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    Minotaur's spotting range gets pretty close to some of the T8 destroyers, especially if it's running a stealth build. T10 ships will typically have higher level captains and all modules loaded, which contributes to the factor. It gets at 9 km of range with concealment expert and the concealment module. Add the camo to that and it goes down to ~8.5 km. That's more of an exception than the rule. If there's two Minotaurs on the other side, the game is unplayable unless the enemy team is ridiculously stupid, since often they divide into two groups with one each, forming an effective no fly zone. This not counting the various Buffalos which will tear through T8 planes like paper.
  2. nonamethanks

    Have the cv been restored after the nerf??

    Depends on the tier. T4-5 are neutered because of no manual drop nor strafe. T6-7 are fine but only if you play IJN or the premium Saipan. T8 is worthless due to the broken matchmaking that puts you against T10, and T9-10 are still pretty bad but playable. Just keep in mind most ships (including destroyers) have huge AA in this game, and can vaporize an entire squadron. You can't attack 90% of the cruisers and will have to memorize which BBs and destroyers (mostly german (and in the later tiers, american) BBs and american DDs) are untouchable.
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    Yeah, T8 is known to be the worst tier of the game due to the broken matchmaking that WG refuses to address. Every class loses in those matches. T8 DDs get outspotted by T10 cruisers, T8 CVs lose every single plane to any ship (including destroyers), T8 Cruisers melt like butter and T8 BBs get one-shotted. Just suffer through it until you get enough XP to go to the next tier (free XP it if you can).
  4. nonamethanks

    Game with destroyers in TIERS VIII, IX and X

    Everyone wanted CVs dead. Now that CVs only show up once every ten games, cruisers spec into radar and anti DD build instead of AA. Who's laughing now?
  5. nonamethanks

    CV looking for casual clan/div playing

    Thank you for having me, and thanks to all others who sent their offers.
  6. I'm a carrier main, currently at T7 (so no clan battles for me), and I also have a T7 BB. Both of them are IJN. I'm mostly looking for people interested in playing division every once in a while, and a friendly clan. If there's XP bonuses for IJN it's a plus. Currently at 65% WR/57k average damage with the Hiryuu (52.3% WR in total because I tried to get better at cruisers/DD for a while and failed, and that tanked down my rating a lot).