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  1. SlightlyOff

    Smoked HE spammers are a good addition to the game.

    Nonsense. They had been supporting the A cap, which is kinda hard from anywhere else. Every second post in this here forum is complaining about sniping, camping BBs These two pushed and now you call that a misplay. Make up your mind. More nonsense. The visibility limit is a disproportional advantage for BBs, so of course they should use it to push. They might have gained a slight advantage by starting to kite, but that is more than offset by the risk of turning away from a DD when you all but know for certain there are torps in the water heading your way.
  2. SlightlyOff

    Smoked HE spammers are a good addition to the game.

    What was the misplay? He only smoked up once they did fire back. That was the whole plan. Should they have not shot back while pushing in? He just would have kept farming them while kiting away. They could never catch him and never shoot their main weapons so the net result would have been even worse - taking those two BBs out of the game, only this way they wouldn't even have inflicted what little damage they got, on him or anybody else. They had no counterplay. Fun & engaging.
  3. Precisely because of that 70 games "protection", new players are still very much new players once this stage is over. Many don't even realize they have been playing mostly bots all this time. The period at most serves to let them learn very basic aiming, but any tactics they acquire against bots are complete rubbish against real people with minimal experience. Behaviour effective against bots now leads to their immediate deletion. Tactical learning very much only begins after this period. It is imperative to give them as level a playing field as possible. At least as long as WG refuses to implement other obvious protection measures such as limiting commander skills in the low tiers, there must not be any further incentives for more experienced players to farm those tiers. The only alternative would be skill-based or experience-based matchmaking, say keeping players with more than 500 battles completely separate from those between 70 and 500. But that would probably lead toa) long queue times and b) a shitstorm from the player base because it is dangerously close to "skill-based matchmaking", which many WoWs players apparently hate even more than aircraft carriers.
  4. Haru effortlessly taking down two nearly full health Tier X BBs in under 3 minutes.
  5. SlightlyOff

    Suggestions thread

    Training Rooms should let players practise things that are difficult. About the most difficult shots are hitting kiting ships and hitting ships across islands. This you cannot practise, at least not on your own, in training rooms because the bots will always charge in. Shooting targets charging you is obviously about the easiest thing that needs the least practise. There should be a bot AI option to make them kite and maybe even one to make them stay in island cover, with a friendly bot spotting them.
  6. SlightlyOff

    Viribus Unitis is alive

    Paying actual money to be CV fodder. Yeah right.
  7. The Tier V+ minimum serves to avoid incentivising even more sealclubbers to play the low tiers and discourage new players. There is insufficient new player protection anyway, so every tiny measure that discourages sealclubbing needs to be maintained.
  8. SlightlyOff

    General Feedback - 0.8.8

    Any kinds of containers that are dropped instead of the player collecting them, often are "invisible" this patch.
  9. SlightlyOff

    Save a star gone?

    Participation medal.
  10. Did they reduce the price of the new unique French DD commander? After the fact? To tick off players who shelled out the original price? Because I only got 2635 Legionnaire's Disease Tokens, which at the time meant I would have had to buy four containers for 1250 doubloons each, which... no. Especially not with the lackluster appeal of French DDs in the carrier meta. But now he's only 2100 tokens. I'm still almost decided to just buy as many doubloons as possible (1750) and French Riviera camos for the rest (9). Probably gonna finish the anniversary directives and getting about 5.1 k doubloons in compensation for the Tier VI premium ship drop, and then wait until they put an interesting Premium ship in the armory that I don't have yet, or maybe they have a discount on high tier perma camos for the few Tier X ships I like to play... you?
  11. SlightlyOff

    WG marketing team is getting creative...

    No, you made up flimsy excuses for Wargaming's misconduct. Are you on their payroll? Because your poor argumentation perfectly fits the picture painted their careless el cheapo corporate communication. You get what you pay for, be it agencies, employees or shills. Which is a blanket statement that is flat out wrong and misleading. The price of one tiny insignificant bundle has been reduced by less than 30%. The 14,500 doubloons chest has become 4.6%& cheaper, the 30,500 chest costs exactly 100% the same as before. This in no way concerns an erroneous price tag. I don't know where you get that from, other than your imagination. This is plain false advertising. There are about half a dozen EU guidelines clearly defining this and enforcing the harmonisation of the member states' national laws.
  12. SlightlyOff

    how to shoot a mogador in an atlanta

    Just zoom out a click. Geez, have you never shot the guns of a low tier DD?
  13. SlightlyOff

    WG marketing team is getting creative...

    Let alone respect the laws of the markets where they wish to do business, or even just basic best practices. I mean "careless" doesn't begin to describe their communications. There are companies a tenth their size that are not to cheap to employ a decent PR/Text agency.
  14. SlightlyOff

    The Thing About Destroyers...

    No. The firing bloom makes sure you are always spotted at least as far away as your guns can shoot. The only ways to shoot a target with main guns without being spotted are across an island and from inside or behind a smoke screen, as long as no enemy is within your smoke firing penalty ("concealment after firing main guns from smoke"). https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Detection Note (2:12) that when using island cover, all you need to conceal is the detection point of your ship, located "at the center of every ship, on the upper border of its highest armoured item". This makes it possible to hide the complete ship by positioning less than half of it behind an island, so you can shoot targets unseen with any guns that are not occluded while avoiding detection. This means that under the right conditions, you can do it even with high velocity guns and flat shell trajectories if you park at just the right spot, or shoot at just the right time while you're sailing into island cover and the target maybe is sailing out of it. As long as there is no other enemy in line of sight to your detection point, not even a plane.
  15. SlightlyOff

    reply to a comment made by mr. conway on twitch

    Once again it's Wargaming bigotism, same as with Ranked. Their official representative officially says the low tiers are meant as a "kindergarten" to learn the ropes but what Wargaming actually does is allow the odds to be needlessly stacked against new players. If they were actually serious about new player protection, and the low tiers being a learning experience, they would at the very least limit the number of commander skill points instead of allowing seal clubbers not only to bring their superior knowledge but also bring their maxed out commanders. They might even make skill point redistribution free of charge down there, to encourage players to experiment. Which would be, you know, fun & engaging. And of course they would not flood those tiers with aircraft carriers and turn them into risk free noob blapping tools amongst a herd of Tier III ships with no or next-to-no AA. So it's all just bad PR. Of course they invest something: Their time, spent on WG's servers. It's the most valuable resource anybody owns, and its exploitation is a fundamental part of WG's business model. They could not exist without F2P players.