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  1. At this time, when the power is reasonably expensive (Denmark), I would just like to see where I used most power and what it was used to and was very surprised.. I just wanted to measure how much power my system actually uses, so I put an energy meter to my computer, and here comes some of the most awkward I've ever experienced when I play a game I consume 150W, that's ok use with gtx 1060 and really fine, but when i'm in port and my graphics card should do as little as possible, I consume 200W? .. how can a game be so badly optimized in this area? I think if you're at wargaming, give us an opportunity to decide how high the graphical seting we want in port, such as low middel high ultra? I just want to say that I'm using nvidia's proposal to make my system run optimally so I have not put my graphics low in the game so that's not why there's that difference ... see picture ...
  2. No_color_DK

    Bug Reports

    I do not know if this can be called a bug, but on your side, where you can get a state of the ships, it says that Ashitaka has 410 mm AP / APC Type88 shells, but in the game and on this page I link to further down the page, it says the 410 mm AP / APC Type91 (AP) ??? Now these shells are very different for piercing armor, especially at a great distance, and in my world, it means a lot about whether I want to buy this ship, can not you figure out what AP this ship actually has? .. has it 91 model, it's essential for the strength of the ship ... and if I want to buy it :-) You can see in this link and in the game that this ship has 410 mm AP / APC Type91 (AP), https://wowsft.com/WarshipStats?nation=japan&shipType=Premium&ship=Ashitaka&moduleN=1111&commander=default&s0=PCY001_CrashCrew_B_Japan&s1=PCY002_RegenCrew_B but here it shows that it has 410 mm AP / APC Type88 (AP) ??? http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Ashitaka Best regards No_color
  3. No_color_DK

    Update 0.7.10 - General Feedback

    sorry for the late reply, it was under updating of the game, it came first, and the first time i started the game, but after that there was nothing .. so i do not think that's a problem anymore :-)
  4. No_color_DK

    Update 0.7.10 - General Feedback

    My anti spy/maleware software shows problems with the client, my malewarebytes stops some connections, its trying to create? and describes the ip number as a place that can harm my system ?? So this is not in the game itself, but during the installation? log file description see here .. (((( Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log information- Date of protection event: 28/09/2018 Time of protection event: 18.57 Logfile: 9da708d4-c33f-11e8-afc9-7085c26c3f9b.json -software information- Version: Komponentversion: 1.0.463 Update package version: 1.0.7067 License: Premium -System information- OS: Windows 10 (Build 17134.285) CPU: x64 Filsystem: NTFS User: System -Information about blocked website- Harmful site: 1 , , Blocked, [-1], [-1],0.0.0 -Websitedata- Kategori: SCAM Domæne: IP-adress: Port: [6881] Type: outgoing Fil: D:\Games\WOWS_PublicTest\WoWsLauncher.exe (end) ))))
  5. No_color_DK

    Ashitaka is awesome - can we still buff her a bit?

    I do not know if you've seen it, but after update they've given the Ashitaka the same type of AP / APC 91 (AP) shells that nagato and amagi has... They show something else here http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Ashitaka but go into the game, and look there :-) .. It also appears on this page https://wowsft.com/WarshipStats?nation=japan&shipType=Premium&ship=Ashitaka&moduleN=1111&commander=default&s0=PCY001_CrashCrew_B_Japan&s1=PCY002_RegenCrew_B
  6. No_color_DK

    submarin ? should we expect submarines in the future ??

    And the ship looked strange too, for a tier v ship ..
  7. No_color_DK

    submarin ? should we expect submarines in the future ??

    Now the ship is gone again? ... very strange, but if they say it does not come, I have to believe that ...
  8. I'm just looking at what direction I'd like to develop my game in, and then a strange ship in the US tier v ?? One thing is that it seems to be completely misplaced, when you look at the ship, but then it says this is a tier v submarine? It may be this has been a promotion before, because I did not look through all threads in this forum, but it could be nice if this became part of the game :-)
  9. No_color_DK

    Ghost Ship ? a Scharnhorst disappeared next to me

    is understood :-) .. I just have to remember this, I thought the distance was bigger ..
  10. No_color_DK

    Ghost Ship ? a Scharnhorst disappeared next to me

    ok ... thanks for your reply :-)
  11. No_color_DK

    Ghost Ship ? a Scharnhorst disappeared next to me

    but is not there a distance where they can not hide? I also thought that their secondary battery would reveal them. We were as close to each other as you can be without bumping together .. I thought there was a limit to how close the opponent may be before they could hide. Of course I trust what you say but just thought it's very strange that you can hide such a ship so close to me ..
  12. I just played a random battle and saw that a Scharnhorst disappeared next to me, I'd say about 500 to a thousand meters from me just as I was ready to shoot, a few seconds later it came back and sank my ship how can it disappear so close, even if there was smoke, it could not disappear in the smoke? while its Secondary Guns shoots at me?