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  1. Hi Aslan, could you be so kind and add female commander names?
  2. Asparal

    Playing Low-tier US BB's (New York in particular)

    One of the most important lessons to learn is positioning and map awareness. Make your minimap bigger by using +/- and use ship names on minimap. Good players look on the minimap every few seconds. This will give you information about who is where on the map. Does the enemy team have a DD? where is he? was he spotted on the other side of the map or close to you? As a BB player you want to position you self so that you can support 2 caps. Don't snipe from max range, you wont help your team that way. Learn to angle.Don't go around big islands on the flank, that's waste of time for a BB and you never know what ship might pop up around the corner.
  3. Asparal

    What should I spend my real money on?

    I think Flamu made a Youtube video about the best Premium ships that is worth watching if you are new and want to buy a Premium ship. If you are not a experienced player you should stay away Premium ships from tier 8 and above. If you have played at tier 6-7 and want a Premium ship I would recommend the Scharnhorst.
  4. I can confirm that with Premium account I always get the possibility to purchase new Premium ships early in the morning at release day. Normaly its on Fridays at 7 am (UTC +1)
  5. Asparal

    Protected Random Battle MM

    As a new player in the game you are protected until you play a tier 5 ship or until you reach level 12. After that you will play against both experienced veterans and new players like you.
  6. Asparal

    Enjoying this game so far, so further tips?

    Btw Fuso when fully upgraded is one of the best BBs in the game tier by tier.