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  1. The alternative warship tree, which has the same concept as the existing German Armored Tree, did not interest me at all. Can someone tell me the concept difference between these ships and the main tree? (except torpedoes)
  2. Berkay1309x_TR

    Kitakami is coming

    Please, don't do this to us.
  3. Berkay1309x_TR

    Torpedoes really are broken

    I talked to a few other people who said something like this happened. I think it's an bug caused by submarine torpedoes that change direction relative to the marked area.
  4. Berkay1309x_TR

    New stage of submarine testing

    Of course some adjustments need to be made but I'm worried this testing process will take forever.
  5. Berkay1309x_TR

    New stage of submarine testing

    I want this testing phase to be the final testing phase for submarines.