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  1. Lina_Hyo

    bots invasion

  2. Lina_Hyo

    Coop vs Random

    I play some higher tier ships in coop because I dont feel comfortable yet with them in randoms/against other players.
  3. Lina_Hyo


    In the nearly 1000 battles I played so far this only occured a few times, people were either mad that I play bad or called me out as a 2nd account, both with additional insults. The only time I took it serious was from a rather successful player, at least judging by his service record. Yet he did not answer on my attempt of him explaining me how to improve. Overall, and especially if I compare it to the amount of support and help the community offered and gave me so far, the community is really nice and patient. If you think WoWs is bad when it comes to insults, try WoT. Most random battles are that toxic, they can be registred by a Geiger counter.
  4. Lina_Hyo

    On average.....

    Depends, sometimes I can spend a whole afternoon or evening playing, on other occasions I juse click around in port without even starting a game or just doing a few rounds. For me it is also the mental exhaustion or when you really have to admit that your current session is just a bad streak in terms of teams,rng, etc. that stop me from continuing. An addiotional thing I observed is that I play longer when others are around. While playing alone, my sessions turn out to be much shorter. "Shared suffering is half the suffering" as the saying goes.
  5. Lina_Hyo

    Premium Shop in May: The Hunt for Bismarck

    Some of the character models are nice and I was really looking forward to get a few skilled captains for specific ships. After seeing the lootbox-system, the bundles and their prices I decided to keep my money.
  6. Lina_Hyo

    Will the Missouri / Musashi be in the shop again?

    I got bamboozled by the title and bought 180 Euros of weeb stuff in the premium shop accidentally.
  7. Lina_Hyo

    What will you spend your Soviet Tokens on?

    Trying to get the Lazo and camo for Vladivostok. Maybe I change my plans, depending on possible activity.
  8. Lina_Hyo

    Russian BBs - fun secondary builds?

    In the news article it is stated that you get the chance to test out the russian BBs during the event one month before their addition to the tech tree, so yeah - one month until their official release.
  9. Lina_Hyo

    May Combat Missions: Bismarck in Action!

    Good stuff.
  10. Lina_Hyo

    Team Honor or Glory?

    Would be fun if Wargaming gets bamboozled by the community, spreading the word of a single team in all chats and languages to maximize rewards for everyone. On the other hand the game would be flooded with Lazos. Not really sure why people would go for the WG enforced competition if they could just all hold hands and farm on extreme difficulty. Honor sux, lel.
  11. Lina_Hyo

    BB T6 and T7 left to play

    I have arrived.
  12. Lina_Hyo

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    The day has just began and I did my new highest damage game so far with 7 Kills in the Gneisenau, sadly it did not save the ingame screenshot.
  13. Lina_Hyo

    Tons of questions

    Well, I am back with more questions, yet WG has still not introduced medals for people that put in a lot of time and effort teaching new players like me to understand the parts of the game. To explain my current progress in the game and the troubles/questions that came up with it, best take a look at my Scharnhorst as I recently finished a round 100 games (but sadly for that autism not a round number of WR). I really like this ship and judging by the results achieved the ship likes me too, or at least suits my playstyle in progress rather well. 17. AA Sector Reinforcement This was a thing I was not really doing before and only started recently putting to use. If I can predict the attack direction or position of a CV and his planes on the minimap I try to put it correctly and switch after the strike or when I turn my ship. Yet I did not really felt a difference so far. My question is, how to use it the most efficient and is it really worth using? 18. General AA In the battles I had so far the most damage I took was not from enemy ships, it was from CVs. This seems to be a rather hot (and toxic) topic around the community but going with the current mechanics, how do I improve my defense against planes? I am aware of some basic stuff, such as abusing the arming time of torps or grouping up with allied AA ships, but often this is not possible or rather difficult. Are there some general tricks to make myself less of a target for an enemy CV and when does it make more sense to spec into AA with skills and upgrades, rather than general combat abilities? The Scharn's AA capabilities are okay in my opinion so I guess there is just more to it. 19. Wrecks and Shielding Apparently wrecks provide cover against torps and enemy shells of all types. But how much cover exactly or better asked, through what parts of a sinking ship can I shoot and for how long? This is hard to test and I just assumed that every visible part of a ship counts as obstacle, but what with ship structures or already sunk ships as cover for torps and low hitting shells during a few but maybe important seconds? 20. More ships So I really like the playstyle of the Scharnhorst and also already have a fully equipped Gneisenau in my port that I enjoy too. But what other ships resemble a comparable playstyle? Soon I will have enough Free XP for a Nelson and I am halfway to the coal for a Jean Bart. 21. More allies Another problem I ran into was that my solo sessions were rather strange. I dont know if this was due to MM doing MM things, me not having enough impact on the game, but whenever I played in a division it was way more relaxed and easier, even in defeats. Where can I find more players on my level to play with and learn from? I am more of an exception in my clan and most people play hightiers there, finding people via ingame channels is hard and it is even harder to find people willing in regular games. Are there any other places to look for people? Again, thank you in advance and I will surely come back with more questions.
  14. After finishing the mission "Fleet Supply" from the 3rd stage of the Fly Strike Win Event I recieved the mission and stage reward containers, one of them had a Kaga in it. I dont even want (to play) CVs, but it is nice to have fun in Co-Op. Anyone wants to trade his Massachusetts for a Kaga? Forgot to mention, I already finished the complete event and it was the only ship drop, even with the additional ones from the daily login bonus.
  15. Lina_Hyo

    Weekend Competition: Starfall

    Nice that it is combined with the Space Battles event as I otherwise would not have enough ships to get the final reward.