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  1. Randaume

    New map suggestion

    Thank you, it's very interesting for me to work on this with all your feedback, once again @Oely001 works on map design was very interesting and helpful. I'm against the idea of a contest for the simple reason of what we are doing here, a map design needs time and reflexion, not a simple choice between 10 or more different pictures (cf. camo contest). As you can see on the picture below (large colored circles are Moskva 12km radars), the area between B-cap and D-cap is far from being a DDs territory. I could also argue that you would like to be able to radar from cover behind an island when you can already do that on Alpha, Bravo and Delta control points. I agree on this point, players at high tiers (VIII-X) tends to play from a long distance. The solution could be a large and tall island on G4-H5 and D7-E8. I think it will be challenging and quite fun. I think it's an average map design with several flaws you listed before. C-cap is a status-quo for 15 minutes because BBs don't want to push, eastern side of the map is even worth because it's almost completely cut off from the other part of the map. Cruisers and BBs refuse to go in A-cap because its a DDs territory. You can find on this map all the stuff you don't like on mine.
  2. Randaume

    New map suggestion

    This ice block (island) is here to provide some retreat options for northeast DDs. Like in the example: I was not sure about H4-5 and E8 islands too, they may change or be deleted in next update. I'm also trying to add some "realism" as @Miessa3 said, those islands are ice blocks from the fast ice block in the bottom left corner.
  3. Randaume

    New map suggestion

    48x48km (largest map size available). Can you use this map for coordinates (or circle them with paint), please?
  4. Randaume

    New map suggestion

    @Oely001 I just went through your post about map design, very interesting reflexions and work. I've made a serious rework of the map related to it and @Miessa3 feedback, even if I don't agree on this: SW team had a slight advantage on B while NE team had a slight advantage on A. Here is an updated version of the map:
  5. Randaume

    New map suggestion

    First of all, I'm genuinely happy to see serious and complete feedback even if things are far from being perfect for you. That will give me the opportunity to clarify some points and make some corrections or changes since I would agree with you on several points about balance and gameplay flaws. I think it's important to remember this map design started with the idea of making something asymmetrical but balanced and challenging, with different gameplay styles and opportunities. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to predict (stupid) players behavior (Two Brothers map is the perfect example). About map design, it's important to keep in mind that ice blocks (i.e. islands) are very tall as you can see in this illustration: About balance and gameplay flaws, I'll use this map all along to illustrate my point: Version 2 changes: - Ships were able to shoot on Bravo from Alpha cover, it was also much easier to take it and defend it from the north-eastern side. - Charlie-cap was supposed to be an "island-radar-free" control point and as you can see it's easy to radar it from cover (large colored circles are Moskva 12km radars). - There were not enough cover to attack/defend the spawns. Here is an updated version of the map taking into account many of your remarks:
  6. Randaume

    New map suggestion

    Thank you for your feedback Et3rnity. About Delta control point in the south, the goal is to offer different gameplay (ambushes and close quarters combat) from the others caps. The distance between the ice blocks may be a little tight, be sure I'll keep your suggestion in mind. However, it's important to keep in mind that the map size is 48x48km and as you can see in the pictures below (Northern Lights map), you can easily fit a Harugumo between the two islands on the eastern cap (red circle).
  7. Randaume

    New map suggestion

    I've just finished a re-work of an old version of the map "Islands of Ice" to make it as balanced and as asymmetrical as possible. ----- Some backstory of the map: A big chunk of fast ice fractured and drifted away, leaving behind many ice blocks drifting. - In the left top corner of the map, Alpha control point is covered from the others by two heavy blocks of drift ice, a smaller block in the middle will give the destroyers cover, long enough to allow (tactical) retreat. On the other hand, two positions on the north and south of the control point give the opportunity to sink them with cover from the opposite team. - Bravo control point can be captured from cover in the south. The first team to control Alpha will have a large field of view from in-between the two heavy blocks of drift ice on those positions. - In the middle, Charlie is an island-radar-free control point with three small ice blocks. Their height allows players to fire over them from any distance. - You will find several blocks of pack ice in the south-east part of the map, it will allow you to secretly move and organize ambushes for close quarters combat, they also provide flank cap control on the medium sized island located in the center of Delta. Battleships will enter the zone at their own risk. ----- Feel free to comment and give your opinion, I'll be happy to hear every suggestion! Please keep it constructive.