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  1. hallvard98

    ST, Upgrades changes

    Ship's consumables Modification 1 (slot #5): +10% to action time of ship's consumables. Does it include repair party and does that mean you can heal more hp? 
  2. hallvard98

    I need help with picking battleship line

    The us bbs are a good all round option. Decent guns, decent armour and quite good aa. The biggest problem is their crap speed until the north carolina at tier 8. The russians are the best right now but not very good if you stay at range.
  3. hallvard98

    Grinding BBs

    It depends a bit on if you know how you like to play. The BBs have many different playstyles and I find that the flavour of each line doesn't really become apparent until at least tier 6 or 7. So unless you've found a line that you really like I reccomend grinding the low tiers of several lines to find your favorite. It sucks getting to a high tier only to find out that you don't like where the line is going.
  4. hallvard98

    Grinding US BBs

    The us bbs get a lot better than the New York. I would recommend that you at least grind to t8 to get the North Carolina. It's very maneuverable has good concealment and very accurate guns. It's also much faster than the previous ships in the line. The Iowa and the Montana are also quite good ships to follow. The Colorado has good guns but due to its speed you have to accept that you won't be able to keep up with events on the other side of the map. You have to pick a side and stick to it. All in all I don't think you've experienced everything the us bbs have to offer until you get to tier 8
  5. hallvard98


    In my experience the Neptune is very difficult to play at close range. You can be very effective against destroyers but you get wrecked by anything else. Plus your detectability while firing in smoke is 6.6 km which makes it just a defensive tool while brawling. The Neptune is more effective if you try to keep your distance, at least until you know where everything is. You have more time to evade and you can put the impressive dpm to use with and without smoke.