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  1. MNR1978

    CV rework!!!

    Edited Reason: Removed naming and shaming form post Boris_MNE
  2. MNR1978

    CV rework!!!

    Yes, I did, I was kissing border all the time to reach enemy CV... with a huge number of insult words from my teammates, do you think that is a good or a great playing role!?
  3. MNR1978

    CV rework!!!

    you must be useful for your team, in most times you are alone, lonely DD can handle itself against CVs bombers exactly when you have short I smoke duration time in COSSACK
  4. MNR1978

    CV rework!!!

    yes what can i expect, with a none AA DD and what can you do in such a game?
  5. MNR1978

    CV rework!!!

  6. MNR1978

    CV rework!!!

    In the past days I was very tolerant not to say or write anything But my patience was overflowing, is there edited in the WG developing team!? what they are doing in this game, unplayable since CVs rework, imbalanced Match maker, Stupid jet speed rocket and dive bombers, if WG want from us to stop playing this game just need to ask it! Why they are playing with peoples mind! edit, spotted all the time from the sky, there is no way to scape when playing Tier 8 DD against 2 Tier 10 CVs (MIDWAYs). I don't know where is the end point of this game, but with this idiotic changes sound will be not good. so sorry to use rude words in my topic, but for GOD sake WG really and really deserve it.
  7. Oh, yes i did my best in tier X battle with my tier 8 DD, lol.
  8. MNR1978

    So, no daily shipment today?

    that happened for me also!!!
  9. MNR1978

    Daily shipment rigged?

    i have the same!? what happen!? can any one explain?
  10. MNR1978

    what the problem is today?

    Man, I do my best in every battle, but I can't go into enemy line without any further support, I can't face alone with enemy DDs or HE spammer cruisers, no one can do that. when your team mates don't know how to play or even simple attack tactics. In one battle, there was a DD player, playing with GREAING, I asked him several times to move on an kill enemy Benson, but he was afraid of 3 enemy battleships that they were far away from him, in end that Benson started HE spamming and Trop me several times while I was taking fire from 3 enemies tier 9 and 10 Battleships, the result was death to me and lose the battle while if he did what we asked him to do the result was win for us.
  11. MNR1978

    what the problem is today?

    Tried it 4 times, but there is no change!
  12. MNR1978

    what the problem is today?

    15 battle lost just in row, i do my best in every battle, but I can not play in the absence of others. I have one ship and can't face 12 ships.
  13. MNR1978

    what the problem is today?

    yes, you are kidding, enjoy your time bro.
  14. MNR1978

    what the problem is today?

    To fix my win rate!?, see your stat there is no huge difference between us, is that you're making or Wargaming made?
  15. MNR1978

    what the problem is today?

    I am blaming WG to make this game a real joke!