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  1. __RJ__

    [R0GUE] is recruiting

    couple of spots free due to players no longer active. Great clan benefits and a bunvh of friendly guys with good banter on discord. Come join us
  2. __RJ__

    Mature UK player LF Clan with Discord

    Hey Sark We are a very active clan, currently 48/50 players with great clan benefits. We use discord for daily divs and clan battles and 98% of us speak english. Be great to have you on board so take a look at our stats and if you fancy a test drive with us you can take a spot and if you dont like what you see there is no hard feelings (no one leaves once in ) Drop me a line if you have any questions RJ
  3. __RJ__

    LF good, active CW clan

    Hey Rurkovsky We are a very active clan, I have one spot thats come up in our clan size of 50. There are always div games going in any normal day and when Clan Battle season comes we always have at least 1 full team running. We use discord for general chat so if you are interested just let me know, feel free to message me in game.
  4. Hey OMC We are a very active clan of 49 out of 50 members and you will always find a div when you want to play plus we are very active in clan battles. We use discord for team chat and looking to add players who want to contribute to the success of all. I will send you a no obligation invite but just send me a message if you think you could be interested. Happy hunting!
  5. __RJ__

    Would a decent clan have me?

    Hey Taffia We are a very active clan of 49/50. We get better every CB season and although only been going a year we are all becoming better players with each others help. Love to have you on the team, have sent you an ingame invite if interested.
  6. __RJ__

    [R0GUE] is recruiting

    We have 1 spot become free. Looking for active players who are happy to use discord for clan battles and division chat. We are a fun active clan from all over the EU. If you are interested just PM me in game or put in a request to join :)
  7. __RJ__

    Is the Stalingrad worth it?

    I have managed to grind enough steel in the latest Ranked season to be able to get the Stalingrad and wondering if she is worth all the fuss? In CB I either end up being the designated BB (Montana) driver or when not needed in that position its the Worcester or Moskva when in cruiser. I prefer playing Worc over Moskva but my clan prefer the tankiness of the Moskva which I find just a bit 'boring' at times. Will I notice much difference if I play the Moskva role with the Stalingrad instead? We only have 1 Stali in our clan and he only recently got it so feedback from him is 'light' at the moment. Another clan member has suggested the Borgogne instead because I run the Monty pretty well in CB so some doubt has crept in. Your feedback is appreciated! :)
  8. __RJ__

    [R0GUE] is recruiting

    Final spot has become free, let me know if interested
  9. __RJ__

    EU Server Gone Down?

    Thought I had reached my game limit for the day.....
  10. __RJ__

    Searching for a clan

    sent you a PM
  11. __RJ__

    [R0GUE] is recruiting

    Got 2 spots left in Clan, currently fighting in Storm League IN CB
  12. __RJ__

    English Speaking Clan Required - Active

    Hey xER0 WE have a couple of spots left from our recent upgrade to the max clan size, we are pretty active with weekly Div Randoms and always have a team playing CB when it is on. Everyone gets to play CB, I understand there are politics and seniority in other clans but not us, if you want to play we rotate out so everyone has a fair number of matches if there are more players than spots. Any questions just let me know. RJ
  13. __RJ__

    Looking for the clan to join.

    We have a few spots available after increasing to max 50 clan size, if you use discord for div and clan battles we could be a good fit for you.
  14. __RJ__

    [R0GUE] is recruiting

    spots still available guys :)
  15. __RJ__

    Looking for good clan to play Clanbattles

    Hey Bibi, we are an active clan who regularly play div and always put together a team for CB. We use discord for mic and to communicate in more general text chat. We just maxed out the naval base for 50 clan members so have a few spots remaining. If you are interested just let me know or drop me a message in game.