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  1. FerrowTheFox

    Has WG gifted Reich's flags?

    Quoting this as a representation of everyone who answered in this thread: As someone who loves history to the point of taking it as a second course of study at university (though my major is molecular biology) I want to say how much it warms my heart to see that there's still people who care for historical accuracy and -more importantly- can differentiate between depicting something in historical context and making a political statement. Too many people nowadays want to rewrite history to be politically correct (*cough* look at battlefield V) or hide and get rid of anything that could potentially offend someone. Roads and places named after historical figures get renamed because said figures are now personae non grata in regards to modern moral standards and "offensive" flags get hidden. Of course one can and should be critical of one's historical baggage, but never ever deny or try to change it to fit modern sensibilities. Anyway, again, thanks to everyone, it really made me smile And yes, I strongly second the rising sun to make a comeback to WoWS.
  2. FerrowTheFox

    New shipclass idea.... Auxiliary Ships

    I like the idea, but I'm not sure how viable it would be as a playble ship class, because as others have already pointed out it would be a pretty boring experience for the player, a priority target for everyone and object of abuse for not pocket doc-ing everyone. However, what I often have wondered is why we don't have a naval port at home base that would repair ships in close proximity. A few years back I played the now dead spacefleet battle multiplayer game called Fractured Space (made by ECG who were bought up by...WG). I really loved the implementation of bases that repaired your ship, so you could disengage from combat and retreat to the nearest forward station and get yourself patched up. It added a level of tactical depth as being killed and respawning would take a lot longer than retreating for repairs. I always thought it would work in WoWS where there are no respawns at all. It would actually give an incentive to protect the base and reward thinking of pulling out of an unfavourable engagement instead of just yoloing to your death because "already almost dead anyway lol". On the other hand I guarantee there would be the home base campers sitting in dock all day... Maybe ships under repair shouldnt be able to fire at all or something.
  3. FerrowTheFox

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    True, although I'd argue that a CV then outright kills what little tactical possibilities there are. Sometimes when the planets align you have a team that actually clicks, with people communicating and planning basic tactics. "hold them at A, we'll come around and set up a crossfire" or "left flank is collapsing!" "I'll sneak in and cap their base to get their attention and take some pressure off." While this is not the same as CB, permaspotting and complete battlefield intel is still not good for the overall gameplay dynamic. That still would mean that blobbing up is the preferred way and flanking and stealthy ambushes are punished, again both leading to a stale and campy meta. Oh and I agree that MM is horrible and has a long way to go.
  4. FerrowTheFox

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    Uh, wait, so if permaspotting and revealing tactics from the start of the game are major issues in CB, how are they not in random? While indeed, I don't play carriers I'll still bite: You can always get something hard between you and the ship firing at you. You can also disengage and run or go dark and into concealment. You can kite away even if you're on the defensive and running. Now compare that to a CV: The planes are faster than any ship can run, can strike even if the ship is in cover, can spot you even if you try to go dark all while never risking the hull. Put simply: If I get blapped by a long range salvo I misplayed somewhere. I was out of position, overextended, in a crossfire, or spotted, etc. Against a good CV the misplay can mean just existing. And even just mitigating the potential of the CV attacks by avoiding caps, playing exremely defensive and cautious etc. means a dull and boring gameplay experience.
  5. FerrowTheFox

    Suggestion to balance carriers and destroyers

    As a lover of stealthy torp botes I agree that the spotting is pretty much the worst part for me and mimimap only spotting would be a godsent. Not being able to set up ambushes and getting permaspotted and attacked by the rest of the team is just horrible. Alas WG disagrees. That being said, CVs do need to have some chance against DDs or we'd have the same problems with broken class interaction we have now (i.e. DDs having no counter to CV attacks) just the other way around. As such CVs need to be able to a) see DDs (so no zero air detection) and b) hit DDs. Ideally, for me at least, that would mean: - Minimap only spotting for CV so flanking and positioning is possible again. Also no detection warning for planes. - CV attacks with DBs and TB are possible, but no rocket planes, because they're cheap imo. - longer cycle times or reduced plane speed so a carrier can't just come again and again and again unless he takes the hull closer. And I'd actually be ok with higher damage in return. A good balance would mean that a skilled CV could hit a DD approaching him or taking a cap, but the DD could also reliably dodge by maneuvering. Hitting a DD would be hard, but possible.
  6. FerrowTheFox

    CV games with Halland are unfun

    Sooo...a DD that's helpless against CV strikes can wait and be useless while praying to RNGsus the CV doesn't decide to ruin his life regardless. Then when the CV looks somewhere else, the DD can take the cap, thereby broadcasting his location accross the map and see the next wave of planes come back to the turning cap just in time to reset it. And if waiting and dodging is your advice, why not do the same in your planes? I'm not saying it's great that there's a ship that negates your influence, but I'm saying welcome to what us little botes have been experienceing for a year now with most older DDs playstyle getting completely denied by the presence of CV.
  7. FerrowTheFox

    Azur+Hololive Collab with WoWs

    I think this is separate from the next round of Azur Lane collab, but pretty cool nontheless. Since I'm a regular watcher of Buki I'm glad she got picked to be added as a commander.
  8. FerrowTheFox

    Suggestion to balance carriers and destroyers

    Yes and as you and El2aZeR pointed out, that shows again how broken the CV vs surface interaction really is. All other surface ships are balanced against each other except CVs. If you tweak any of them to be able to survive the CV they become OP against the other classes. That's why it's the CVs that need to be altered in their gameplay. Reintroduce squad preparation times or add fuel to limit flight time, reintroduce air superiority fights...better yet just roll back to RTS and work on that, it came a lot closer to actual carrier operations than the poor man's world of warplanes we've got now. But how likely is that. As I said the only thing I could potentially imagine at this point would be to give DDs better AA for self-defense. However, that being said it doesn't solve the problem of killing concealment play and also has the caveat that if you up AA so ships can reliably defend themselves, CVs become useless again and nobody will play them anymore.
  9. FerrowTheFox

    Suggestion to balance carriers and destroyers

    Although my main gripe with CVs is their huge spotting potential that imo outright ruins concealment play, CVs need to be able to spot and attack DDs, that should be clear and I'm saying it as a DD main. Zero air visibility is just out of the question. Also as @Yedwy stated, tweaking DD parameters like maneuverability would be potentially problematic because it could make destroyers OP against other surface combattants. I've said before that I believe the current CV implementation is just flawed to the very core. The planes are way too fast and cycle too quickly. You can't flee and can't reposition quickly enough. During RTs it wasn't fun being spotted by planes and it wasn't perfectly balanced as well, but it took longer after an attack run for them to come back. You had time to disappear. AA was also better, you could ask your own CV for fighter cover and there was the possibility for the enemy CV getting deplaned. My best bet would have been minimap only spotting for CVs coupled with maybe getting rid of rocket planes, but WG has already shot down that idea, so tough luck. Next on my suggestion list was to give DDs actually working AA. Many were fitted with dual purpose main guns or outright designed as AA escorts. So they should be able to defend themselves, maybe at the expense of being unable to fire main guns during DefAA or something. Make DefAA widen the dispersion of the squads as well. Historically it was very hard to hit these small boats, especially while being fired upon.
  10. FerrowTheFox

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    I've already pretty much given up on the game. All my friends left one after another after CV rework, half the clan is inactive and as for me, the game leaves me more frustrated after playing. I'm no player that just pews for fun, I WANT to make an effort and will work for the team, but if I'm not feeling fulfilled at the end of the day there's no point in playing. So, while I'd say one of my big annoyances is the CV rework, I can't even put it down just to that. The game is going downhill in my eyes because it gets less dynamic, less teamplay focussed and more campy by every update and every new shipline. Flanking, creating crossfires and concealed moves have all taken a huge step back, as did using stuff for team utility. I'm not really an old player with a history going back to the beta, but I fondly remember random matches with awesome team interaction from when I was new to the game. I chose to be a DD main for a reason. I love providing vision, smoking up friendlies and planning ambushes. I remember saving a friendly CA who had gotten himself into a pinch and was asking for help, racing towards him, typing "turn, I'll smoke!" and laid a path for him to egress. I remember keeping the enemy spotted for two friendly BBs to finish off while holding my fire. Or getting help: I was trying to contest a cap but enemy planes were in the vicinity. Friendly RTS CV wrote "Akatsuki, go for it I've got your back!" and had air cover over the cap. Well try that now with the dumbed down reework CVs or the overabundance of radar and HE spam today. Pair it with only damage getting rewarded and it's clear why the current meta is so stale. The powercreep also doesn't help. Every new ship needs to have gizmos and gimmicks to up the ante while some of the older lines haven't been touched and rebalanced in ages, with new ships just outperforming them. I hate, H-A-T-E, playing "what's meta" right now. I want to play what's fun / interesting for me! But if I have to consider if my fun choice is not the best for the job... (And yes, I'm not the best player, I admit that. Unicums can make pretty much everything work in every meta) And while I may not be the best player, I'm willing to learn. But seeing how WG tends to attract people who buy their way to high tier to mindlessly pew pew without having a clue what to do. I know the frustration of taking, then defending 2 caps simultaneously, killing enemies left and right while screaming for help and losing because a massive blob sailed down the border doing nothing. THAT is what's wrong with the game. Bad management and game design decisions coupled with a horrible monetarization model that requires constant output to the lowest common denominator!
  11. FerrowTheFox

    Azur+Hololive Collab with WoWs

    Oh you could have fun with him. E.g. any DD he is put on gains the ability to fire single torps like the british line, as he made use of different patterns and keeping half loads as a reserve. Or give him the passive ability "any torpedo fired at his ship has a 1/3 chance not to detonate" as Shigure took a torp to her rudder but it didn't detonate. There are so many possibilities with ships as well and if I was a game designer for WoWs (or maybe a competitor), I'd actually opt for having unique ships in a class as sidesteps with abilities reflecting their historical counterpart. I.e. you got Shiratsuyu as the lead ship of her class. She's the stock variant with smoke generator module, but you can then switch to e.g. Shigure. Same model, different skin (hull number and name) and instead of the smoke she has a heal called "Unsinkable Shigure of Sasebo". Or Yuudachi with a TRB called "Mad dog of Solomon". Of course I'm most versed in IJN history but you could do this with any line that had outstanding ships. But that wouldn't sell separate prems so they'd probably not like that idea :P However, we're pretty much derailing the whole AL thread though, so I guess btt
  12. FerrowTheFox

    Azur+Hololive Collab with WoWs

    Her captain was legendary Tameichi Hara who revolutionized IJN torpedo doctrine and made a name as her skipper. I would leap in joy if they ever brought Shigure and Captain Hara as a package.
  13. FerrowTheFox

    Azur+Hololive Collab with WoWs

    Yes she's amazing! A solid IJN derivative and very fun to play. Sadly (and I'm saying this as a huge fan of Haifuri) she's still completely fictional. And yes while AL collab ships come with lots of frills and anime characters as well it would give an excuse to put out something that is both in AL and historically relevant. That's why I'd absolutely vote for Shigure to make it into the game. One of the two lucky destroyers (the other being Yukikaze) who defied the odds time and time again and came back despite taking lots of damage. So a perfect way to implement her would be a repair consumable to reflect that. Doubt that'll ever happen tho.
  14. FerrowTheFox

    Azur+Hololive Collab with WoWs

    Oh I have no doubt that they will f**k it up. I mean it'd be an IJN torp DD prem, it has to be crap. Never mind trying to have her live up to her historical counterpart, we all know paper ships is where it's at! Exactly
  15. FerrowTheFox

    Azur+Hololive Collab with WoWs

    Although I'm basically done with WoWS at this point, there's exactly two reasons that would make me come back to torture myself as DD main in the current meta: Ayanami or Shigure