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    I play some higher tier ships in coop because I dont feel comfortable yet with them in randoms/against other players.
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    Tons of questions

    Alright, so I have been playing the game for a few days and there have been multiple things that came up where I did not find an answer by simple googling, lurking the forum or reading the wiki, so I am just going to ask here. 1. Contact List I can add people to my contacts and sort them by groups, but do people I add as a contact get a notification of this? Like a friend request on social media platforms or in WoT. 2. Graphical Settings There have already been multiple situations when my aim on an enemy ship was covered by smoke, flames and splashing water fountains. Is there a possibility to reduce or remove such effects? I still struggle with aiming and was wondering if it is possible to get some more vision. 3. (In)Visible ships No, I am not talking about ghost ships or people that shot me unseen. I try to work a lot with the minimap and sometimes enemies are some kind of semi-spotted, meaning: I can see their symbols on the minimap, as probably an ally spotted them rather far away, but the symbol is empty and I am unable to shoot the ship, even if it is in my range because I dont see it in my scope. What exactly is this? If the situation in the question is unclear, I will try to provide a replay. 4. Coal So I am aware of how the system works, I get coal from missions and daily boxes that I can spend in the arsenal (there also seems to be an exchange from steel to coal). But how exactly is the progress in this or how much coal is an average player able to generate? When opening crates, I always choose the option for more resources, as according to the forum the drop rate for super containers is rather low. Is it clever to save coal for bigger ships? 5. Free ships By using an invite code I was gifted a Diana L and will recieve a Warspite with my first game in a regular T6 ship. Currently I have a daily shipment for a Charleston and it seems some of the campaigns and missions also provide reward ships, same for super containers. My question here is, which ships are availble by said options? 6. Pre-Set ammunition It seems that the game always saves my last used ammunition, this is somehow annoying. After a HE-Cruiser game I always have to switch to AP in the loading screen when playing in a Battleship. Same when my last salvo in a Battleship was HE, obviously it does not occur when the last salvo was AP. Is there a way to preset ammunition types for ship classes or better, deactivate this function and set one ammunition as primary? 7. Sweaty hands So after some T1 Cruiser gameplay I got pretty handy with shooting, leading shots and actually hitting where I would like to (minus RNG). Yet this got worse in the lowtier Battleships I am currently playing. Some guy told me that every barrel has separate RNG and those ships are generally very inaccurate. Yet my bigger problem I generally have is shooting enemies that move on two axis at high speed, such as some mobile cruisers on long range. It is less the problem that they dodge my shells, but I dont really know how to aim on enemies that move towards or away from me. There is always a lot of guessing but I am sure there could be done more than just that. How do I improve my aim on ships that are moving on an y-axis? Again, if replays are needed to judge my current aim, I can provide them. Thank you in advance.