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  1. PanChrupek

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I just got some db's from a supercontainer and I bought Tachibana L for it
  2. PanChrupek

    Suggestions thread

    I would also like to add that Independence was in the game before :)
  3. PanChrupek

    I would like a refund please, WG

    I did not but people told me that I won't get refunded so dunno if I should try
  4. PanChrupek

    I would like a refund please, WG

    I know how it feels... I bought Hill when it was still for db but then it became for coal and I can't get refunded...
  5. Not worth time or money... I rather spend some days grinding IX tier destroyer but not spending real money on it
  6. PanChrupek

    Suggestions thread

    Alvise da Mosto - Tier V Italian Destroyer Entered the service: 1929 Before the war, it made a cruise to South America in 1932. From April to August 2, 1940, it underwent modernization. Then it became part of the 15th destroyer flotilla (Squadriglia). During the war, it mainly covered convoys and participated in mining operations. On December 1, 1941, in the cover of the tanker "Iridio Mantovani", under the command of Captain Francesco Dell Anno, he fought with the British Air Force, and in the evening of that day with the British "K" team of the HMS "Aurora" and "Penelope" light cruisers. It sank after being hit by cruisers and an ammunition blast 75 miles northwest of Tripoli. Its commander Francesco Dell Anno was awarded the Gold Medal for this action. HP: 12 300 Artillery: 3 × twin 120mm guns Range of fire: 11,1 km Torpedo tubes: 2 × triple 533 mm torpedo tubes Torpedo range: 7 km Torpedo speed: 63 knots AA: 2 x single 40mm AA guns and 4 x 13.2mm machine guns Permanent damage: 35 Support in the priority sector: 35% Range of fire: 3,8km Speed: 32 knots Turning radius: 660m Rudder shift time: 5,5sec Detictibility from surface: 7,6km Detictibility from air: 3,7km Detictibility in smoke: 2km Detictibility in smoke when shooting: 3,2km Equipment: Engine boost & High Pressure Smoke Generator
  7. PanChrupek

    Wargaming Game center

    Reinstall the game I guess? Account progress won't dissapear so you can try to reinstall the game
  8. PanChrupek

    Port ship movement

    I know. It's one of my favourite now
  9. PanChrupek

    Suggestions thread

    USS Virginia - Tier III Premium Battleship USS Virginia (BB-13) - American battleship, main ship of the Virginia class. The fifth ship of the United States Navy to bear that name. The keel was laid on May 21, 1902 at the Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company. The ship was launched on April 6, 1904, godmother to Mrs. Gay Montague, daughter of the Virginia Governor. The unit entered service on May 7, 1906. Commander Seaton Schroeder was the first commander. HP: 30 100 Speed: 19 knt Armament: 4 × 305 mm, 8 × 203 mm, 12 × 152 mm, 24 × 37 mm (1 lb.), 4 × 7.62 mm Main battery reload time: 203mm - 30 sec Gun rotation: 4 deg/sec Firing range: 14.24 km Secondary armament reload time: 203mm - 23 sec 152mm - 15 sec 37mm - 3 sec Secondary armament firing range: 203mm - 3,3km 152mm - 2,7km AA firing range: 37mm - 2,1km 7.62mm - 1km Max HE damage: 1 100 Max AP damage: 8 100 Consumables: Repair party
  10. PanChrupek

    Port ship movement

    I seen some screens from it and im pretty interested, but now am gonna go do another idea on ideas thread or smt like that. Hope you'll like it (already made one)
  11. PanChrupek

    Port ship movement

    If ya want a alive port then I reccomend Dunkirk Theres pretty much happening here
  12. PanChrupek

    Suggestions thread

    HMS Somali : VIII Tier British Destroyer Entry into service : December 12 1938 British WWII destroyer, Tribal type, in service with the Royal Navy in 1938-1942. He wore tactical signs L33, F33, G33. During the war, he served in the Norwegian Campaign, in the Atlantic, the Arctic and the Mediterranean Sea. Sunk on September 24, 1942 by a submarine in the Arctic Ocean. The ship was ordered under the 1936 construction program. The keel for its construction was laid on August 26, 1936 at the Swan Hunter shipyard in Wallsend. The hull was launched on August 24, 1937, and the ship entered service with the Royal Navy on December 12, 1938. The Somali was the first British ship to bear that name from the Somalian people. It was equipped to act as the flagship of the flotilla (leader). Data: HP: 15 100 Speed: 36 knt Main battery guns: 8 guns of 120 mm (4.7in) QF Mk XII on double CP Mk XIX bases, covered with masks (4xII) with elevation angle + 40 ° AA:4 automatic anti-aircraft guns 40 mm Vickers Mk VIII pom-pom, quadruple coupled on the basis of the Mk VII (1xIV), 8 wkm plot Vickers 12.7 mm, quadruple coupled (2xIV) Torpedo: 4 torpedo tubes 533 mm QR Mk IX (1xIV) (4 torpedoes Mk IX) Main Battery Range: 11,9 km AA range: 40mm - 3,5 km 12,7mm - 4,5 km Torpedo range: 9,8 km Main gun reload time: 7 sec Torpedo reload time 70 sec Torpedo speed: 62 knt Detictibility: 7 km from the surface - 3,2 from the air Turning circle radius: 610m Rudder shift time: 3,7 sec Main guns rotation speed: 20 deg/sec Torpedo tube rotation speed: 25 deg/sec Max HE damage: 1 800 Max AP damage: 2 200 Max torpedo damage: 15 742 Average AA damage per sec. 4,9 Equipment: Smoke generator, Hydroacoustic search, Engine boost Smoke spreading time: 12 sec Smoke screen time : 53 sec Hydroacoustic search range: 4 km Hydroacoustic search time: 35 sec Engine boost time: 1 min and 37 sec If you want to change something then feel free to ask :)
  13. PanChrupek

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Today I managed to win a battle against VIII tiers but sadly got destroyed at the end
  14. I fear no man but that matchmaking, it scares me
  15. PanChrupek

    Ship remains in battle

    Update is today so I expect some bug fixes. If not then im kind of dissapointed because update is 4gb