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  1. Siegfried_S

    Looking for a new home

    Hi, I am looking for a new clan that is more serious about clan battles and can take me to the next step in the game.
  2. Siegfried_S

    -RT- Recruiting High Level, Competitive Players

    Still looking for members? I might be keen.
  3. Siegfried_S

    Newbie looking for active social clan

    PM Sent
  4. Siegfried_S

    New player LF UK based clan

    PM Sent
  5. Siegfried_S

    Casual Player

    PM Sent
  6. Siegfried_S

    Fiendly Battles

    Good Day, I am looking for clans that are willing to participate in a couple of friendly clan battles for training and team building exercises. Please let me know if your clan would be interested in this. Goal here is to a more cohesive team in the next season of clan battles.
  7. Siegfried_S

    Looking for a clan

    PM sent
  8. Siegfried_S

    Maybe it's time to Clan up

    [HHOTN] Heathen Hammers of the North (EU) - We are a small clan of adults - We use Discord, and we do require you to use mic - We do have TS as backup - We will be joining Clan Battles ----------------------------------------------------- Requirements: - Able to load the game - Able to speak english - Being mature and understand that some might have RL - Have stats public even though we don't really care Sounds OK? Contact me
  9. Siegfried_S

    Battle XP Calculation

    The Point of this post was that we had an interesting debate in the Clan where some members were furious about being top XP earners and still losing. And until you change the way that XP is earned you will have people sitting in the back of the map farming everything and complaining that the team are noobs and that is why they are losing instead of actually giving close support to players actually trying to make a difference to the game. I know i might be ranting or just living in a dream world where mutual respect and support is there for everyone.
  10. Siegfried_S

    Battle XP Calculation

    Is there or will there be a look at reworking the current XP calculation model. The current model is rewarding damage and is causing players to ignore the base target of any game to win (sinking ships and capping)