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  1. Bad_Boy_Bon_Bon_Biter

    HNLMS de Ruyter - Euro cruiser Tier IV

    +1 How very true, especially in low mid tires. I am sure EVERY ONE wants to punish T4 T5 seal clubber CV,s.
  2. Bad_Boy_Bon_Bon_Biter

    580 ARP Yamato already sold on EU server

    They are €184.05 euros per unit sofar :- €257,670.00 euros in sales pre tax The advantage of getting one, would be to enjoy the special ship multiplayer and dump all that nasty weeb silver line rubbish
  3. Bad_Boy_Bon_Bon_Biter

    Reported for playing CVs

    Aircraft Carriers seems to be this weeks hot topic " FAKE NEWS "! By any chance is there new AC coming out in this game?
  4. Bad_Boy_Bon_Bon_Biter

    General CV related discussions.

    How many ever day players, play an Aircraft Carrier? The week day player numbers per day in World of Warships, are down so I doubt there will be many.
  5. Bad_Boy_Bon_Bon_Biter

    General CV related discussions.

    Good Points @Excavatus I think a lot of " Whales " have moved on which is a shame.
  6. Bad_Boy_Bon_Bon_Biter

    Twitch drop ships.

    Do I have to pay money for twitch prime ? How much per month ?
  7. Bad_Boy_Bon_Bon_Biter

    In general, which BB is the best/fastest to farm secondary hits?

    Any silver line is having issues making credits in co-op My Favourite Ship use to be GK, now there is only 2 ships for the job either Jean Bart or ----
  8. Bad_Boy_Bon_Bon_Biter

    UK BB Split ideas with Premiums

    +++ Great work @StBg17 I love the idea, but :- I am feeling the BB game is DEAD, especially in co-op with the credit modifiers, if people can not earn money and it costs them signals and money, they are not going to be 1. playing, and 2. researching silver lines. ~ Game Dead ~ I to ( as stated above by Some One ) do not want to see any more great Royal Navy Ships, have the piss taken out of them, enough is enough. The smart money is in a premium DD,s at T8 and T9 Regards...
  9. Bad_Boy_Bon_Bon_Biter

    Kansas, worse than tier 7 BB

    Horrible dispersion on the guns which on paper should be world beating 12 x 406,s plus Its to expensive to run because of its speed to theatre ( making your damage is not easy ), making it irrelevant in game which is a total same.
  10. I sold most of my British Aircraft Carriers. If some one would like me to play one I would like a Salary for doing so. Its a shame I can not sell the permanent camouflage,s for them ++++
  11. As I look at my fleet I wonder why I do not play Aircraft Carriers much if at all, I do not remember the last time I played a CV. This is a minority game, with a minority playing a class of unit in the game. There should be a button where by a player can choose if they wish a CV in there game, the same for submarines, and then if there was, I suspect they would not get server time.
  12. Bad_Boy_Bon_Bon_Biter

    Thunderstorm visibility

    Nowt like a bacon butty and a cup of Rosie in a force 9, problem is when the crap house is a bucket in the engine room. o7
  13. Bad_Boy_Bon_Bon_Biter

    Dear Devs, bring back the Original Belfast in store (and the other!)

    +1 except I do not think it is OP it could do with some buffs
  14. Bad_Boy_Bon_Bon_Biter

    Should battleships be able to citadel cruisers?

    quote :- Should battleships be able to citadel cruisers? Yes IMHO