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  1. Munchboii

    ST, Competitive modes, balance and other changes

    If I buy a car and it's working with a 200HP engine and the manufacturer recalls it because they are going to change the engine power to 100HP, I would be entitled to a refund. The fact that the Duke of York is being nerfed may be a breach of EU sales standards, considering it was sold with certain advantages/features and now you are reducing the capability. If it's the case that the line is changing so no need in policy then why not Nerf the Belfast? Because the Fiji is also part of the same line? This is a joke, if you press ahead with this expect to be met with legal challenges from the EU + UK authorities about dodgy practises with premium ships.
  2. Munchboii

    7 minute 38 second Kraken USS Georgia in a T10 game

    3 out of 5 of those kills were kill steals. You didnt deserve that kraken
  3. Munchboii

    Theories on new lines?

    French CV line Italian CL Line Italian DD Line Italian BB Line then who knows... but we could see RN BB split Commonwealth CL Line Pan-Euro DD, CL French CV RU CV RN Heavy Cruiser Line Dutch CL Line (unlikely as now pan euro...) then when its exhausted.. submarines?
  4. Munchboii

    WG we have a problem.

    It's still nowhere near as bad as games like call of duty though is it? Ever heard the phrase stick and stones break my bones but words will not hurt me. You just need to toughen up and not be so sensitive to people calling you names or swearing. Take this as a life lesson and just ignore them
  5. Munchboii

    Is this how CVs are intended to be "balanced"?

    No and quite frankly I dont care. I think you missed the joke
  6. Munchboii

    Gamemode Proposal: Nation vs Nation Team Battles

    I think this is a good idea but they should start by having a game mode called something like "Historical Random Battle" where it is historical factions. So UK + USA + FRANCE + USSR vs Germany + Japan + Italy
  7. Munchboii

    Is this how CVs are intended to be "balanced"?

  8. Munchboii

    Battle Royale really?

    Nobody asked for this game mode, how about you work on the ACTUAL game such as NEW MAPS, ITALIAN LINES or CV rework? Why oh why oh why dont you know Battle royale was the 2018 meme anyway?? You're a bit late to the party WG
  9. Munchboii

    HMS Exeter fighter plane

    I'm sorry mate but I refuse to believe that chart. Only players who grinded really hard or within the last 2 weeks bought the Exeter have ownership of it. Which means that they are likely to be high skill players only who own it. So therefore those stats will be biased towards high damage and victory. From myself playing it I seem to always over penetrate other cruisers and DD when I use AP and when shooting BB with AP I just get non penetrations. So then I am just shooting HE all game because I can score more damage. But the ironic thing is that I could probably deal more damage per minute with the Emerald than what I can with the Exeter due to the Exeters 15 second reload and mediocre penetration on its main guns.
  10. Munchboii

    Tired of very limited rotation Operations

    This weeks operation needs a complete rebalance in my opinion. The tier 7 operation in rotation and the operation last week are so much easier than this weeks. I really think they should remove the Izumo and make it a tier 8 BB at most.. Also they need to give more HP to all defence batteries because they just die wayy too quickly!
  11. Munchboii

    HMS Exeter fighter plane

    Who cares about the plane... I just want my smoke screen back
  12. Munchboii

    AP bombs from CV. How to counter?

    This is a fair point and I agree with you here sir. However if I managed to snipe an enemy cruiser from 18km away and get a devastating strike or 75% of his health would it not be the case that I used high skill to know exactly where to shoot and therefore I was rewarded with a very satisfying kill? Whereas in a CV it's just fly forward, aim the marker, drop bombs ahead, rinse and repeat.
  13. Munchboii

    AP bombs from CV. How to counter?

    There was a cruiser 4km away and a battleship 5km away from me at the time, it was the start of the game so I did not consider that I'd need to be sticking with my teammates that early on. So I had some Aa cover. This just sounds like a situation where there was nothing i could actually do. Because I believe the bombs went straight through and hit the citadel which caused me not to be able to repair any damage either. Only solution is... PREMIUM HMS RODNEY - the sister ship to the Nelson - but give it AMAZING AA and 6km Torpedoes
  14. Munchboii

    AP bombs from CV. How to counter?

    I just had the quickest game ever in my entire experience. Ship - Nelson I was up tiered to VII - IX I sailed to the centre of the map and was singled out by enemy bomber planes from a Shokaku. On the first attack run the AP bombs hit me for 23K damage, the second hit me for 7k damage and the 3rd hit me for 12k damage. Holy crap I couldn't believe it, my Nelson got deleted and there was nothing I could do. I attempted to turn full rudder right/left but I was countered very easily by the enemy CV player. There were 2 or 3 ships also giving me AA support but none of them really helped that much. The Nelson AA is awful already so I'm not complaining about the AA being too low damage as I understand that's how the Nelson is balanced. But why do the AP bombs deliver so much damage? Because of being such a slow and wide ship I think this is why I took so much damage from the AP bombs. All I can say is that it makes me angry to see CV's - which let's be honest dont require very much skill - getting nearly 50k damage within 2 minutes of the game starting. Whereas in a cruiser or DD to achieve 50k damage in an entire game would be a good achievement. However the rewards are probably highly different and well stacked towards the CVs. So tell me war gaming are you happy with giving certain CVs (shokaku in this case) the ability to take away 75% of a BBs health within 2 minutes of a game starting? Is this fair balance? Can you honestly tell me you think you have a good balance between difficulty and reward here? And to the community I ask, do you think this is balanced? Or would you suggest reducing the damage potential of AP bombs? How can we balance this sky AP edit????
  15. Munchboii

    what premium ship should i buy?

    I would recommend buying a tier 7 premium because it is in the sweet-spot for good match making. Also, its less likely you'll be facing radar in Tier 7. Tier 7 also has a mixture of new players and experienced so its easy to play in whereas if you were doing Tier 10 then there is a higher chance of everybody on your team being rather pro at the game = you getting blown up alot. I currently own the Hood, Nelson, Lazo from tier 7. I bought Hood and used that to grind free XP to buy the Nelson.