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  1. Ah yes, that type of arrogance and know it all approach, trying to belittle the community feedback as if we’re the unwashed masses and he’s the shining beacon of intelligence that will lead “the sheep” towards a brighter future. That rubbed a lot of the people who watched the stream the wrong way. That wasn’t nice at all. Note to admins: this is not slander or a personal attack whatsoever. Just calling a spade a spade.
  2. I don’t see it as “forced” unless they figure out a way to screw us with a new feature. Ppl can live without some added cosmetics and without Colbert/Ohio. We’ve lived till now, didn’t we? Are you desperate to get Ohio? But you haven’t got all T10 BBs? Well up to you really - spend the same amount of time grinding a République or regrind your Gearing/DM/Monty line for Ohio. Same effort imho. And if you have every T10 in the game you can afford to reset one of them for the grind to Colbert or Ohio. The only thing I would change here - is restrict the use of FXP to researching hull and other upgrades only. But the “grind” itself has to be done the old fashioned way. This will prevent everyone with millions of FXP and/or a wallet getting Ohio+Colbert on day one. Fair?
  3. 1) can Siegfried, Smolensk and Thunderer be tied to the NTC system as well? Just sayin’... put less strain on your future pipeline. There’s still plenty of steel ships people are grinding / saving for 2) can we get some historical commanders (different from unique commanders who are still made up). Exceptions: Yamamoto and Halsey who were irl commanders. Maybe make them tied to a specific mid-tier ship they commanded (non-transferable), but in return they get enhanced commander XP multipliers? I mentioned before - Jellicoe, Beatty, Franz Hipper. Get people to play mid tier ships with historical commanders, make these good for grinding elite commander xp. Obtainable through missions or tokens. Like pokemon - I want to collect them all! Historical Bismarck captain alone might send the community into a hype frenzy. One of the reasons your average player doesn’t play mid tier ships is lack of available / skilled captains. Nobody wants to sail a Gneisenau or Bayern with a 0 or 3 point commander once they’ve completed the grind and moved the main captain to the next ship. @Crysantos (sorry to ping you on your holiday xD)
  4. I have another idea for you to monetise existing content. Not directly through sales of doubloons for FXP inferred from your NTC scheme (yes, we see you) which is already making people want to walk away, but though player retention and game longevity, through general game activity including mid tiers, through purchases of premium account to accelerate the grind etc. Introduce unique mission chains for historical ships. Do the seasons as you planned. But the season is not focused around forgetting one line chosen randomly, say, USN cruisers. Instead focus the seasons around giving ships unique missions to grind, based around a historical event (WW1 or WW2 naval engagements) or some made up events like the Eagle awakens - US gearing up for war, or the Bear from the East - Soviet DD/cruiser pre-war effort. Example of historical battles / events: 1) Call it “Battle of Jutland” or something epic like “the Rise and Fall of the High Seas Fleet” Participation: German mid tier pre-dreadnoughts, BBs T3-6, cruisers T4-8, DDs... similarly on RN side. Missions: make them as grindy as you like (think Yamamoto/Halsey campaigns) - ribbons, citadel hits, number of detonations, xp/fxp/commander xp/credits earned, etc. Rewards: - standard permanent camos available on T6+ (you don’t even need to produce new designs). - Maybe do a community competition for unique camo designs like you did with Minsk/Lenin and Blyska - people love those. - Elite status of ships with free module de-mounts and free commander movement without retraining. - New currency / tokens that can be used to purchase historically relevant to the event ships from the armory (like Warspite etc) which have been out for so long I can’t imagine they’re selling on their own anymore. - new unique commanders (Battle of Jutland: Sir John Jellicoe, Sir David Beatty, Reinhard Scheer, Franz Hipper) obtainable through new currency Monetisation: same thing, premium containers, special currency, etc etc. You know this. Examle of “made up” events: - the Eagle awakens or rise of US war machine. Focus on industrial effort that took USN navy from coastal defence ships to ocean going navy (mid tier T4-7 or T5-9). Same as above with tweaks. Rinse and repeat. These “seasons” will last you for another decade. You don’t have to pump out new ships or inflate the economy. Get people excited about playing and re-grinding mid tier ships without “selling” or “forgetting” anything. Use the breathing space provided while players rinse and reconsume existing content (slightly repackaged) to work on things like UI, AA, quality of life improvements etc. Dont give early access to T5-8 ships, give it to T3-5 if you must. Let people grind and enjoy the rest. Prolong the longevity of new content. Theres so so much that can be done to increase mid tier popularity (and monetisation) than the NTC. Please listen to us. And let us help you. People love this game - look at how much passion there is on the forums. @MrConway @Crysantos @Tuccy @Tanatoy These ideas combined with thematic “historical flavour” YT videos or even collabs with naval historians like Drachinifel can add soooo much flavour to the game. New flavour = people will eat up the same content (existing lines/ships/mid tiers). Sincerely, novents
  5. Unless this was a “royal we” where you talk about yourself in plural - I think you’ll find that most people want NTC to be scrapped in its entirety: buffs and the selling / unlearning of all ships. Give each T6-10 ship unique missions like suggested by so many people here. Make them long chains and grindy AF. Like Yamamoto/Halsey chain grindy, not Rogue Wave grindy where it’s just 18 million fken credits across identical mission chains (seriously - no creativity left or what?). Give cosmetic / economic rewards and quality of life perks like free movement of captains, free module demounting of standard and special modules (remove 25db cost) etc. I won’t recite all great ideas that have been suggested before. but don’t force ppl to sell all ships back to T1. Ships up to T5 aren’t event eligible for perk collection - why do I have to sell and regrind them?
  6. If anyone has accounts on other regional forums (NA, Asia, etc) and/or Reddit - please spread the word. Not as embedded link - these are usually deleted. Copy and paste text + picture file. thank you!
  7. IMPORTANT There was a poll done on the KoTS Discord channel yesterday, where members of all top competitive clans have voted on 4 key questions. (Picture below) It is important to understand - everyone who's voted is a Veteran of the game, i.e. the core target audience of the NTC feature designed by WG to enhance the end-game experience. 3 key conclusions can be drawn from this: #1- an overwhelming majority of Veterans (85%) are strongly against NTC as a feature, 7% are undecided/need more info, while only 6% are supportive. Bear in mind - this is the target audience here, who NTC was specifically designed for by WG (or so we're told). At the same time, the overwhelming majority (between 80-97%) indicate that they will make full use of the system on day 1 (sell/research for FXP) and require all clan members to get the max perks they can if the NTC is forced through. AGAIN: the Veterans don't want the NTC/buffs but they will use and abuse them if they HAVE TO (not because the want to) in order to remain competitive/relevant. This means hundreds/thousands of players with buffed Conq/Stalin/Des Moines/Harugumo on the day patch 0.8.7 goes live. #2- only 1% (!!!) think that end game rewards should include combat bonuses. While a further 3% reluctantly willing to accept if the combat bonuses are too small to make a difference. 95% (!!) strongly disagree with ANY form of combat bonuses. #3- only 4% say they will re-grind / go back to lower tiers for combat buffs! 8% don't want to re-grind no matter what. While the overwhelming majority (88%) want economic or cosmetic bonuses! I remind you again - this is the target audience for NTC giving clear and constructive feedback. WG ARE LYING TO US! The exec dev on stream said while some folks on forum asked for cosmetics, a large portion of community wants combat buffs (LIE!). They said the combat buffs will not become mandatory (LIE!). They said most people are motivated by winning and they will only re-grind tech tree lines for combated related perks (LIE!). They said the Veterans will welcome the NTC as added motivation to play the game (LIE!). STOP LYING TO YOUR PAYING CUSTOMERS!
  8. Steam review section doesn’t have any reviews from past 24 hours yet - just sayin’ https://store.steampowered.com/app/552990/World_of_Warships/#app_reviews_hash
  9. Question for EVERYONE - Posting on forums/reddit doesn’t seem to work. Involving CCs is futile - these boys and girls have their livelihoods vested in the game they stream/commentate on. You can’t blame them - I know I don’t. With that in mind - What can we do to be heard? Twitter? Steam review section? Any other suggestions? Ideas? It’s this, or we stay cucked by the money grabbing machine that’s trying to kill the game we enjoy. ————————— EDIT: if this post gets deleted or I get banned, please keep fighting the good fight. You’re doing God’s work [fist]
  10. Flamu also changed his gamer tag to DeleteCV... and yet the CVs are still here LOL. Sorry to poke at the CV crowd - I think we’re all united on the NTC issue. The point I’m making is that WG don’t listen to the CCs, they listen even less to competitive wows players / top clans, and when it comes to the rest of us - we’re just dumb little Dollar signs yapping our mouths. I’m gonna say something controversial here. @MrConway @Crysantos and a few others pulled the short straw and are having to digest a lot of hate right now. I kinda feel bad for them in a way. But they’re just relaying our feedback (at least I hope they are) to WG exec producers. And producers are motivated by $$$ not by a bunch of forum plebs they never met irl talking about their ‘feels’. If you want to make a change - you either need to speak with your wallet. Or create a media sh*tstorm of such epic proportion, that puts WG reputation (and therefore ability to attract new players / $$) at risk. That’s the simple truth. In absence of either of those things above, we will keep swallowing every broken mechanic they want to bestow upon us.
  11. About NTC and FXP (from the Russian forum): Player: “everyone would like to buff their favourite ship, but the problem is in the method. I don’t have the time or the willpower to manually re-grind an entire line from zero to T10. I also don’t want to spend more money to accelerate the grind. So riddle me this: what should I sacrifice - Time or Money?” WG developer: “so you want to get something, but you don’t want to sacrifice anything in return? That’s a utopia. But hey, if you have enough free xp - you can use that to accelerate the grind” p2w = confirmed bois immediate takeaways: - those with enough fxp (veterans) or more money than sense (wallet warriors) will sell and research the entire line on day 1 of the season. Expect to see buffed Conqueror, HIV, Des Moines or Harugumo immediately. - the rest of us (plebs) will have the privilege to spend 3-5 months grinding to get what others acquire on day 1. - if the next season starts sooner than you can finish one re-grind, or if they allow you to “reset” more than one line at a time, you already lost. You’ll be left behind from day 1. - if you’ve been saving fxp for an Azuma or Alaska, you will now have a choice: never own a fancy T9 prem ship you wanted -or- lose the arms race for combat buffs. This is... SO BAD!
  12. Are you able to share/post screenshots? Or somehow confidential?
  13. Welp... we’ve seen OMNI, RT and a few other top competitive clans express their opinions today and yesterday. Not necessarily who you would call newbie or casual players. How long before WG realise that this feedback is not just “noise” from the unwashed masses? Btw, you boys got access to the poll on the KOTS Discord? Interested to see if the community there supports NTC? @Alelos