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  1. Since the latest patch I have experience repeated crashes where the game freezes, I have to CTRL - ALT - DEL out to close the game and then re-enter. Duration between crashes varies, once the first occurs it does increase in frequency. Don't think it's overheat - As there's no excessive heat being reported by the PC (of physically pumping out of it). Don't think it's driver issues - Pre-patch no issues on old(er) graphics driver, but post-patch it crashed on that same driver plus the two that have been released since. Nothing showing as an issue with the game files when I verify them. Checkdisk not showing any issues with drives. I do not see any error reports generated - I expected to receive auto-generated reports which would help me narrow down the issue. Are there reports generated and I'm looking in the wrong area? Or does anyone have ideas how I go about capturing the issue so I can try to report it back to Wargaming? Right now all I've got is rip apart the machine and see if that helps, but as it's only this game I can't see why that would make a difference. Thank you