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  1. Cmdr_Venom

    Wg Messed up bigg time

  2. Cmdr_Venom

    Wg Messed up bigg time

    @ MrConway well just a new topic about you screwing up the game, and to be honest i already knew you would be [edited]it up!! no suprise tho anyways cv's okay its a part of the game i agree but not in this state, first of al iam a dd player, and its not posible anymore to play a dd normal, you get spotted every 4 sec planes every where, soo you already destroyed the dd game play, not even mention the 2 cv's in a match serioudly? you numnuts put a cap on dd's only 4 allowed but now you put 2 cv's in a match with airplanes that never runs out LMAO epic fail why the hell you doing this seriously you are destroying the game play deliberately? you wanne have some advice? hopefully you finaly starts listening to the players, what i dont belive wg dont give a crap about players anyways you need to fixx or do somthing make dd playble again fixx the aa do SOMTHING becaus you will lose players and iam not talking about 10 or 15 alot of cv player dont agree well dont blame them, playing overpowered cv is meta now no one is safe any more!! fixxx this damm game dude!!!!
  3. Cmdr_Venom

    Did WG just kill DD gameplay?

    @MrConway ohww damm where do i start, you messed up and this time its bigg poeple are leaving this game like madmans, got 1 question you fella's do this on purpose? destroying a game with those damm cv's??? dont get me wrong m8 cv's are a part of the game true, but not like this not in this state iam a DD player and its not even playble any more for a dd or cruiser of bb, you get spotted what every 4sec planes are every where like a disease its not fun anymore, not to mention the AA that does not work its a freaking joke, sooo realy and hopefully you numnuts start listening to players this time!!!! fixxx this issue and make playing dd's playble again fixx the damm aa nonsens!! ohww some advice m8 do it fast you are losing alot of players and iam one of them, lmao even war thunder where you can play battleships is more fun on this point soo fixx the damm game dude!!
  4. Cmdr_Venom

    Witch ship is better, (fletcher or jutland)

    Plus also what i dont understand is this, you say jutland is superior gun boat mabye you right, but fletcher has 130mm guns and jutland has 113mm witch normal does less dmg than 130mm of the fletcher plus the reload of the flechter is insane
  5. Cmdr_Venom

    Witch ship is better, (fletcher or jutland)

    True, but torps are pretty solid on the jutland to, 10km witch fletcher has to if ami not mistaking, plus saw that video of the jutland made by notser, and he says also with this defence dd jutland, you need to camp witch i realy hate, we have already enough camping usa cruisers, Alfonso's dont do any thing else than that just saying
  6. Cmdr_Venom

    Witch ship is better, (fletcher or jutland)

    I think you missed the topic right here, soo wont blame you but before you comment reed the topic, salem is a cruiser i dont and wil never play usa camping ships
  7. Hello and goodmorning start this topic becaus, wanted to see what you guys think and have to say about it, discussion about witch dd would be better, fletcher or jutland, my personal experiance iam not a bigg fan of the jutland, its slow verry sluggy in moving to, on the other hand it has hydro, heal, and inproved ap shells well thats what they say, my own opinion i think fletcher is way better, it feels more like a dd, down site less fire chance than the jutland and and each turret has only 1 gun witch jutland has 2 but stil like the fletcher more anyways realy wonder wuat you guys have to say about, greats
  8. Cmdr_Venom

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    __Helmut_Kohl__ thats some realy usefull information is wil thanks you for that bruvv
  9. Cmdr_Venom

    Unballanced Match making + longrange radars

    dfrens iam not mad it only make no sence with those long range radars, and the match making is indeed HORRIBLE playing tier 8 but you have to go up against what tier 9 and 10 and fair nothing is fair about that!!! plus if you end up against tier 9 and 10 you have to deal with them damm radar boats
  10. Cmdr_Venom

    Unballanced Match making + longrange radars

    lol mabye thats a idea indeed, but if there are sooo many topic about this radar [edited], why the hell they dont do any thing about than?
  11. Cmdr_Venom

    Unballanced Match making + longrange radars

    not gone happen keap open a topic new one afther new one belive me!!!!!
  12. Cmdr_Venom

    Unballanced Match making + longrange radars

    dude did i say i would like tier 7 better you are not getting the point do you? its destroying the game on tier 9 and 10 mabye for you it isnt becaus you are bigg fan of thos long range radars and camping to ? wont be a suprise tho dont want to get the radar removed but long range radar dont make any sence for alot of ships specialy the dd's this game is build similar to the world war 1 and 2 soo before you say this game aint about realy life its not but again its similar to and thats not even it LMAo
  13. Cmdr_Venom

    Unballanced Match making + longrange radars

    that they need to fixx that crap, it dont make any sence, thats what the forums are for, and like he said more topic's are opened with the same kinda issue sooo SAYS ENOUGH right
  14. helloo iam playing this game for a whille and i realy wanne say somthing, first of all how the hell you can make long range radar on tier 9 and 10 ships its realy destroying the game for DD'S my grantfather whas in the world war 2 and 100% there where not long range radars if you wanne make this game similar to the world war 1&2 do it better becaus this tier 9 and 10 dont make any sence at all al i know alot of poeple complaining about it and realy destroy's the fun of this game for alot of poeple 2de horrible matach making thingy tier 8 ship and you end up against tier 9 or 10 ain fair does it? i mean its like racing with you golf 5 against a freaking ferrari aint fair also if you get my point!! game is anoyble but that fracking [edited] on tier 9 or 10 you forcing poeple to stick around in tier 7 becaus its more ballanced 50 50 chance!! @MrConway
  15. Cmdr_Venom

    Hall of Fame Rewards Issue

    when you guys will refresh the royal nav missions, soo we can get new one's?? @MrConway