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  1. Aetius85

    Anyone else experiencing critical errors?

    Same as you, after 1 or 2 updates started having crashes and critical errors..with or without mods..having now average 1 critical error per day
  2. Ready for the new CB season? Feel free to join our discord and have a chat with us!
  3. Aetius85

    New ships — Closed testing 0.11.8 (DB 350)

    Don't get why t7 has 155 then we go back to 150 after t8..I would have been fun to have a bigger 155 mogami on t10.. T9 prem german bc, another half brother of agir and siegfried was needed? No comment on supersh**s stuff, as will ignore them
  4. Some free spots, feel free to jump on discord and have a chat with our recruiters :)
  5. Aetius85

    I'm not sure if this is statistically possible.

    Maybe has 20000 games on Hermelin...
  6. Daily Containers With the release of the change the following daily containers will be available: More credits and economic bonuses; More combat signals; Try your luck; More Coal; More Camouflages So it seems the good old "more resources" container will disappear. Something makes me think that choosing 3 containers (1 coal, 1 more combat signals, 1 more credit and economic signals) will give a nerfed reward of choosing 3 old "more resources"
  7. Aetius85

    Looking for a Clan, second accaount from CIS

    Sent you a PM ;)
  8. Come on, don't be shy! If you want to play CBs jump on our discord and have a talk with us!
  9. Aetius85

    IJN Light cruiser line in roadmap

    I hope they will not kill the 155 mogami too...one of my preferred ships and with dedicated captain on it. Move it without changes on new line, or at least make her a premium ship and add one of her sisters on CA line with only 203 option..
  10. With t11 around, also in CBs and ranked...most of armory ships will be powercrept, so better to keep resources for t11 or t12 special ships...
  11. Aetius85

    Easter Egg Hunt Results Round TWO

    Ok, they answered the counter was not resetted, so what I see now is the total of the sprints..not a great idea in my opinion, if you do 2 sprints with different prizes you should show only the active sprint value to avoid misunderstandings..
  12. Aetius85

    Easter Egg Hunt Results Round TWO

    Same, received 10000 coal but no SC