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  1. Minos_of_Creta


    last night playing coop I found this. edited I was killed so I watch their "playing". One hit again and again an island and the other just maneuvering without firing at all. so I look and found that in 2 days they had so many battles. My Q is; why someone made an account and pay for a bot program?
  2. Minos_of_Creta

    Suggestions thread

    a morning lesson to simple Mathes! correct and good. o7
  3. Minos_of_Creta

    Good bye, it's been fun.

    My red line is UU in RB. If they r with research points, I am out. No problem with RB as it is optional. I have no intention to reresearch any ship. But if RB became mandatory, I am out. Nobody will force me to reresearch ships I have already done. They dont respect my efforts and time. There r other games. good bye man. have fun in another game. If u ask for a good burnout try Travian. I play there since 2004!
  4. Minos_of_Creta

    093, Moskwa researched but not yet re-aquired

    relax. u have all 6 weeks to research Moskva. be cool!
  5. Minos_of_Creta

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    sorry second click
  6. Minos_of_Creta

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    me too health and joy to you and your family thank you
  7. Minos_of_Creta

    How do you play Pan EU DDs?

    me many...
  8. Minos_of_Creta


    I dont pay FXP for any ship but for Nelson. I buy her with a 10 skill captain to help me with the others but not alone. If in the future I have a 15 skill captain and 3-4m FXP, I will think it again. for now the 3 DDs I get where not worthy. what is your job if u dont get a BB with a 1 salvo? It is like French DDs: hate in the 1st sight and I dont grind em. I ll stay at T7.
  9. Minos_of_Creta

    Who uses Incoming Fire Alert ?

    i was use it in DDs in my first month in the game. I prefer Prev Maint now.
  10. Minos_of_Creta

    pi day

    no pi day this year?
  11. Minos_of_Creta

    Your eu tokendrop for the first 4 containers

    rng says that u cant take only 350 tokens in 35 containers. 600 is possible in 95%. If u r in the other 5%, well... rng sucks!
  12. Minos_of_Creta

    Your eu tokendrop for the first 4 containers

    use Yamato in the morning I make 30000000 pot dam in 12-13 battles (random) use Friesland I make 25000 commander XP and many fires (coop) use Haru for the rest (coop) it take 5h more or less
  13. Minos_of_Creta

    Your eu tokendrop for the first 4 containers

    240 tokens with 14 bundles, more 960, so T5, T6, T7.
  14. Minos_of_Creta

    European Random Bundles Drops For Doubloons

    I got 3x250 in 14 bundles. a total 960 tokens. RNG!
  15. Minos_of_Creta


    it is viable if 1 prem camo 2 prem time 3 make more than 300 base xp