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    How to perform best when playing bottom tier?

    Well, not much good it does hiding them when people can just check third-party sites for outdated stats, haha. I don't care about hiding my performance, nor do I mind you or anyone checking it, but I know from other games how people like to use the fact that someone spent money on a game to put them down and make "P2W" accusations. One would think there'd be less hate for the people who keep the game they enjoy F2P. :D Oh well, I'll unhide them as soon as I'm done posting here, since it does no good anyway. Not to bore folks with a biography, but since you asked: back when the game was brand new I had an NA account and played until tier VI before quitting because I found the game too slow-paced and boring. Being EU now I recently started a new account, started to get bored with the pace again, and a friend convinced me to try a premium to get a feel for VII+ before quitting. Well, that solved the slow-paced problem! Now I can't get enough of the game and have several VIII's, but admit I still have a loooong way to go before I'm really good. I still play some low-tier battles, but mainly just for the daily XP bonus with as many XP flags and camos as I can fit on the ship. While I realize it's more forgiving of mistakes and a good place to learn, it's just less fun. Perhaps I need to go back and level a few lines to VIII or so anyway for the practice (the tier X ships don't really interest me much historically - the earlier WWII-era ships are far more fascinating!), but can't say I look forward to that slog. Thanks to everyone else as well for the tips, especially eliastion - I probably overvalue tier somewhat and will try to keep playing to my ships' strengths normally when I encounter this. Also wasn't aware that "fail divisioning" was a named phenomenon or so looked down upon, so that's good to know - I assumed it's considered balanced because the game tries to put another tier -3 ship on the opposing team.
  2. This is a request-for-advice thread. I'm far from the best player out there, sitting on a win rate at consistently around 50% +/-3, and feeling like I underperform in many of those battles I win. Most of this is due to my needing to improve my gameplay in general, but a smaller part of this is that I tend to play tier VIII and thus often get matched against tier X ships. I'll be honest, even if I had a ton of tier X ships to choose from, I'd still prefer playing tier VIII - many of the neatest ships, in my opinion, are at tiers VII and VIII, and if I pick VII someone in my division can pick an VIII. Especially where tier X is concerned, even a 2-tier gap seems like a lot, but it's how the matchmaking works and I have to live with it. This means that I have to improve not only generally, which goes without saying, but specifically at being the low-tier ship in a battle. So let me ask some advice of better captains: how does your gameplay change when you find yourself two or even three tiers below the top-tier ship in a battle, especially when over half of the opposing team is at least one tier above you? Are you more passive, waiting for the higher-tier ships to engage so that you can hopefully survive longer? As a BB do you view yourself as more expendable than, say, a Yamato or Kurfürst and thus try to draw fire from him, or let him tank because he can take more of a beating? I feel like I'm just getting the hang of decision-making against at-tier opponents, and am a bit out of my depth when it comes to facing off against an opposing ship with higher stats. Any help is appreciated!
  3. Aulus_Claudius

    More radars? Nerfed radars? L2P? Radar counters?

    I voted to have radar nerfed. Make it not work through terrain, increased spread against targets only detected by radar, detected targets only showing up on the minimap, something to limit its potential and make it a primarily defensive ability to give BBs and cruisers an early torpedo warning. Using it to so offensively and severely punish DDs for doing their jobs - the job they've always done for experienced players, and are taught to do in tiers I-VI for newbies - is too much.
  4. Aulus_Claudius

    Hard to Play with High Tier Destroyers!!!

    That's the thing - radar is the OP gimmick, and it needs some limitation because currently it's nothing less than an "I win"-button. Hard cover would be great if it worked like in reality where radar can't see through rock. Currently you can use it to get out of line of fire, but are still detected against all logic. This is not an unreasonable request. Another user here suggested a larger spread against targets only detected by radar - either of these would be passive limitations and not "another gimmick" like a counter ability for DD's admittedly would be.
  5. Aulus_Claudius


    Good tip, thanks! I know it's a giant "here I am!" ability, I guess I just hoped it gave me some extra time to contest. Good point about the scouting range. Question: If it wasn't already on cooldown, I also try to leave some smoke behind before I leave the point to bait a radar - are you suggesting I avoid doing this, too?
  6. Aulus_Claudius


    As someone who really enjoyed pre-radar DDs, this ability is putting a serious damper on the fun of being a DD, not to mention making things like using smoke - which already gave away a DD's position enough as it was - downright deadly for the user. Perhaps something had to be done to limit DDs' impact, but the way it's been implemented, radar is the textbook definition of "unfun" - a guaranteed, wide-reaching AoE which completely negates all of an opponent's competitive advantages, rendering him helpless and at the user's mercy. Having just recently returned to WoWS with a new account, I'm still trying to wrap my mind around how this ability could have made it past a professional balance team without some serious limitations and counterplay. But enough ranting - this ability enrages me to no end, but I'm actually here for tips on how to start a match off as a DD now that radar is in the game. How I used to play DD: 1. After the two points we're going to contest are decided, sail into one of them but stay near the edge. At the first sign of being detected, smoke and keep contesting. 2. Once the point is clearly won or lost, continue on to support the main battle line by taking out BBs, preferably with one or more friendly BBs in TeamSpeak to call targets. 3. Dodge cruisers and other DDs (I tend to prefer deep-water torp DDs like Pan-Asia and Asashio), utilizing knowledge of their top speed, what they're currently doing, and my own detection radius to avoid them. 4. If there are a lot of cruisers with the BBs or CV, hang back for a bit and wait for an opening, with some long-range torping if I think it may take a while. 5. If an opening appears unlikely, call out a target for my division's BBs in TeamSpeak if possible and have them create an opening for me. 6. Try to use islands to my advantage, hiding behind them and torping around them when I see (or in some cases suspect) an open target. 7. If all else fails and I get into a jam with enemy cruisers, use my only competitive advantage as a DD and try to run and hide to circle back around later for a more advantageous confrontation. How I'm forced to play DD now: 1. First things first: If there's a friendly cruiser in my division, ask him to cover me. If not, ask cruisers in team chat for cover. Still sail into the first point, but turn around immediately and stay at the absolute edge of the circle, ready to make a run for it as soon as I'm detected. Still use smoke, but only to bait the radar out as I sail away and hopefully draw some fire while I run far, far away from the useless smoke. 2. Point 2 doesn't change, but is very negatively affected by... 3. Dodge other DDs and attempt to dodge cruisers, accepting that a 10km radius around every radar-capable cruiser could well create an impassable line for me. 4. If such an impassable line of radar cruisers is sitting between me and the BBs or CV, hang back with our own cruisers and BBs to long-range torp as well as I can. Forget about ever getting close while they're alive even when I know they've used it recently or successfully baited it, because they'll have it back in a couple minutes and if I'm not at the outer edge of radar range when they activate it I'm as good as dead. 5. Call out every radar cruiser which gets within a 15km radius in TeamSpeak and hope that my division's BBs can handle the increased work load created for them by this ability so that I can do my job more effectively. Give thanks to a higher power that I tend to list together with 2 BB mains, because I'd have a much tougher life without them focussing radar cruisers. 6. Try to use islands to my advantage, but accept that radar unrealistically sees through rock, and 30 seconds is quite a long time for a cruiser to come around and force me into the open. If there's another island, try to run and island hop until the 30 seconds are up. 7. If all else fails and I get into a jam with enemy cruisers, do my best to run, dodge, and pray, because there's no hiding, and probably no escape. Believe it or not, I was trying to make the new play style sound as fun and definitely-not-hopeless there as I possibly could while remaining honest about how radar has changed things. As much as I hope it'll be tuned down for the sake of fun and balance, I want to be able to play around it more effectively. So I ask better players than I: what am I not doing here that I could do better, in theory?
  7. Aulus_Claudius

    Hard to Play with High Tier Destroyers!!!

    Unfortunately I lost access to my original account back when the game was newer, now I just started up again and decided to buy a set of T7-8 ships that fit my play style to get started again. Back then, there was no radar, and DD was amazingly fun, but not OP. Now, while it's still fun, games with radar suck much of that fun out of it. That such an ability made it into the game without more serious (and realistic) limitations shocks and appalls me - I'd be surprised if such a thing made it past a first-year intern monkeying around with the game balance files, let alone a whole balance team. Admittedly I'm still in the process of getting back into the swing of the game, and although it won't make it any less infuriating to play against, since radar is likely here to stay I appreciate any tips to deal with it.
  8. Aulus_Claudius

    Hard to Play with High Tier Destroyers!!!

    With respect, this isn't my first account. Rather presumptive to assume to much from a profile, to say the least.
  9. Aulus_Claudius

    Hard to Play with High Tier Destroyers!!!

    Radar is definitely too powerful. I still manage to do well with my high-tier DD, but radar just sucks the fun out of it. If I felt like I was really outplayed by a cruiser, and ended up doing no damage for that reason, it wouldn't bother me in the least, but the "I win"-button utterly deleting the only competitive advantage I have as a DD just enrages me every time because there's no counterplay other than running away like a swatted fly. There needs to be some limitation to radar, like being unable to see over terrain, or only showing the DD for the cruiser using it rather than for the whole opposing team. A DD ability to reduce the range radar can pick them up temporarily would also give a sense of counterplay.