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  1. Minos_of_Creta

    Stat Padding God Mode..

    u can make a lot more in the game playing T8 or T10 (if u can afford it) in COOP. I play HARUGUMO when I want just passing my time, like solitaire! I make a 19 skill captain just playing coop... rank sprints r another good mod to learn the game.
  2. Minos_of_Creta

    Stat Padding God Mode..

    in T1 u can make very interesting battles. try it after midnight. 2v2 3v3 even 1v1 the ships r the same and EVERY salvo count!!! interesting if u can wait 5min to get in battle, and taking nothing for your effort...
  3. Minos_of_Creta

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.9

    that was not my point. think a new gameplay like post-apocalyptic world with the ships firing only what they can see in los or their plane or their electronics!!! a new very interesting game
  4. Minos_of_Creta

    Different classes of warships tooltip

    i play most DDs. once in a Lightning, I was asked from a cruiser just behind me for smoke! I answer "lol" and i hear whatever u think for the rest of the game. the most cruisers and all BBs have over 8km detect range firing in the smoke. the only use of a smoke is to cover a very bad positioned friend to get away, if he stop firing!!!
  5. Minos_of_Creta

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.9

    it is interesting. a decision u have make long before make the game unhistorical. In the times of ww1 and ww2 only the ship which have spot a target can fire on it. the ship can give the place of a target (strategic map), with relative accuracy, to friendly ships. if u have use the real way, u can put radar to all the ships they had radar, sonar to all the ships they had sonar, smoke to all the ships they had smoke etc and, at last, the planes can spot a ship from grater distance than an other ship, in a clear day. that was the reason they had planes on all the big ships. now u have to make adjustments to an unhistorical capability.
  6. Minos_of_Creta

    Update 0.8.8: Fourth Anniversary!

    happy anniversary thnks for the gifts pls continue the progress of the game, but try for historical accuracy more.
  7. the camo is in the right way. with a camo like this u play the ship more. if u change 100% XP to free XP or captain XP it is ok with me.
  8. so for +35% money and +50% XP u want +4000 doubloons?
  9. Minos_of_Creta

    Premium Shop – An Extra Month of Savings

    u have to admit that changes in premium things r very rare and when happens u have the right to shell it back in full price.
  10. Minos_of_Creta

    What would you do, if it was you?

    very bad play. your job, as Cl, is to hunt DDs. You have rdf and hydro, u know where DD was and u run away. After GS died your job was to hunt DD until dead, but u stay behind BB and let ASHAN be a hero. U have the most accurate Cl and u miss many shots. U must have kill GS by yourself in 1st place. U have better DPM, very good AP. wrong use of torps. u was ready for one BB and send your torps to the other, in an attempt without hope of hit, and u take many damage before u kill your 1st BB. totaly wrong play.
  11. Minos_of_Creta

    Can we get the new French captain for free?

    so if someone has to buy 4 crates its ok. for more is not cost effective...
  12. Minos_of_Creta

    How do you play "Daily Missions" in WoWs?

    I play for fun, so this days I play more coop. Is like solitaire to me; help me relax after a "heavy" day. I have see that missions r easiest that way. And u never turn off the computer with frustration!
  13. Minos_of_Creta

    Bots and clans

    u search for a clan of RU server in EU server?
  14. Minos_of_Creta

    Realistic Speed?

    i find that is near 4x not 5x for Kaiser
  15. Minos_of_Creta

    Realistic Speed?

    how fast r the torps? I find that my shells where 3x faster than the specs says