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  1. Aetius85

    General CV related discussions.

    Mine was an example, but the entire T3-T4 gameplay is totally broken due to the fact that most of ships have 0 or near 0 AA defence. Especially if you are using a BB you are so big and slow that you cannot avoid to be hit. So each passage cv can damage you, make you flood, broke engine, cause fire. If you are lucky, and you reached the end of game with 2-3 ships and also 1 CV you know that you will die soon. I don't see much alternatives, or CV should start from T6, removing the T4 layer, or all ships also at that tiers should have a minimum AA to defend themselves.
  2. Aetius85

    General CV related discussions.

    This. Yesterday wanted to do a battle with Dreadnought after quite a lot time... Found 2 CVS. Unfortunately for me i spawned alone on a side, with an afk dd and one cv. I tried to reach the group, with the fantastic 20kts speed, but the enemy cvs started targeting me since the beginning and I got sunk after 5 mins without the chance to fire 1 single shot. When WG will give the chance to defend yourself? Else you are saying people ok you have this ship but you cannot use her anymore because you will be the target of a turkey shoot.
  3. Aetius85


    Ciao, si attiva quando blocchi la cattura di cap da parte di un nemico, sia nel caso sia ancora non catturato, sia nel caso la tua squadra lo possegga. Per bloccare il cap bisogna sparare sul nemico: a te darà nastrino difesa, al nemico il contatore di cattura verrà azzerato/rallentato.
  4. Aetius85

    Manual secondaries skill for t6 and below

    Thank you for your feedback. It's a veeeery good mannered way to say the accuracy boost below tier 7 is quite not even noticeable, so if I want to have a dedicated 19 pt on the Kaiser better use a different skill till any change is done in future in order to make this skill useful :)
  5. Aetius85

    Manual secondaries skill for t6 and below

    I totally agree about the secondary battery firing only on one side while the others are eating a sandwich has totally no sense. Hope the WG can rework this as not seems something big. But my original question was about the worth of expending 4 captain points only to receive a meager 15% precision
  6. Aetius85

    Manual secondaries skill for t6 and below

    so do you see any real improvement with that 15% accuracy bonus?
  7. I love the secondaries build but would like to know your opinion about the manual skill for t6 and below. The bonus is very bad (only 15%) so I think this is a totally useless skill to be used only from t7 and up, what do you think?
  8. Aetius85

    "Strong-Willed” temporary Campaign

    Totally agree with you. Campaigns, like Scenarios, are still content which are interesting for the playerbase, and are not conflicting with directives, weekend missions, twitch, events etc. Maybe is a resourcing problem and WG has not enough developers to maintain everything...else if this is a Marketing strategy I really don't understand it.
  9. Aetius85

    My thoughts go out to Italy

    Thank you for your message, appreciated.
  10. Aetius85

    "Strong-Willed” temporary Campaign

    Yes, but who will join the game after will have no option..in my opinion it would be nice to have a campaign dedicated for each nation with a specific captain/ship as final prize
  11. From developer bulletin 0.9.3 The Campaign will remain available for 6 months after the release of Update 0.9.3. Why Campaigns are so ignored by WG? Finally you put a new one and you make it available only for 6 months? I hoped this was a new cycle of campaigns (one for each nation branch and not only Japan/USA)..
  12. Aetius85

    Ranked Battles [ quindicesima stagione ]

    Concordo sulla frustrazione, mi sono capitate giornate in cui sono arrivato a 8 e poi sconfitte consecutive che riportano a 11. Usando il matchmaking monitor ho registrato che "casualmente" nella striscia di sconfitte consecutive nel mio team c'erano 3-4 "Deep Red Stat" players, mentre dall'altro lato solo 1 o nessuno. Average WR 48% vs 51%. Purtroppo in quei casi l'unica speranza è cercare di mantenere la stella, ma lì dipende sia dalle tue abilità sia dalla nave che hai scelto. L'unica consolazione che mi è rimasta è che almeno sto sfruttando le ranked per le missioni dei leggendari
  13. Aetius85

    t X, e se...

    Alla GK piace questo elemento
  14. Great balance so..they passed from a "must have" skill to a totally useless one now