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  1. Hi Potential Clan Members Rogue is growing! We were a one team 50 member clan but after talking to many players we are going to split it into a Clan Battle focused team (Rogue One) and a training ground/focus on Oil Grinding for Naval Base perks team (Rogue Two). We understand not everyone wants to be in a clan for clan battles but we want the guys in Rogue Two to make the move to Rogue One when they feel they are ready! We use Discord on a daily basis and both Rogue One and Two will all chat together here - we also stream via Discord so all clan members can get in on the action and see what its all about. Still looking for people to come straight into Rogue One for clan battles as the non CB players migrate to Rogue Two. Message me in game if interested in coming on over! RJ.
  2. Hey, I have a spot going in our clan - always active in CB (currently Storm pushing Typhoon), good bunch of guys and use discord. Let me know if interested
  3. __RJ__

    Need help to improve

    Hi Hukoli We are a very active clan (we use discord too) with no rules around when you have to be on, there are always people online to Div up with and if you are on during Clan Battle season there is usually a space for everyone across the 2 teams. If you are interested send me an in game message and I will accommodate you.
  4. __RJ__

    [R0GUE] is recruiting

    Spot filled but another has come up due to inactivity
  5. __RJ__

    Update Audio Hotfix

    It has the same old ring as my iPhone - find myself looking at it every time.....
  6. __RJ__

    [R0GUE] is recruiting

    We have a spot thats become free, hit me up
  7. __RJ__

    WOWS 4th birthday bonus code

    think its some camo (unless i got them elsewhere, unaware).
  8. __RJ__

    [R0GUE] is recruiting

    couple of spots free due to players no longer active. Great clan benefits and a bunvh of friendly guys with good banter on discord. Come join us
  9. __RJ__

    Mature UK player LF Clan with Discord

    Hey Sark We are a very active clan, currently 48/50 players with great clan benefits. We use discord for daily divs and clan battles and 98% of us speak english. Be great to have you on board so take a look at our stats and if you fancy a test drive with us you can take a spot and if you dont like what you see there is no hard feelings (no one leaves once in ) Drop me a line if you have any questions RJ
  10. __RJ__

    LF good, active CW clan

    Hey Rurkovsky We are a very active clan, I have one spot thats come up in our clan size of 50. There are always div games going in any normal day and when Clan Battle season comes we always have at least 1 full team running. We use discord for general chat so if you are interested just let me know, feel free to message me in game.
  11. Hey OMC We are a very active clan of 49 out of 50 members and you will always find a div when you want to play plus we are very active in clan battles. We use discord for team chat and looking to add players who want to contribute to the success of all. I will send you a no obligation invite but just send me a message if you think you could be interested. Happy hunting!
  12. __RJ__

    Would a decent clan have me?

    Hey Taffia We are a very active clan of 49/50. We get better every CB season and although only been going a year we are all becoming better players with each others help. Love to have you on the team, have sent you an ingame invite if interested.
  13. __RJ__

    [R0GUE] is recruiting

    We have 1 spot become free. Looking for active players who are happy to use discord for clan battles and division chat. We are a fun active clan from all over the EU. If you are interested just PM me in game or put in a request to join :)
  14. __RJ__

    [R0GUE] is recruiting

    We have 1 spots available in our 50 member clan, looking for active players with an interest in Clan Battles but also active players looking to progress to Tier X ships with some clan help. We are a mixed bunch of UK, Scandinavian, German, Swiss, Irish, French and other EU countries plus a US based player who plays on EU time. Very easy going, no minimum requirements of oil needed or minimum frag rates etc. We have discord we use for random div, clans and general text chat. Naval Base Perks if you join: +5% Steel +7% Coal -12% Post Battle Costs -14% to all ship tier Research Costs +20% Free XP on all ship tier levels +4% XP on all ship tier levels +10% to Commander XP We have 1 spots free in max size of 50. Message me in game or put in a request on here and i will get in touch.