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    PT - Research Bureau

    So, WG Plz Explain How do you justify 6 Potential Ship Grind Lines(Its can go to four well still) For One Piece Of Extremely Strong Ship Like Colbert and Ohio(Borderline Over Powered Not Absolutely Broken). Hmm ? Seriously And Calling it a Day. I never Speak at all in the Forums but this is intriguing. How do you justify these Extremely Long Grinds and How you are differentiating between the Person Who Spends money and a person who do not? Because right now a person who has tons of money can just convert doubloons to Free XP and Get Colbert First Day Since the Release. Is That What you wanted People to Do So and Making (Free To Play...LEL) Guy a Second Class Citizen? You Also not preventing people to skip Grind Converting doubloons to Free XP during Re-Grind Of RB. You guys Said in the Forums So Whats the Point of Saying that People Want to Play tech tree Lines? because Whales have so much money that they Free XP and Play a ship and Repeat till they get OHIO! ........ AND then Starting From Tier 6 to Get Research Bonuses Not Tier 1 to 5?? And The Whole Line Get resetted to Tier 1 For Why? If I dont get any reward before tier 6? Then Whats the Point of playing Them I will use a bit of Free XP To Skip them. Like Whats the Actual Point of Reward of Free XP 250k for 12500 Research Points That Worth Nothing when You Can get Close to 300k Free XP in REGRINDING The Single Branch of the Tech Tree by just some camos and good flags.I guess Its Targeted Towards New Players that He can Reset his first newly Researched Tech Tree Line to Tier 1 Only Realizing He have Made a Big Mistake for 250k Free XP and not having Hindenburg any more and well as not wanted to play Konigsberg and Nurnberg() he will use that same 250k Free XP Again to Skip Tier 1 to Tier 7 I guess... Seeing himself not Getting Hindenburg again and The Grind is too Long He Probably will leave the game. OR Maybe Some One With Whales can do that ...... Convert Free XP From Doubloons Only to get 250k Free XP Bundle() PROFIT! You Guys Definitely know it takes years for FTP Guy to Grind Tech Tree Ships and Still the Research Bureau Ships Are So Expensive to Get. This Whole Idea has so much Potential But I now think I see the Future Ok Once Somehow This Thing Get implemented(Means Its Coming Folks). Remember the Legendary Mods.. well they are already there for alot of T10 ships But what if they come up for the seventh slot for this... I guess you guys can understand what is coming
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