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  1. RearAdmiralBallsy

    0.8.0 Mac - Game Finally Ruined. BUG!

    This is fair, but the point is they shouldn't be porting it. If they are, they it should be making sure it works. Also, re the stats. Yeah ok, but remember Mac is still a standard in Audio/Video fields, and a 100+ track Protools/Logic session surely will almost certainly take up more power than WOWS. The Mac Book Pro's are perfectly capable of running those sessions without the level of cooling found in a gaming PC, and the OS is much faster. My comp is so much faster than my partners higher spec PC equivalent. Also i bet 90% of PC's out there are Potato machines for running word and checking email. Stats are really not whats important, the point is they should remove the Mac Download option from the website unless its actually playable.
  2. RearAdmiralBallsy

    0.8.0 Mac - Game Finally Ruined. BUG!

    Also, Since the patch to fix bugs, the game is working and running smooth, although still crashing at end of games. However, the games at tier x are still completely fucked. What is going on WG!
  3. RearAdmiralBallsy

    0.8.0 Mac - Game Finally Ruined. BUG!

    Now thats an interesting option, how are you setting that up? I am assuming an SSD would be best bet, and boot camp runs off my internal SSD?
  4. RearAdmiralBallsy

    0.8.0 Mac - Game Finally Ruined. BUG!

    Yes, Fair comments. But I work as an Audio Engineer and well, I’m not prepared to swap to PC as that’s potentially more of a hassle and I don’t want to drop loads of cash on a platform for gaming on, there are things that will make me more money that are priorities. They shouldn’t allow it to be downloaded if they are not prepared to support it as a platform as it’s not fair on us, the consumer (and investors). If the game is going to be updated to a point where hardware/software is going to fail, a little notice would be appreciated! If they don’t want my regular stream of income, then so be it!
  5. RearAdmiralBallsy

    0.8.0 Mac - Game Finally Ruined. BUG!

    Hi, I cannot seem to submit a report in the proper manner, due to Mac. I know WG do not "technically" support mac - But they let you download and play the game......so here it is. Since CV rework, the game has started crashing in most games, unless the client is reset. I have performed fresh installs and repaired the game via support tab in the client portal. The game however works perfectly in Clan, Coop and Ranked, but not randoms. CV x 2 games are the worst at knocking it out. Since 0.8.2 (April) the game no longer works at all, crashing on entry to random battles. It works fine on my account on Windows, but Mac is dead. I haven't played one battle since the patch due to it. Its annoying the game is evolving to the point where we can no longer run it, especially when spending lots of money on WG Games! Its very annoying, can this be highlighted to the correct people? I have seen other Mac users highlighting the same problems.
  6. RearAdmiralBallsy

    Mac Crashes after Update 0.8.0 AA

    Mine To! Since carrier rework, crashes can be up to once a game without resetting the client between games. After 0.8.2 Crashes on entrance to every battle. Ive done fresh installs etc, repaired the game via support tab. Its fucked!
  7. RearAdmiralBallsy

    Looking for New Clan

    Hi All, Im looking for a new Clan: I am a avid wows player and have competed in the last few clan seasons, Current clan achieved Storm League last season and I played in a large number of the battles. I love the tactics and team play and I am looking for a more serious clan to play with. My Current new account is sitting at 52% Win Rate, Suffered recently playing a lot of solo/weekend battles and with very new commanders, I have around 3000 battles in total across my two accounts. I favour CR play and Play that role in CB' normally, also happy in BB and DD. I enjoy tactics and the clan format - Seeking a more professional team and people to play divison with as I prefer a social game to solo play Discord User. I have: Zao, Hindenberg, Montana, Conq, Des Mo as tier X's between my two accounts. Friendly and Polite, easy going. Hope to here from you all. If there is no interest in me, I am also thinking about starting a clan, so if you like the above and are also looking for a clan, get in touch, however preference is to join a fun, friendly and competitive clan. Jack