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  1. happy and healthy new year for u and your family. may your expectation come true. we play this game because we like it. the playbase of this game is not kids. try to remember this. focus on realistic gameplay and make changes there. in this stage I have bring 5 new players in 3 years and they turn away. new paper ships r not solve any problem....
  2. _Kanaris

    is a worst BB than FLORIDA?

    as I read your posts, I understand that FLO is an away player. or RNG was looking the other side that minute.
  3. _Kanaris

    is a worst BB than FLORIDA?

    yes. not all the salvos. I just get overpens. and after that I had an AMAGI plain side. not a cita. dispersion is awful. in 4 km 6 hits of a full salvo!!! it was a coop, so I have time to check the hits. in Irian I haven't ricochet. just overpens
  4. _Kanaris

    Certain ships harder to play now

    well, think that they start to change gameplay (upgrades, UU, captains skills, secondaries) along with the production of idiotic paper ships (most of them). They also announce sales 2 weeks before!!! they try Subs maybe they give us the old CV playstyle!! Or stop spotting and any ship have to spot and fire individually, as was that time (the spotted ships appear only in minimap) maybe...
  5. I play a battle with FLO and after that another with CALIFORNIA. I think that KANSAS was bad, but FLO is worst!!! CALIFORNIA has bad Sigma too, but u can kill if u hit something. FLO needs 3 salvo to kill an Irian in 4km.
  6. when you get a new 3s commander you pay 25d. for that time you pay 5d
  7. well... 1st time in years they announce a discount some days before.! thats the real offer!
  8. very interesting. 20+% buying prem ships and only 11+% keep their normal! ( the players here r most veterans. I dont believe they hadn't research most of normal ships)
  9. no problem with them, as long the returning aircraft can't recover and they had 10kg bombs...
  10. there is campaign for T3-T10 ships and campaingns for T8-T10 ships. Something for T5-T10?
  11. _Kanaris

    Limitless 10 Skill Points Commanders Please

    when u have only 3 skill Captains how many players play the game? how many seal clubbers exist? things r change. A new player with 200 battles has 15 rank and can play Clan Battles! ofc, I dont believe that the change is for the best, but a game need profit to exist...
  12. _Kanaris

    0.9.4 - Soviet Cruisers

    no counter for missions in Makarov, Bagr, Ochakov. I have done about 10 in every ship. How many remain? When the offer expires? Small problems, but annoying.
  13. _Kanaris

    Do you have problems on the server?

    same in Greece. Kicked out once, many freezes. it was 10min issue.
  14. _Kanaris

    North Carolina

    I face a Bismark doing that today. away, HE spamming to all and we loose with him top scorer!!!