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  1. _Thor_Odinson_

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    I'd like to join the lottery pls. Merry Xmas to everyone!
  2. Oh, a mediocre CV player is whining about people not liking a broken class. Offers a bit of distraction from all the Makarov drama. Well, OP is wrong but entertaining in his futile attempt. 5/10, would read and laugh again. Also, Flamu is right.
  3. _Thor_Odinson_

    How do i get close with German BBs?

    Press "W" 4 times... Sorry, couldn't resist. ^^
  4. Yeah, this is not even bull****, that's horse****. Have 2 on my rarely played alt account, and 5 or 6 on my main account ( have to check tomorrow). And i am active every day. Yep, especially the ones that fail the 'common sense' test in a spectacular way. Maybe, the employees at WG have the same RNG issue with their paychecks, and decided to let is 7n on the fun... Agreed, we have to know, if WG really plans to implement this dumb crap. My guess is, that it might be based on time played, but i have to check tomorrow. And even then, it'll be only a indicator. Agree with this post. A rift between players benefits WG however in multiple ways. It might be an incentive to be more active and/or fork out more money. However, it might backfire, as it might be possible, that a lot of players simply leave and refuse to bother anymore. When the NTC was announced, players did unite and WG backed down. When WG cut a campaign during xmas, players did unite and WG backed down. When CVs were reworked and AA got nerfed to hell, players stood divided and WG called it a success. And having missions and rewards scale based on activity or money spend will work for WG, as i believe that a lot of active players will agree to WGs idea. So yeah, a rift between players benefits WG.
  5. _Thor_Odinson_

    FYI: Champagne may be on sale tomorrow

    As a BB? No. As a thicc but squishy and fast battle cruiser with 406mm guns? Yes. It is a camper ship by design, which will get nuked fast when uptiered. She requires broadsides at long range to work her magic (or gimmick, which is good dispersion at long range, but pretty horrendous dispersion at medium and short range), which csn be difficult to get if the enemy team refuses to cooperate. You could try flanking, but you have roughly as much HP as the TV Kongo. And every BB at that tier overmatches your armor. My opinion, it's boring as frak to play her at range. She's fun when played at shorter ranges as a cruiser, but she'll survive about as long. Still tho, those 5 minutes can be fun.
  6. Just checked the asian premium store, since they usually get new premiums a couple of hours earlier then EU. Found Champagne there, in the usual bundles and standalone option. So, chances are, we'll get her too in a couple of hours.
  7. _Thor_Odinson_

    Am I the only one that does this?

    Ah, i see. Well, i usually don't care much for stats, i do however keep track of my captains on paper once a month, or every two. Meaning, how many 19 pointers i have, 18 pointers all the way to 16 pointers. The rest is ignored until they reach 16 points. It kinda helps me decide, which one gets boosted, based on current ship preference.
  8. Agree with the first sentence, not so much with the second paragraph tho. WG nerfed missions, tasks, and even the PT mission rewards that gave you dragon signals, after realizing, that people gathered them en masse or bought them from the store whenever possible. Same for camos, as 3 years ago, we had camo bundles in the store every other week. In the past year, only once. WG botched up the economy, thus nerfed rewards significantly. You are on the losing end. WG does not care if one or a hundred players stop paying, because for each one that stops, a thousand others keep paying or start paying. Does that mean you're a unicum? Oh, hidden stats. You're of course right that no event is really free, because ALL events WG made in the past two years, were specifically designed to force players to fork out money, to either ease the grind or skip it to a lsrge degree. And it got worse over time, because WG removed any option to get stuff for free. No amount of time spend, will give you Anchorage, Florida or Minnesota for free, not even the funky eagle camo for the thicc ships.
  9. _Thor_Odinson_

    Am I the only one that does this?

    Uhmmm, what? ...why?
  10. _Thor_Odinson_

    Florida disappointment

    True. Also, you're right, California is the one ship that performs better in randoms then in coop. People tend to yolo there, and she doesn't have the speed to do much, unless you spawn at the perfect side of some of the lower tier maps. Florida is a disappointment indeed, but still better than California, which is a meme boat.
  11. _Thor_Odinson_

    Perhaps I'm just thick as a brick with eyes.

    Point of this line? Selling tokens for dubloons and either...encouraging...people to buy dubloons for that, or draining existing stockpiles of dubloons to encourage people to buy dubloons for the next "early access, buy TT ships now for real money, so you don't have to grind them for free later" event. Same old, same old. I will of course be getting them, for free tho, but i'm not gonna waste money on a line that offers nothing except pain (at the tiers 8-10).
  12. _Thor_Odinson_

    Bismark Gothic Camo mission

    Played german ships in coop exclusively in the last two days (7-8h total), and am sitting at 24k base. So, it's not that annoying, and i was mostly distracted by watching twitch.
  13. _Thor_Odinson_

    when is the bot cv in narai getting its planes back?

    As soon WG removes the planes from CVs in randoms. Now that i think about that, WG should fix that immediately and divert all resources to this one task!
  14. _Thor_Odinson_

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Had Dubloons, which i didn't need, so i bought the booster.
  15. _Thor_Odinson_

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Unlocked Anchorage today, yay.