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  1. Minos_of_Creta

    Battle ensign

    When we have the opportunity to sail in a battle with a battle ensign? In Greek navy it was tradition in those years to fight with a battle ensign aft. This tradition changes after WW2 in late 60's. Battle ensign was a big flag that was fly just before going into battle. In 1912-22 and 1940-49 was 2m x 3m on the most ships. Most ships in game have an antenna aft for this purpose. u have only to ask to give u the flags of every nation for the period 1900-1950. I think that is not a big change in game. I will wait for that.
  2. Minos_of_Creta

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    This topic is from the hardcore of the game. Not a director or a PR man would be so honest! "we make a big change and we ask patience and time to balance it". very clear, very honest. from my point, u have all the time u need. I sell all my CVs and I take a LOT of exp and silver. Now I go for Montana! When all playing Cvs, USN BBs is the antidote. I ll continue playing my favored Dds also, especially AA ones... keep up the hard work! changes r for better!
  3. Minos_of_Creta

    Naval Traditions: Naval Cuisine

    a good video.
  4. I don t know what your country is, but look in your post box. How many brochures announce offers for the next weekend, next week, next month? In now days the same happens in my email...
  5. its an opportunity to learn some new skills! an average European must change 4 times his skills in his 35y work time. In Greece more... I think that a change here and then, give to the game new interesting. My opinion. (I play Rome TW 14 years because I make a new mode when I want.)
  6. Dont misunderstood me. I use the offers AND I am thankful for them. I dont like the policy of sales department; "Dont tell em before, because they ll stop spent until the offer" 2 days before the offer I spent more than 1k dobl for retraining... That is why I am angry.
  7. u announce every offer to players AFTER that has start some months now. In previews days we informed from the beginning of the month and we can plan our time. DONT play with us. We dont beg for sales, u give em. If u dont want us to used em, dont make them.
  8. Minos_of_Creta

    Ranked Battles: Eleventh Season - Discussion Thread

    it will be a Fletcher party!!!! every kind of Fletchers...
  9. Minos_of_Creta

    IJN Torpedoes are still way too detectable.

    Every ship is not for everyone. Each one has a playstyle. I feel grate in a Shima but I cant play a Kiev or a FR DD. I earn and sell AIGLE! It is the playstyle. I have learn DDs from IJN line and I use stealth a lot so I have problem with non stealthy DDs. The same with DDs with crap torps (very slow, very short, very few) Now why I have only 47% in my favor Gearing it needs investigation...
  10. Minos_of_Creta

    Premium feature within game

    normally after some hours the problem is solved. I have the same problem with points in hall of fame. Now is ok.
  11. Minos_of_Creta

    Poll: Will you keep playing the game after v.8.0 goes live?

    I ll continue playing. I ll sell my CV immediately and I ll go for the USN BBs!!! I also try to learn playing my DDs in the new environment. AND I try to learn to play my MINO... I like changes! In my late 50s I believe that an old dog can learn (some) new skills!!!
  12. Minos_of_Creta

    PSA: Recap of Weekend Server Issues

    This is the reality with complex systems. "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong". I was working in an international courier company. A small problem in a remote airport can cost us some sleepless nights... and my job suppose to be IT maintenance... You must never announce what happens in your company! its a present to your competitors... Just a note "We have a technical problem. We try to fix it" is enough. I think that the majority of the wows players r over 30y. We can understand and nobody will stop playing a good game just for some small technical problems! keep up the good work and I wish u a good year for u and your families. thnks for your time
  13. Minos_of_Creta

    Match Making 1 Up 1 Down

    To change the MM is not an easy thing. A +_1 MM require an all stat changing of every ship T5 and up. They do the same work for CVs and they r in the middle of it. That change will postpone the subs even more... and ll change the way u play every ship u r comfort with!!! Beware what u ask; it may happen..
  14. Minos_of_Creta

    PSA: Recap of Weekend Server Issues

    I dont care about compensation. I pay a lot of money to WG so I dont have problem with 1 or 2 days without the game. I want someone to take the responsibility to inform us for the shutdown before ll happened to program our time. And please, tell simple that you have technical problems. Dont lie. Some of us r ex IT experts... I maintenance a server for 31 years (now, back in my lovely village, I dont want to change the ram of my PC!!!) and if someone says that he has a failsafe system is a BIG liar... EVERYTHING can happen. Thats why they pay us. So just tell us that at X day u ll shut the system for maintenance. No other info is required.
  15. Minos_of_Creta

    Servers Down?

    and pay a lot of money... Russian servers r far cheaper... And if my guess is correct they need more hardware to keep up with so many new players...