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  1. novents

    Should the game return to RTS carriers?

    Only 1 year and 3 months late to the party it’s like asking in 1919 if Soviet Union should return to Monarchy after Oct-1917 revolution
  2. novents


    As in like for cash? In the prem shop?
  3. novents

    Fun and engaging tier III play (thanks to CV)

    Kek low tier CV players don’t usually deal much damage. The ships are entirely capable of dealing 60k dmg on average and 100-120k on a winning game that isn’t a roflstomp
  4. I always compliment triple Smolensk div on the enemy team. And most of ranked teammates. I run out of compliments quickly
  5. Imo Cunningham is not worth 175k coal or 1k dubs, but it’s a personal decision as others have pointed out. He’s a gud captain, and a historical figure (which I like) but if you didn’t get him - no big deal. I missed quite a few days of daily missions and I was still able to complete the marathon (which luckily counsided with ranked, as I’ve one played 1 random match in the last 7 days). You get 500 or 550 tokens from 4 directives. Plus some from daily drops so ~600 total? Plus you had up to 30 tokens available each day (10 for albemarle win, 20 for completing the daily xp missions). It was still grindy but not as bad as the Benham marathon for example, where if you missed 2 days you were out.
  6. novents

    ST - armor-piercing rockets

    Moskva eats poo poo from 203mm AP thrown in the general vicinity of its broadside. Ye Russian bias memes, but these AP rockets will citadel any T10 cruiser if they have same pen values as Zao
  7. novents

    ST - armor-piercing rockets

    Going slightly off topic here - but the solution to Smolensk is simple. 1) it should have been a steel / RB ship (like Colbert) so 42% crew won’t get their hands on it and spam exclusively for max skill. But this ship has sailed 2) remove range module in slot 6. Soviet gunboats don’t have access to it. Smol is essentially a big DD. Removes the 19.2km spam. ~16km is plenty with AFT 3) keep smoke but increase smoke firing penalty ...and Smol is fixed. But back on topic. AP rockets. REEEEEEE
  8. novents

    ST - armor-piercing rockets

    If they’re testing a new mechanic for a new CV line - JUST SAY SO!!! Or just say WE’RE TESTING A NEW ALTERNATIVE AMMO TYPE For example if they give GZ just two types of planes - AP rockets and torps (instead of questionable HE rockets and wonky AP bombs) people might be on board or at least curious. Because it could be an alternative playstyle - remove cruisers, push a cap, secondary focus DDs If you give all CVs a 4th ammo type - it’s just batsh1t crazy!
  9. novents

    ST - armor-piercing rockets

    So basically a Zao AP salvo fired at your broadside from point blank range. Except: - you can angle against Zao, while planes will outmanoeuvre you and find your broadside regardless of how you angle - you can dodge a Zao salvo fired from long-mid range by “slightly turning in or out”. Rockets are fired from point blank range. JUsT dOdGE? - you can punish a Zao if it gets to point blank range, while a CV can sit in J10 all game WHAT IS THE COUNTERPLAY? A CV can already strike a Mino after AA got gimped. Now a CV will be able to dev-strike a Mino?? How long before air dropped napalm??
  10. novents

    ranked need to vent

  11. novents

    Clan Wars - DD Limit?

    I’m generally cautious when it comes to saying anything here that might give WeeGee ideas for further buffs / nerfs given the horrid precedents like Henri and Yueyang lol. But I agree - Khaba needs a slight buff or rebalancing. This ship has been obsolete and dead for a few years now and only enjoyed by a few true connoisseurs like smelly cheese. Kleber “nerf” was horrid too because it encouraged another long range HE spammer playstyle (for 90% of casual Kleber captains that is, yes good players still play it as an ambush assassin which was the original and intended flavour of the line). If you ask me - Kleber needed a speed nerf or longer cooldown of reload booster or reworked dmg saturation mechanic or smth. Not concealment. But WG don’t care for individual opinions and that’s fine. Back on topic - your other suggestions are interesting but all “broken” ships like Smolensk, Stalin, Kremlin have counters in one way or another in CB. For example some of the easiest wins my clan had this season was against “Russian Bias” lineups like Kremlin + 5/6 Stalins. Ez wins. No hydro. Our DD had fun. Also Venezias / Hindens eat these Russians for breakfast
  12. novents

    Clan Wars - DD Limit?

    Lol, I know a lot of people (myself included) often enjoy the forums for that popcorn and salt. Also the forums aren’t representative of the wider community (and thank god for that). Imagine WG would nerf/buff or remove a ship every time someone’s unhappy or types “buff CV” for lulz. But OP raised a very valid subject. I think this needs to be looked into by WG. The mighty spreadsheet might hold the answer
  13. novents

    Can we get a battle mode of historic accuracy?

    Battle of Midway historical mode please. There is currently a severe lack of CVs to enhance my gaming experience but in all seriousness - there’s training room mode. Grab a few buddies and you can recreate the Hunt for Bismarck on the Ocean Map. Ez
  14. novents

    Clan Wars - DD Limit?

    Imagine people opposed a hard limit on number of CVs in competitive modes like Clan Battles, ranked or KotS (if / when WG decides to “bless” us with CVs in competitive). 5 CVs per team. Enjoy! There would be a riot, no? So why do people oppose a potential discussion on the merits of limiting the number of DDs per team? We can debate what the limit is. If the argument is - some clans play CB for phun and we don’t want to impose hard limits... ok. My clan screwed around with our lower rating a bit by taking meme ships like Colbert, Khaba, 8km torp shima with torp acceleration, spotter plane DM. You can have phun without creating a negative meta like 6 Kleber.
  15. novents

    Clan Wars - DD Limit?

    I think the main reason why it’s “unfun” to play against DD spam is not because it’s impossible to counter or unbeatable. Even tho I’ve seen Klebers overrun DMs, Stalingrads, Kremlins and reload boost or torp them out of existence in 30-40 seconds. And no, they don’t need Shima to spot. The main reason it’s “unfun” is because there’s no strategy, no tactics, no smart positioning, no crossfires. Just an Area-51 naruto run and all out 2 min dpm war that decides the battle outcome. And it’s kinda making a meme out of the battle mode which enough people take seriously. Nerfing a ship outright to discourage excessive use has impact on other areas of the game outside of CB like randoms and ranked so probably not the smartest solution. Idk, we’re just exchanging ideas here. I mean there’s probably a reason why CBs have a hard limit on BBs. Probably to discourage BB spam (imagine 7 Kremlins just charging a cap protected by 2 radar cruisers, or 7 conquerors). What’s wrong with looking into pros and cons of DD limit? It doesn’t have to be a 1 per team. 2? 3? But not 6!!