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  1. Exactly what I was thinking, The Guns do not seem to be " God Like " and strike fear into mere mortals. I think at T8 you need to be able to deal damage to T9 and T10 with no drama.
  2. SmashUrr

    How do you actually play a Battleship?

    Its a long time since I played a Monarch I feel a Monarch Challenge on The Horizon 11 Mill thats 500 consumables Not sure I am that interested
  3. SmashUrr

    How do you actually play a Battleship?

    Because hopefully it teaches a player , how to manage your battle ships servivability ( not to panic when flooding or on fire etc ), and gives a player an incite into advanced battleship positioning techniques under real time battle conditions ( no co-op ) using your map tools to help you with map awareness, allowing a player to manage there game economy with in a less expensive game. It also gives a player an incite to the " line of battleships " that suits there " game play " with in the lines unique perceived properties, where by they do not use a lot of there games money on higher tier ships. ( how not to waist money )
  4. SmashUrr

    I don't know what to do.

    IMHO Very Good Post
  5. SmashUrr

    How do you actually play a Battleship?

    I sold all mine and only kept Fiji, Oh and Lightning I use to love Mino and Conqueror
  6. SmashUrr

    How do you actually play a Battleship?

    Psst :- So, Start ar T3, and do not move to T4 until you have played 200 games at T3, then do not move to T5 until you have played 200 games at T4, blar blar blar Build your Commander. T3 T4 are torpedo Hell, so pick a BB with AA and make its rudder shift as quick as possible Pick 1 line to Explore, one that YOU LIKE TO PLAY more if you want it Oh and stay away from Co-Op, all thats going to tech you is bad habits IMHO ~~~ My General American BB build above T5 under T5 I thake Vigilance over basics of servivability
  7. SmashUrr

    Research Support Bundles

    Try it now, I didn't buy it, I do not need it
  8. SmashUrr

    How do you actually play a Battleship?

    I think this helped a lot of WOWS Players,
  9. SmashUrr

    Research Support Bundles

    No I think its WG telling you they want MORE of your Money Comrade
  10. SmashUrr

    Research Support Bundles

    Like I said X-File
  11. SmashUrr

    Research Support Bundles

    Oh I found them in Wargaming.net
  12. SmashUrr

    Research Support Bundles

    Yes and No ! BUT! Unfortunately, One can not take any screen shots of them, because the Research Support Bundles, seem to have " disappeared " from the shop and become some sort of X-File Players have tried to contact Fox and Dana ( especially Dana, man I like to give that chick a bone~~~ opps sorry I digress ) but both of them have gone with the RSB,s Anyway, If we told you, we probably have to send you for " Small Holiday in Siberia " Comrade ~~
  13. SmashUrr

    Arsenal Ship Refund Rule

    I would like to see at some point an Official Market, where players could buy and sell ships for in game currency. I would " take his Black of his hands " for the right price of course !!!!
  14. SmashUrr

    Canale YouTube di Goodman

    Good to see a Zao getting some pay back !
  15. SmashUrr

    Warships Anniversary 2019 Bonus?

    If It was down to me to give some thing, I would give ever one who played a battle on that day a special T3 Dreadnought with AA, and run a T3 tournament , steel being the prize for 1 day only