is with me and firewall and other stuff. just tried to get the game running again and yep it cant connect. happy that the game loaded but not happy i am unable to get the game to make a connection. i have this continually. round and round never stops. with or without firewall and Av active.
  6. AllterEg0

    game center cannot connect

    Hi all I have a big issue for past few days now. originally it started when i could not get game center to run after playing as usual the day before. I have had no system updates, no changes to wind 10 machine or anything and i can always still connect to internet when browsing. i noticed that in my task mgr i had no game tasks running accept from within the details tab of task mgr. for some reason now when i close and restart computer it stays in that list and stops me starting game center once used. I have to go to safe mode and delete temp files and restart. to clear it out from this this. then 50/50 game center will load properly. however i had so many issues that i then uninstalled it hoping to get a clean install. 2 days later and its still not working but with various issues from game center opening but only seeing a black box with nothing inside, just an abyss. or it opens and it cannot connect. however in safe mode it always open up fine and will connect to my account. game has always been able to work with my firewalls and antivirus and i use zone alarm. i have checked both zone and windows firewall and game is added to both exceptions as always and tried running no firewall or anti v for a bit and still no connection. yet i am fine using browser etc do look up anything. after so many restarts and install of game center and nothing working properly i uninstalled everything. game center and game. installed game center again and had same issue not being able to connect. but could in safe mode and logged in. Tried to install the game but all i get is the game center loading screen going round and round trying to log me i. This is doing my nut in and pulling my hair out trying to get game center to fecking work. Any ideas anyone? thank you
  7. AllterEg0

    Unable to get game centre to run

    i can log in through my kids account but not my own now. it wont accept my usual password for my main account. plus its been trying to install future updates for over 24 hours and stuck at 1%. im running latest version . i managed to get game center up but cannot log in to my main account. I tried to add password 3 times and wont accept. now it is stuck in loggin screen and i cant do anything. Wgcheck will also not work. I have 93gb left on the drive so its not a storage issue and not a firewall issue. Ive made a ticket but they are not very helpful at all. if wgcheck not working whats the easiest way to reinstall game center without removing world of warships?
  8. AllterEg0

    CV poll (take two)

    Its either remove or make changes so that it is not so easy for cv players to hound Destroyer players out of the game. This game would be far better if they used radar as it was actually used back then. Radar is by far the worse element in this game . worse than CV. Radar is too wide and also should not work as it does. radar does not make a ship visible. it just plots an object in a certain location. of which you cant know exactly where but are guided an approximate area. the area of which gets bigger the further away. With CV and Radar. destroyer players have no chance of playing a good match. having radar and cv in the same battle just nullifies all destroyers.
  9. Hi i am unable to log in to the game because my game centre will not run. I get an error that pops up to say the the following: "Another Windows user is running the Watgamming.net Game Center. Please shut down the applications instance in another user session before trying to launch the game (8012). I am using windows 10. I do not or at least i am almost positive that nothing other instance is running. I have checked my task bar manager and nothing is running in that from what i can see. No other windows account has been used on this computer for a year. I was playing WoW fine 2 days ago. Once the game center did load once but said I was logged out and when i tried loggin in it would not accept my log in details and it also said it was downloading an update.. After shutting down the computer properly and starting back up, i cannot get back in to the game center to start the game. Has anyone had this issue before?
  10. AllterEg0

    Combat missions daily challenge

    Hi Soffici I have a better understanding of the game now so happy to assist. If you can ask specific questions i will do my utmost to assist without a chip on my shoulder. I for one love tier 2 and 3 battles. no radar and its better for closer engagements. More exciting than getting popped from 20km away. Regards AlterEg0
  11. AllterEg0

    EU Server Gone Down?

    servers are down. any clue when they will be back up?
  12. AllterEg0

    CV changes in 0.8.4. (DevBlog)

    Please only limit 1 cv per fleet. I used to like playing as DD but now no longer as 1 plan can keep you perma spotted and then your dead from 10 ships firing at you. having 2 Cv is just ridiculous. I and many others are now black list every cv player in every battle so that we have better chance of not having a cv in battle. Yes it has come to that and my black list is now 100s long because of it like many others. Its also stopped me from playing in DD and each time i see the match-up with 2 cv i know its going to be a crap game and i spend entire time dodging planes and not being able to get close to enemy and render myself useless. To the point i have to do a suicide run. Sometimes you can go a bridge to far in something and focus to much on one aspect when instead you are better off just setting up some restrictions. The part about being longer now to use planes in battle is very good start. now please limit it to 1 cv per side. Thank you
  13. AllterEg0

    DD 0.8.0 The murder of an entire ship type

    Slow the planes down. Remove rockets as i dont remember them being used at all in ww2. Other than the unmanned V1 from Germany to UK. certainly didnt read anything about heavy use of rocket planes. other wise you would not have had dive bombers. Make planes spotting accuracy different. also only spotting from plane in a 100 degree arc (forward). Also if they are over top then they can see you (non smoke), if they are on the edge of there radius then its % based as they cant always see 100% to the end of there radius, it shouldn't be a certainly. Should be the greater the distance from the aircraft the lower chance of being spotted. Also spotting from air should also be based on engine smoke from the ship. under low power it wont see much but at full power it can see a plume of smoke. So make there speed of the DD also a factor of being spotted. All it needs is some real life thinking and then you might get a more accurate balance.
  14. AllterEg0

    Update set camo to be purchased & CV change

    Thank you all for your input Perhaps i should have been more detailed When i started using that camo i had unticked the purchase option as its the same with signals. This i have already learned months ago. What i am saying is that after the update it changed the setting back to purchase on the only ship that i had using that camo i won. i didnt check after update this setting thinking that the setting was the same as i left it before update. It was an unknown unknown for me to check. Certainly now going through this, leaves the player more aware that the game can reset such settings. on an ethical matter they should set this type of addition as unticked as default and not ticked as default. Thank you
  15. AllterEg0

    Update set camo to be purchased & CV change

    But ive never checked it to purchase, that is my issue. it was fine before the update and then after it was set to enabled and purchased those camo. i had won 3 and used them before game updated and then after it set them to purchase. I didnt do anything to set it to purchase. When it comes to doubloons i never would. As i never buy any and only use what i win for officer movement. Usually when you use a camo and have no more it does not select it again, but after the update it had selected it to continue being used at cost to me. thanks