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  1. Munchboii

    Where is Zara's airplane?

    But then how will the guns fire ?
  2. Munchboii

    Steam Haida bundle- im still waiting

    Dont forget it wasnt just Haida, also the Indianapolis and Monaghan. I gained about £50 worth of doubloons from an investment of £10 due to the 75% off deal on steam giving 100% doubloon refunds on in game ships. So in my example the Haida which I bought originally for £19, I received £19 worth of douboons + 2500 doublons. I broke the system and laughing all the way to the bank
  3. Munchboii

    What did you get from 'Premium T6 Ship' container?

    I got the gallant. Over the moon with joy! I love this ship already, a great addition to my fleet. With jack dunkirk commander this thing is a beast
  4. Munchboii

    Viribus Unitis is alive

    The guns are effective against cruisers due to the amount and accuracy. However if you are against T5+ BBs you will need to show them your bow and pray to the RNG gods. Because this ship has a horrendously low amount of HP, 35500 for a tier 5 BB. Any shell larger than 14" will citadel you.
  5. Munchboii


    Where are the token?!
  6. Munchboii

    Visual and Audio Enhancements

    The custom horn for the W.Virginia 1941 has been ruined by this update. Can you look at fixing this horn please? Or I will submit for a refund on the camoflage.
  7. Munchboii

    Update 0.8.8: Fourth Anniversary!

    F*ck I spent my coal and voucher on the Jean Bart 3 weeks ago I would have saved for the Thunderer had I known it would be for coal
  8. Munchboii


    This ship is too powerful. The DPM and fire chance, too high. Please ban this ship from being used in Ranked and Clan Battles or we will have situations of entire teams using this ship in battles.
  9. Munchboii


    I have restarted the game but still no tokens
  10. Well we have operations but I would love to see a Grand Operations mode. Where instead of just playing one operation and finishing, instead you go to a campaign screen. For example you could have a grand operation called "DDAY". 1st mission would be escorting the convoy across the english channel. With the introduction of submarines this could fit quite well? 2nd mission fighting off an enemy surface raider attack. Defend the convoy against air attack and enemy fast battleships (gnesenau, tirpitz ect) 3rd mission is supporting the ground invasion with actual DDay style landing craft hitting the beach. It is your job to provide naval bombardment support and screen against hostile DDs, aircraft and submarines. I think this would make the game more exciting, the developing gameplay aspect bring some excitement to the grind. See Battlefield 1 Operations for inspiration.
  11. Munchboii

    Hall of Fame - question about rewards

    I was in top 25% and did not get any tokens?!
  12. Munchboii

    New Ship Line

    There is a very delicate issue with balance in the game. The more they add the harder balance is to achieve. If they add torpedo boats then I suppose they would have low concealment, high speed, no guns, no AA and 2-4 fixed torpedo tubes. Not very fun for a player in my opinion. They would have to have less health than a DD now, perhaps 5k-10k hitpoints at Tier 10. That's about one broadside of a CL or CA and you will be Dev striked. So as soon as you are spotted, you die!. Also not convenient considering in order to fire the Torpedoes you literally have to be either reversing or going toward the enemy due to not having rotatable torpedo tubes. Which would cause a player to be more likely to be detected. The gameplay for this ship type would be short lived, difficult and unbalanced. Torpedo boats simply will not work in world of warships unless happy to die within 10 seconds of being spotted at the start of the match. If you wish to play torpedo boats and experience this short lived farce of gameplay I suggest you try War Thunder Naval. That has loads of torpedo boats but lacks anything larger than a CL.
  13. Why were they made in Portsmouth if they were dutch navy ships?